4 Best Free ERP Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free ERP software for Windows. If you need to setup an organization or manage and make effective resource planning for an existing one, then you can use one of these ERP software, available completely free of cost. Using these software, you can manage resources of single or multiple companies at a time.

These software are useful for managing various organizational aspects, including Manufacturing, Engineering, Sales and Purchases, Receivables, Payables, Inventory, Human Resources, manage Invoices, shipments, material management, etc. Also, you can maintain, transfer, reconcile, and inquire about bank accounts, and process payments and deposits from customers and suppliers. Speaking more precisely, these software are helpful to manage transactions, reports, and maintenance of aforementioned aspects of an organization.

You can add purchase orders in these software. In one of these freeware, you can even import purchase orders as XLS files. Apart from that, you can also add sales orders, work orders, and special orders in these listed software.

In one of these free ERP software, you get a direct option to create backup and restore data. Not only that, you can use one of these software to access Point of Sale services.

You can also generate reports such as customer and sales reports, and also print them. Other than that, you can generate inventory report and set Re-order level in order to maintain optimal amount of inventory in the organization. These freeware also let you manage fixed assets of the organization.

One of these freeware enables you to manage human resources of the organization and also perform workshop floor management.

You can find a suitable free software for your organization from this ERP software list.

My Favorite ERP Software:

Personally, I liked Frontaccounting the most. It has almost all features to manage an organization, including maintenance of sales, purchases, transactions, etc. Also, it lets you create backup and restore your data whenever required, thus prevents data loss.

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Frontaccounting is an open source ERP software. It is a web-based ERP software. This software has well customized options for managing and resource planning of your organization. These options are available in various tabs of Main Menu and let you manage Sales, Purchase, Items and Inventory, Manufacturing, Fixed Assets, Banking and General Ledgers, and other aspects of an organization.

First, you need to login into this software by entering credentials, that are username and password. These login credentials prevent unauthorized access to the software. Later, you can add multiple companies to manage their resources.

From the Dashboard of this free ERP software, you can easily get information about top customers of the fiscal year and Overdue Sales and Recurrent Invoices.

In the Sales section of this ERP software, you get options to Add and Manage Customers, create Customer Branches with full descriptions, specify Sales Types (helpful in company’s price calculation) and Sales Areas, etc. It also provides you options for sales quotation entry, sales order entry, invoice against sales delivery, allocate customer payments and credit notes, and other sales transactions options. Also, you can check out options for sales quotation/order inquiry, customer allocation and transaction inquiry, etc. You can also generate customers and sales reports of your organization.

Using the Purchases tab, you can manage suppliers along with their important information. Also, you get access to options like Purchase Order Entry, Allocate Supplier Payments or Credit Notes, enter Supplier Invoices, etc. You can also access some inquiry and reports related options, which let you generate Supplier and Purchasing Reports, and also inquire about purchase orders, Supplier Allocation, and Supplier Transactions.

Items and Inventory tab provides some options to inventory location transfer, inventory adjustments, inquiry about the status of inventory items, and to generate Inventory Reports. Here, it also lets you classify ‘Items’ in different Item Categories. You can also set Re-order Level to manage optimal size of inventory in stock. Apart from the above inventory options, you can make a record of Sales Pricing, Purchasing Pricing, and also Standard Costs of various inventory items.

The Manufacturing tab lets you manage organization’s Work order entry and Outstanding Work Orders. Not only that, you can also maintain description about work centers and bills of materials. It lets you save information about the location where inventory materials are used, and generate manufacturing reports.

In the Fixed Assets tab, you can manage purchase, sale, and disposal of fixed assets of organization. Also, you can generate report of the fixed assets.

Banking and General Ledger option enables you to maintain, transfer, reconcile, and inquire about bank account. Also, it lets you process payments and deposits from customers, suppliers, etc., make journal and budget entries, and do more.

And using its Setup menu, it lets you set up another company, user account to access this software, access setup to this software for different employees of the organization, etc. Using its Miscellaneous options, you can define organizational payment terms, and also add shipping companies. It also has a Point of Sale feature.

