5 Best Free Attendance Management Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free attendance management software for Windows. These software help you manage and track employee attendance. You can track employees’ attendance by recording their In/Out Time. These software can be useful for small, as well as for large organizations to manage employees, attendance, time, payroll, etc. Apart from attendance management, you can also use these software to store personal information of employees.

You can also use these Attendance Tracking Software to keep track of employees’ leaves. Description can be added with leave schedule to specify the reason of leave.

Some of the mentioned software can also calculate and manage payroll of employees. To calculate and manage payroll, these software use all necessary parameters, like: basic pay, tax deduction, overtime, working hours, etc. These software can accurately calculate payroll, as they have exact working hour details of each employee.

Many mentioned software in this list are web based, so they require database software, like: XAMPP, WAMP, etc., to run.

My favorite Attendance Management Software for Windows:

TimeTrax is a really handy software to manage attendance of employees. One of its advanced options to calculate payroll according to employee hierarchy really impresses me a lot. It also has the capability to store information about employees’ project, department, etc.

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TimeTrex‘s community edition is a free open source attendance management software for Windows. It is more popular for its payroll and time management options, and also lets you track attendance of multiple employees. This attendance management software also keep track of employees’ planned leaves. One of the interesting options of this software is that, it sends email alerts when employees are late for work.

It lets both administrator and employees to mark attendance. Employees can login through their TimeTrex account to mark attendance. Admin has the authority to mark attendance of employees, and can also edit attendance and other details about employees. Assigned supervisors can also keep track of employees attendance and project related information. Employees also have authority to directly message and request their supervisor about work, projects, leaves, etc.

For companies, TimeTrex is really suitable, because it provides option to add employees according to company hierarchy (department, designation, etc.), which help you generate payroll for a group of employees at once, based on total attendance.

Various reports, such as attendance report, payroll report, employees report, etc. can be viewed and shared by admin through email. Option to save reports in excel format is also available here. Employees can also view their payroll, schedule, attendance, etc.

Overall, it is one of the best free attendance management software with an intuitive interface.

PHP TimeClock

PHP TimeClock is a free time tracking software for Windows, which can be used to track employee check in, check out, break, lunch time, etc. It lets employees mark their attendance from their own PCs. Option to add notes while marking attendance is also available. Here, attendance gets recorded in real time and employee’s don’t have the authority to change/edit the time once entered. Only admin can edit attendance records.

Employees can be categorized according to different offices and groups. Details related to employees in offices and groups can also be managed through this software.

To analyze attendance, this software provides attendance report in the form of daily and hourly report. Reports can be exported in CSV format.

This attendance tracking software does not have any restriction on number of employees.


Odoo is a free business application suite for Windows. In this software, you will find lots of applications (Timesheets, CRM, Inventory Management, Point of Sales, Manufacturing, Attendance, etc.) that will help you manage various aspects of your organization. You can use any one of these applications free of cost. Attendances application is the module that can be used for attendance tracking. It lets admin manage attendance records of employees. Admin can easily add unlimited number of employees and mark their attendance. Employees can also mark their own attendance either from mobile phones or their PC. Employees have to set their own PIN and it needs to be entered before marking attendance.

This Attendances application is really a good feature of this software. Here, you get a really simple check in/out option to mark presence or leave, named Kiosk Mode.

All the attendance records with employees’ names, time, and check in/out details are stored in Attendances menu. Here, you also get an advanced option to analyze the working hours of employees. The analysis report can be viewed as bar chart, line, chart, and pie chart.

In the Applications menu, you can download other useful attendance management related applications, namely, Leave Management and Time Sheet to manage and schedule attendance. 

Note: This free employee attendance management software requires database software, like XAMMP, WAMP, etc. to run.


OrangeHRM is another completely free and open source HR management software for Windows. It can be used as an attendance tracking and leave management software. Here, admin can easily add multiple users (employees) with all their personal information. Employees can record their attendance, manage planned leaves, plus they can also add additional details to their attendance record from anywhere. Admin can give some additional authorities to users, to change current time when punching in/out, edit or delete own attendance record, etc.

For planned leaves, employees can keep record of their leaves related information, like leave time, paid time-off, total days-off, etc. Supervisor can view leave requests and approve or reject leave requests. This process saves time, plus no paper work is required to keep records, which is another good reason to use this software.

Personal Information Management is an additional feature of this software, which helps you centralize the database. You can securely store all the personal and work-related information. This feature also reduces the possibility of data loss.

Many other features such as: Recruitment, Performance tracker, Employee Self Service, etc., are also present for Human Resource management.

Note: Orange HRM requires database software like XAMPP, WAMP, etc. in order to run.

CKZ Time Clock

CKZ Time Clock is another free attendance management software for Windows. It is used to collect, track, and manage employees’ attendance. Using this software, employers can also keep track of employees’ leaves. Planned leaves, along with reason behind them can be attached to employee attendance record.

Employee attendance can be enrolled by admin or employees. Clock In and Clock Out time are added to keep track of working hours of employees. Admin can create employee profiles and various permissions can be given to them, such as:

  • Allow employees to enter their clock in and clock out time manually.
  • Force employees to mark their attendance in real time.
  • Let employees edit their clock in and clock out time.

This employee attendance tracking software also has an inbuilt payroll calculator to calculate employees’ salary based on attendance. To calculate salary, it uses the following variables: employee working days, hours, number of leaves, overtime, and pay rate.

By using Employees Summary option, you can easily view attendance, working hours, payroll details, etc., of every employee. This summary report can be shared through email, in various formats, such as: PDF, XLS, TXT, etc.

Note: In this free version, you can add only up to 3 employees. Security features to set user name, password protection, etc. are also disabled. To overcome this limitation, you have to buy the full version of this software.

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