6 Best Free Sales Management Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free sales management software for Windows. These software comes in handy to manage sales of an organization and play vital role from beginning till the end of sales process. These let you keep a track of your clients/customers and create a database containing information about them. This information contains name, customer ID, invoicing address, shipping address, etc.

Apart from managing contacts, some of these sales manager software let you manage accounts, leads, opportunities, and other aspects of an organization. In order to increase sales, it is required to convert leads into customers. So, in some of these sales management software, you get options to schedule calls/meetings and monitor lead status for effective lead management.

Moreover, these free sales software that let you generate various reports in order to analyse sales of your organization. In some of these software, you can even graphically analyze sales by plotting bar, line, pie, etc. graphs/charts.

My Favorite Sales Management Software:

webERP is one of my favorite sales manager software. It provide options to easily manage contracts, sales transactions and generate variety of reports regarding sales process. Besides sales management, you can also use this software to manage receivables, purchases, manufacturing, inventory, and other organizational aspects.

Frontaccounting is another free and considerably good sales management software for Windows.

Go through this sales management software list to get an appropriate one. You may also checkout list of best free lead management softwaregym management software, and ERP Software for Windows.


webERP is a free and open source sales management software for Windows. It lets you manage sales transactions, maintain contracts, and generate a variety of reports for the same.

The interface of this software is made up of the combination of several menus and sub-menus. From the Main Menu, you can access options to manage Sales, Receivables, Purchases, Inventory, Manufacturing, General Ledger, etc. of the organization.

Sales sub-menu is categorized under the Main menu and is further classified into three categories: Transactions, Inquiries and Reports, and Maintenance. From the Transaction part of Sales, you get options to manage New Sales Order/Quotation, Outstanding Sales Order/Quotation, Special Orders, Process Recurring orders, etc. While creating contracts and maintaining them, the Maintenance option comes in handy. Using Inquiries and Reports sub-menu, you can inquire about sales order, top seller, top sell item, top customer, etc. and also generate a variety of reports including order status report, orders invoiced reports, worst sell item report, sales with low gross profit report, etc. It also provides you option to generate sales graphs (bar, line, pie, area, etc.) for a specified duration of time.

Taking everything into consideration, it is one of the best sales management software. Apart from sales management, you can also use this software to manage many other organizational aspects (receivables, purchases, etc.).


Frontaccounting is another free sales management software. It is basically an open source ERP software that lets you manage sales of an organization as well. The interface of this sales software is well categorized in several menus to manage sales, purchase, manufacturing, fixed assets, items and inventory, and many other aspects of an organization.

The Sales menu is categorized into three sub-categories namely, Transactions, Inquiries and Reports, and Maintenance.

  • Transactions options let you manage sales transaction by making sales quotation entry, sales order entry, creating invoices against sales delivery/prepared orders, etc.
  • Through Inquiries and Reports, it lets you inquire about sales quotation, sales order, customer transaction and generate customer and sales reports and save as Excel file, or print them.
  • The Maintenance sub-menu lets you add and manage customers, create sales group (large, medium, small, etc.), sales type (retail, wholesale, etc.), salesperson, sales area (global, or customize new area), etc.

From the dashboard of this sales software, you can grab information about top customers in fiscal year, overdue sales invoices, overdue recurrent invoices, etc.

You can also use this software to manage many other aspects of an organization, as I mentioned above. To get more details about this software, you can checkout this link.

Rockstar ERP

Rockstar ERP is one of the best free sales management software for Windows. It is basically an ERP software that lets you manage sales of your organization in a better way. The interface of this sales software is quite simple, that makes it a handy tool.

After setting up basic information about your organization, you can simply navigate through various menus to manage Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Finance, etc. for the organization.

Under the Sales menu, you get an option to create customers’ database by adding new customers with information (customer ID, description, invoice address, shipping address, currency, etc.) about them. Additionally, it lets you manage Sales orders from added customers and also print Sales invoices. It also lets you check out customer transactions, customer balances, and customer daily sums. To provide easy reach to the desired customer, this sales software provides Filter option to sort out a customer from the database by using any related information (such as ID, Currency, language, country, etc.).

Additionally, it also lets you Export customer details, sales orders, sales invoices, customer transactions, customer balances, etc. details to CSV files. Also, you can check out total sales and generate sales graph for the current fiscal year.

Apart from Sales management, you can also use this software to manage purchase orders, purchase invoices, manage inventory, manage fixed assets, etc. 


1 CRM is a free customer relationship management software that can be used as a free sales management software as well.

From the Sales and Marketing menu, you can easily create and track new leads and create new opportunities as well. While from the Order Management menu, you can easily manage and create sales orders. Also, you can assign different status to sales orders, such as Ordered, In manufacturing, closed- shipped and invoiced, etc. It also lets you analyse sales of your organization by letting you generate various sales charts including fiscal year booked sales, weighted and gross opportunities by months, lead source by outcome, outcome by month, etc.

From the interface of this software, you can easily access option to schedule email, schedule call, schedule meeting, create task, etc. It also lets you generate quotes and invoices. Additionally, you can create Vcard for your added clients, or print their information to easily save their contact information.

It not just lets you perform sales management, but also lets you use it as a free project management or marketing software.

Vladovsoft Sklad

Vladovsoft Sklad is another free sales management software for Windows. It is one of the easiest to use sales software. This software helps to manage sales of your company by creating a record of sales done by the organization.

This software lets you manage products produced by the company and create a database consisting of information about these products. This information contains bar-code, name of product, group, delivery price, price, etc. about products.

You can easily access sales related options by going through Payments > Sales path. From here, you can manage sales by specifying products being sold, their quantity, price, discount rate, tax rate, buyer’s company, etc. and export these records as HTML, XLS, XML, etc. files.

Also, it lets you generate a variety of reports, such as Sales, Invoices, Deliveries, Payments, Balance, etc. for a specified period of time. Moreover, it lets you print these reports and also export them in any of the aforesaid formats.

In order to enhance protection of your important sales data, it lets you create a local backup of all data.

Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM is another free software that can be used as an open source sales manager software for Windows. As you launch this software, it displays Sales, Marketing, Support, Activity, Collaboration, etc. menus to access respective options.

All sales management related options are contained in Sales menu. It manages complete sales process of an organization by managing contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities, and various other aspects of the organization. As you click on Sales menu, it shows some information about scheduled calls, scheduled meetings, leads, open opportunities, etc. As you create any new contact, opportunity, or lead, it lets you save complete information about them. You can store full contact information along with their primary and other addresses, department, lead source, etc.

As mentioned above, it is an excellent lead management software as well. It helps to generate leads from various lead sources, continuously monitor lead status, and schedule call/meeting in order to successfully convert leads to customers.

All in all, it is one of the best sales management software to manage the sales process from the very beginning to the end.

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