5 Best Free Portable Task Manager Software for Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Portable Task Manager Software for Windows. These are lightweight and portable task management software that can be used directly without any installation. You can also carry these software in portable storage devices and run them on the go.

Like any other standard task management software, these also enable you to view and control ongoing tasks and processes. Some software also let you manage system processes and services. You can view details and statistics of running tasks including PID, CPU Usage, Memory Usage, GPU Usage, Status, etc. At any time, you can kill, suspend, or restart a task manually. Most of these software also show real-time graphs displaying CPU, Memory, I/O, and other resource usage. You can also manually specify refresh rate to automatically refresh tasks at a particular time interval.

A few of these software also provide features to set process priority and processor affinity. Furthermore, you can also check a process or task on online sources including VirusTotal. Some other additional features like file properties, locate file in Explorer, filter processes, search DLL and handles, etc., are also offered in many of these software. You can also access system utilities like Performance Monitor, Computer Management, Services Management, etc., in these freeware. All in all, these are better alternatives to Windows Task Manager which come in  portable packages and provide some great task management functions.

My Favorite Free Portable Task Manager Software for Windows:

Process Explorer is my favorite software as it provides all essential as well as additional tools like processor affinity set up, process priority set up, verify process with VirusTotal, etc.

I also liked System Explorer which comes in a nice and clean GUI.

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Process Explorer

Process Explorer is a free portable task manager for Windows. It is a very nice and user-friendly software that helps you monitor running processes and tasks and control them accordingly. You can view processes divided into multiple categories with their respective PID, private bytes, working set, CPU usage, physical usage, etc. You can easily select any of the tasks from its interface and kill, restart, or suspend the process. Overall, it provides full control over system tasks.

Let’s checkout main features if this portable task manager.

Main Features:

  • It lets you view a wide number of information related to running processes. The information may include process memory (page faults, memory priority, paged pool, shared commit, etc.), GPU usage, DLL view, handle view, process performance (CPU time, CPU cycle, etc.), process I/O, and more.
  • You can view system information and various graphs including CPU usage, physical memory, GPU usage, etc.
  • It provides two handy features name Set Affinity and Set Priority to set which CPUs a process can be executed on and to set priority of a process to Normal, Real Time, High, Background, Idle, etc., respectively.
  • You can view various properties of a selected process individually including performance graphs, threads, security, disk and network, etc.

Additional Features:

  • It lets you verify image signatures as well as check a process with VirusTotal.com.
  • You can also create a Minidump file of a selected process.
  • It lets you search for a Handle or DLL subtring.
  • It provides some more useful features which include “Run at Logon”, Hide When Minimized, Difference Highlight Duration, etc.
  • You can also replace your default Windows Task Manager with Process Explorer.


It is one of the best portable task manager developed by Microsoft Corporation. You can use it to permanently replace default Task Manager of Windows.

Process Lister

Process Lister is a good portable task manager software for Windows. Using this lightweight task manager, you can easily view and manage running tasks and services on your PC. It lets you quickly terminate, suspend, restart, or resume a particular process. Additionally, you can also a handy Terminate and Delete feature in this software. There are some more nice features provided in this software; lets checkout.

Main Features:

  • You can view process file properties as well as locate a file in Explorer.
  • It lets you lookup file hash on Google or VirusTotal.
  • You can also enable options including Auto-Refresh Process, Hide System Process, and Hide Signed Proces as per your requirement.
  • Some more task management features are provided in it including List Object Handles, Dump Process Memory, Inject Modules, etc.
  • You can view and manage running services as well.

Additional Features:

  • A lot of additional useful tools are offered in this portable task manager including Search DLL, Search Handle, File Hasher, Drive Loader, Raw File Copier, Module Injector, Pagefiles Usage, System Restore Point, IP Blocker, etc.


It is a simple and effective portable task manager with some additional handy tools.

System Explorer

System Explorer is yet another portable task manager software for Windows. It is like any other standard task management software which shows all running tasks and system performance statistics including CPU usage, threads, handles, total memory, etc.

Main Features:

One its main interface, you can view four sections which are as follows:

  • Tasks: In this section, you can view running tasks with status and memory used. At any time, you can end a task, view file detail, check file with VirusTotal, etc.
  • Processes: As the name suggests, you can view and explorer processes’ tree in this tab. From here, you can end, restart, or suspend a process. Plus, you can also assign Process Priority and set up Processor Affinity.
  • Performance: You can view real time performance graphs depicting Processor Usage, RAM Usage, Pages Fault,  I/O Reads, I/O Writes, and I/O Others.
  • History: You can view history of tasks with time stamp in this tab.

Additional Features:

  • You can directly access system utilities from this software including Performance Monitor, Services Management, Computer Management, Component Services, etc.
  • It provides Security Scan feature to check for process security using its online security database.


It is a straightforward portable task manager that lets you control all running tasks and processes from one place.

Auslogics Task Manager

Auslogics Task Manager is one more portable task manager for Windows. It shows all running processes and tasks categorized as Applications, Processes, and Services. You can view tasks with respective CPU usage, memory, Disk utilization, network usage, and ratings. If a task is not responding correctly, you can kill it through this task manager. You can also view real time graphs of CPU, Memory, Disk, and Network consumption. Let us have a look at its main features.

Key Features:

  • In its Applications sections, you can view and manage different programs with options like speed up task, slow down task, go to process, bring to front, etc.
  • You can set priority of a task to real-time, high, above normal, normal, below normal, or idle.
  • It also lets you set Processor Affinity to control which CPUs  process can run on.
  • It lets you freeze/ unfreeze a process as per your need.
  • You can directly browse the folder storing a specific task.

Additional Features:

It lets you access and use system utilities directly from this software, including Performance Monitor, Windows Services Management, Computer Management, Control Panel, Network Neighborhood, etc.


It is a great task manager that comes in portable package. You can find some really useful tools like Process Priority Changer and Processor Affinity Manager which help you control running tasks accordingly.

Alternate Task Manager

Alternate Task Manager is the next free portable task manager for Windows. It is a standard task management software that displays all running tasks which you can manage as per your requirements. It displays processes with PID, name, title, priority, and working set. You can easily stop a task whenever you want.

Main Features:

  • It displays four tabs consisting of respective data including processes, process details, services, and system information with memory usage.
  • You can manually add a new process.
  • It lets you start or stop a service whenever required.
  • You can filter processes by specifying PID range.
  • You can also filter processes by category including all processes, with window title, without window title, grouped, and grouped (EXE).
  • It lets you specify refresh rate manually.
  • It lets you export the list of programs and tasks to a Text or CSV file.


It is a good portable task manager which provides basic and essential task management features.

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