6 Best Free Print Management Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free print management software for Windows. These software let you view, manage, and monitor all installed printers on your system. Each software differs in terms of functionality. While a few of these printer managers provide a good number of features to have a watch over available printers and manage print activities, some provide limited printer monitor features. Basically using these software, you can add a printer to monitor, put print restrictions, limit amount of pages to be printed, check printer status i.e. print job status, etc. One of these print management software lets you set default printing options too.

In some of these, you can also view print activity statistics like pages printed, pages rejected, cost, average documents per day, average pages per day, color documents, color pages, black and white documents, etc. The report can be exported as CSV, HTML, etc. files too.

My Favorite Free Print Management Software For Windows:

ObjectPrint is my favorite print management software as it provides most numbers of printer management features as compared to other printer monitor software. O&K Print Watch is also a considerably good printer manager software.

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ObjectPrint is a free print management software for Windows. It can be used via a web browser. You can manage all printers available on your system including virtual ones. This printer manager can be used in small to medium organizations, home, computer classroom, etc. It basically minimizes the wastage of printer resources to reduce excessive costs on paper.

How to manage printers on Windows using this free software: ObjectPrint

From its Printers menu, you can view all installed printers with information like computer, group (Administrator, Guest, Power User, Backup Operator, etc.), restriction, status (enabled or disabled), etc. Let’s see what are the functionalities provided by this printer monitor plus print management software:

  • You can manually add a printer with its name or a network printer with its IP address. Likewise, you can remove a printer too.
  • You can setup quota i.e. limit the amount of pages which can be printed by a specific printer for each day, week, or month.
  • It also lets you put restrictions for particular events like deny for a specified document title, deny jobs over specified pages, deny jobs over a specified size, etc.
  • It also lets you charge for print jobs based on the size of the paper used to print the job
  • You can also view statistics like pages printed, pages rejected, cost printed, and cost rejected for today, week, or month.
  • It lets you save daily/weekly/monthly print activity for a particular printer in CSV and HTML formats.

Apart from that, you can view and manage users, computers, groups, and print servers too.

ObjectPrint is one of the best print management software for Windows. It is an effective software with easy to use GUI.

Note: This is the free version of ObjectPrint which contains some limitations as compared to its paid version. You can see a comparison between the two versions on its homepage.

O&K Print Watch

O&K Print Watch is another free print management software for Windows. On its main interface, it displays summarized print report which includes print activity such as documents printed, pages printed, active printer, users, computers, total cost, documents printed per day, pages printed per day, etc. It shows a weekly graph of print history too. You can also view last printed documents and most active printers installed on your system.

From its Printers tab, you can view all available printers with information including manufacturer, model, serial number, IP, supplies, and page counter. Go its Printer menu in order to add a printer to monitor. You can also customize color schemes to show printers with errors and printers with more than specified number of documents. You can add and manage users and groups as well.

It shows a detailed print report for defined parameters like reporting period, number of records, minimum pages, maximum pages, minimum cost, color, etc. The report includes information like user, workload, documents, pages, cost, average documents per day, average pages per day, color documents, color pages, black & white documents, and black & white pages. The report can be saved as a web archive file or an XML document.

Overall, this is a really nice printer monitor software for Windows. Some additional tools like password protection, database setup, etc. features. are also available in it.

Note: In the free version of this print management software, you can monitor only one printer at a time.

Printer Manager

Printer Manager, as the title suggests, is a dedicated print management software for Windows. You can see a list of all available printers with printer name, status, driver, port, location, and comment. It also shows ports and drivers with respective information in separate sections.

By right-clicking a printer, you can access several options to manage it. For example, you can open print queue, set printing defaults for the chosen printer (paper orientation, size, etc.), printing command (print test page, print file, print file to IP), edit printer properties, pause printing, etc. You can set a printer as a default printer to print files. It also lets you execute SNMP query by specifying an IP address. Apart from that, you can add a printer, printer wizard, or network printer too.

It is another free easy to use printer monitor software.

Print Stalker

Print Stalker is one more free print management software for Windows. It lets you monitor installed printers on your Windows PC. Let’s talk about its key features:

  • Using its “Get Printers” button, you can check the list of all available printers on your system.
  • You can select printers and click on “check printers” button to view printer status like prints job status.
  • Other options such as view print log, delete jobs, show print jobs older than specified minutes, etc. are available in it.

Note: The free version of this printer monitor software is limited, hence some features are disabled.

Automatic Printer Switcher

Automatic Printer Switcher is a simple free print management software for Windows. It basically lets you assign a printer for each program you are working on. On its main interface, it shows all processes that are going on. You can select a process, right-click it, and select Edit Mapping option to assign a default printer to that specific process. You can refresh the process list.

PaperCut Print Logger

PaperCut Print Logger is a basic print management software for Windows. It works in your default web browser. As the name implies, it is a freeware to view print logs only. You can view print activity with information including time, user, number of pages and copies, printer, document, client, duplex, and grayscale.

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