One of the important feature of this software is its ability to create Backup and Restore your data whenever required.


webERP is feature rich, web based, and one of the best ERP software for Windows. You can add many companies to this software to manage their resources. After adding your company to it, you can manage many important aspects of your enterprise including Customer, Items, Suppliers, etc.

You can add as many customers as you want, of many types and with different IDs. After that, it lets you enter an alphanumeric customer code for each added customer to identify and easily access information about them. Also, you can add some important customer details including their name, address, discount percent, discount code, credit limit, invoice addressing, etc. All these facilities are available in customer maintenance section.

From the Main Menu of this ERP software, you can manage Transactions, Inquiries and Reports, and Maintenance of various aspects of enterprise including Sales, Receivables, Purchase, Payables, Inventory, Manufacturing, and many more.

This web based ERP software has various Sales related options, which let you manage transaction details such as new sales order, enter counter sales/returns, special orders, process recurring orders, and many other sales order related options. Under Inquiries and Reports section of Sales menu, you get options related to sales order inquiry, print price list, top sales items inquiry, generate worst sales item reports, etc.

You can manage Receivables of your organization and manage transactions by creating credit notes, outstanding sales order, entering receipts, etc. Also, in its inquiries and reports section, it has options to print statements, list daily transactions, customer transaction inquiries, customer activity and balances, etc. Also, you can add customers and select customer from here.

Under Purchases menu, you get options related to purchase orders, create and edit tenders, select a shipment, etc. Here, you also get options related to purchase order inquiry, supplier price list, purchases from suppliers, etc. Also, you can maintain supplier price lists. It also lets you manage payables of your enterprise by using various options to maintain suppliers, supplier transaction inquiry, list daily transaction, etc.

It also lets you manage the Inventory of your organization. To do so, you can enter stock count, gather information about bulk inventory transfer, create, authorize, and fulfill internal stock request. You can also create reports regarding inventory items movements, status, inventory item usage, manage inventory quantities, etc.

Under its Manufacturing tab, again you get three options related to transaction, inquiry and reports, and maintenance. In transaction window, it lets you manage your work order details i.e. entry and selection of work order. Also, you can fill information about QA (quality assurance) samples from various lots. There are many other options available in it that are related to reports and inquiries. Here, you get options to generate list of materials required, materials not used anywhere, and also various MRP related options. Using manufacturing maintenance tab, you get access to maintain bills of materials, MRP calculation, quality test maintenance, etc.

In the General Ledger tab available in its Main Menu, you can manage your financial accounts, and economic transactions including entry and matching of Bank account payments and receipts. From here, you can generate various reports and statements of your transactions, statements of cash flow, tax and tag report, profit and loss statements, etc.

Coming to the Setup tab available in this ERP Software, you get three menus related to General setup, Receivables/Payables setup, and Inventory setup options. In general setup options, you can set company preferences, system parameters, SMTP server details, mailing group maintenance, etc. Using Receivables/Payables Setup options, you can manage sales, customers, and suppliers as per their types, and also set payment terms and methods. From its Inventory Setup options, you can maintain inventory by categories and locations, update discount category for a single item or complete inventory category, etc.

In Utility tab, it gives you various options to change and manage your database. To do so, you can change assigned codes for customers, inventory items, suppliers, locations, etc. The maintenance option available in this tab lets you make new company, and also import customers, stock items, price list, and fixed assets from CSV files.

There are direct options available on its interface to search for added customers, suppliers, and inventories using their categories, codes, and many other classifications.

2BizBox ERP

2BizBox ERP is another free ERP software in the list of ERP software. There are several modules available in it, which let you manage various aspects of an organization. It lets you add new users by defining their roles with different accessibility permissions.

Using the Control Panel, you can manage the company settings including adding and editing company’s information, address id, etc. Also, you can access some details about other important factors of the company including engineering, purchasing, work order, manufacturing, etc.

