6 Best Free Practice Management Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free practice management software for Windows. These software are basically used in the medical field to help in dealing with day to day medical operations. These are generally used for financial and administrative functions, although sometimes these are also used to store electronic medical records. In many of these software, you can also maintain medication details, patients health data, medical reports, etc.

To make practice management easier, these software divide various practice management tasks into multiple smaller sections. Each individual section only handles one aspect of the practice management and reduces the overall complexity of entire practice management process. Overall, all of these are quite easy to use. Go through the list to know more about these practice management software.

My Favorite Practice Management Software For Windows:

Patient Manager Starter is my favorite software because it covers all important aspects of practice management. Plus, the process of adding, modifying, and retrieving data through this software is also comparatively easier than other similar software.

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Patient Manager Starter

Patient Manager Starter is a free practice management software for Windows. Using this software, you can manage day to day operations of a medical practice like scheduling appointments, managing patients information, patients consultations, medical activities, etc. This software divides all important practice management activities into four sections namely, Records, Office, Reports, and Communication.

Let’s take a look at four available sections of this medical practice management software and what they offer:

  • Records: It is a very comprehensive section using which you can view medical data, patients reports, consultations, prescription, documents, etc. Besides this, it also allows you to view and schedule patients appointments, check-in dates, and resources.
  • Office: From here, you can add office or clinic related tasks, view completed tasks, track active tasks, etc. Plus, you can also add files, documents, and notes of patients to the database of this software.
  • Reports: This section allows you to view and add Patients Diagnostics Statistics, Treatment Statistics, Prescriptions Statistics, Patient Visits Statistics, etc.
  • Communication: It is used to track all the communication occurred between patients and clinic through Emails and Messages. Plus, you can also create and send a campaign to all your patients at once.

Apart from all these sections, its Dashboard is also very useful where you can view today’s events, tasks, Encounters, and a list of recent patients on the same page. In general, it is one of the best practice management software in this list.

VistA-Edge Practice Management Software

VistA-Edge Practice Management Software is a free open source practice management software for Windows. Using it, you can easily track and store electronic health record and information of patients. To store information, it uses VistA service. To use this software, first, you need to login to this software by entering admin in both username and password fields. Once you login to this software, you can view some menus on its Toolbar namely File, Master, Transaction, and Reports. Using these menus, you can perform practice management for clinics and hospitals.

  • Using the File menu, you can create multiple users who are going to help you perform practice management. Plus, it also lets you divide users into two categories namely Superusers (they can access, view, and edit all types of data) and Normal Users (they have limited access to data and documents).
  • The Master menu allows you to view and edit information of different medical service providers, add and manage information of facilities and revenue centers (billing facility and service facility), insurance company details, billable services provided by doctors, etc.
  • Using the Transaction menu, you can register patients, schedule patients appointments, manage patient pre-claim information, generate a claim, and also do payment posting.
  • Report menu allows you to retrieve detailed receipt report between two given dates. Besides this, it also lets you view all unposted receipt reports.


Gnumed is another free open source electronic medical record software that also used as a practice management software. Using this software, you can manage various aspects of daily medical practice like Maintaining Patients Information (records, documents, report, medications, etc.), Billing, Drug Resources, Demographics, Scheduling, etc. In order to manage daily medical practices, this software provides various dedicated sections to deal with one medical practice at a time.

The key features of this medical practice management software:

  • Inbox: From this section, you can view scheduled messages, unscheduled messages, and overdue messages received from various clients. You can also create a new message and also set urgency level for each newly created message.
  • Waiting List: From here, you can view names and information of all patients with scheduled future dates. An option to add patients to this list is also available.
  • Records: In it, you can keep textual progress notes, visual progress notes, allergies, intolerance reports, managing procedures and their reports.
  • Medication: Using it, you can create and manage vaccination course, vaccination plan, and schedule target condition, etc.
  • EMR: It is a dedicated electronic medical record section using which, you can add and edit patient past history, medication, allergies, vaccinations, measurements, etc. Besides this, it also lets you export medical reports of patients as a Text document.

In general, it is another comprehensive practice management software. In terms of features, it is a really good software for practice management, but its unstable interface kept on freezing during the testing, which is quite annoying. So, do keep this factor in mind before you get this software.


Evette is the next free practice management software for Windows. It is mainly a veterinary practice management software and is used for practice management in animal clinics. Just like standard practice management software, it can be used to store and manage clients records, appointments, medication reports, procedures, etc. As it is veterinary practice software, hence it can also store and manipulate reports and records related to animals. This software also provides various separate sections to manage and manipulate various aspects of veterinary practice.

Here are the important sections of this software:

  • Clients: As its name implies, it is used to add new clients or to find, view, and edit information related to clients name, address, animal type, animal breed, etc.
  • Appointments: It is used to view today’s appointments, today’s operations, to search appointments, and to browse appointments.
  • Kennels: From here, you can view available kennels for dogs and add new kennels.
  • Stock: From this section, you can view in-stock medications, vaccines, consumables, microchips, etc. between given dates.
  • Lookup: Using this section, you can look up and edit various information about animals like their breeds, color, species, etc.
  • Forms: It contains various types of forms like Animal Forms (contains animal owner’s permissions to perform procedures on their animals), Client Forms, Medication Forms, and Invoice Forms.
  • Lost and Found: It is used to manage records of lost and found animals.

Overall, it is one of the most comprehensive veterinary practice management software

Iberical Vett

Iberical Vett is another free veterinary practice management software for Windows. Through this software, you can manage pet or animal clinics. However, this free version of Iberical Vett only allows you to manage few aspects of veterinary practices namely Consultations, Vaccination, Grooming, Patients, Clients, and Point of Sale. To manage each of these supported veterinary practices, this software provides multiple dedicated sections. All available sections are quite similar as they all let you add, edit, and delete data and information related to respected veterinary practice.

This software has more handy features and sections like Prescriptions, Images, Plans, Stockrooms, Statistics, etc., but they are locked in this free version. Only by purchasing the paid version of this software, you can unlock all of its features.


Medismart is yet another free practice management software for Windows. Using this software, you can manage some aspects of medical practice like management of patients appointments, patient health record, patients list, etc. This software does not cover all medical practice fields, but it can still be used as a basic medical practice management software.

This software provides two sections to manage some aspects of medical practice namely Appointments and Patients. The appointment section allows you to view appointments of all doctors. You can also use its list of appointments by doctors option to view all appointment between two given dates of a selected doctor. In the Patients tab, you can view the list of all patients, view patient health record, prescription record, and ultrasound and x-ray reports of patients. Besides these sections, you can also use its Settings tab to view and edit patients information, doctors information, prescription records, etc. In general, it is a simple and basic practice management software.

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