It comes with a lot of options. Lets have a look on some important points of this ERP software:

  • The Engineering Box menu contains several options related to ECR (Engineering Change Request), BOM (Bill Of Material), uploading Drawings (MFG and ENG) in PDF and DWF formats, EDC (Engineering Design Control), etc. Apart from that, it lets you add parts using its Material option. Also, you can create ‘Material Report’ along with information about part, inner diameter, outer diameter, etc.
  • In the Purchasing Box of this software, it lets you add a new purchase order or import them using XLS files. From here, you can also check out information about your old purchase orders. Other options available in this section enables you to Request For Quotes (RFQ), Swap orders, create worksheets, add Vendor Contract Price, look up MRP of products, make reports of MRP, etc.
  • Under the Sales Box menu, this ERP software has four options namely, Sales Order (SO), Quote, RMA, and Customer Contract Price. Using Sales order, you can add Customer’s sales orders, make its report, add AR prepay for Sales Orders, check out sales information, add sales code, add salesman, review SO, etc. Other than that, you get options to add a quote, look up customer RFQ, quote boilerplate, add and check RMA, add and look up customer contract price, etc.
  • Manufacturing Box provides options to add tools to tool list, search and make reports of tools, etc. Also, it provides some options for Shop Floor management. Using these options, you can set up job by work order or part number, add and schedule work centers with descriptions, add equipments with unique IDs, etc. In other options of Manufacturing Box, you get options related to manufacturing purchasing and RFQ, look up manufacturing bill of material, etc.

Using the Work Order Box of this free ERP software, you can add worksheets and work orders. Also, you get options to search for work orders by using part number, vendor ID, date, or other specified parameters. It also lets you check out work order reports.

With the help of Accounting Box option of this software, you can manage organization’s account receivables (AR), AR prepay, AR cashier, add AR and wire transfer payment/prepayments, account payables (AP), add credit memo, look up debit memo, etc. Also, there is a specified General Ledger (GL) field available in it. Using which, you can manage the GL transactions, search GL credit and debit, etc. Also, you get options to manage the optimal inventory level for the organization. To do so, you can make inventory adjustment records, specify inventory not used and high usage inventory parts, check various inventory reports, etc. You can checkout Budget option to search and view Cash Flow Budget, Fiscal Year Budget, Budget Monthly, and YTD reports.

It has a specific HR Box which is helpful in HR management of the organization. From here, you can access options to add full time and temporary employees, set working hours and days, etc.

There are some other options available in this ERP software, which are related to warehouse and physical inventory management, adding vendors and manufacturers to the company’s address book, etc. You can also manage documents of your organization by using its Document Box.

Open Source ERP

Open Source ERP is another free ERP software for PC. Using this software, you can effectively plan for various organizational aspects including orders, shipments, material management, purchases, database, etc. As you open this software, it lets you add employees for different roles in your organization with their personal details and photos.

It provides different tabs to plan and manage your organization:

  • Using Orders tab, you can access three options namely, products, offers, and orders. In products option, you can add price, cost, VAT rate, quantity, etc. to products. Also, you can make different categories to add and classify products. It also lets you add offers and orders to various products.
  • Under Material Management tab, it lets you manage and add stock of the company. Also, you can generate stock receipts. Apart from that, it allows stock removal to various outbound locations. There is also an option to add/modify parts using which, you can add cost, vendors, inventory data, etc. for various parts of your products.
  • In the Purchases menu, you get three options that are purchases, delivery notes, and invoices. These options are helpful to manage purchases of the organization. Also, you can create invoices for the same.
  • Under the Fixtures tab, it provides options related to the inventory of your organization. You can add inventory and their costs by classifying them under different types.
  • Using Personnel tab, it gives you multiple options for time management, day time recording, and personnel data collection. Personnel data field lets you add aforementioned personal information about employees. It has also an option to add skills and provide skill rating to employees.

There are also some extra features available in this software. You can create letters and send them to added employees, and also print them.

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