10 Best Free POS Software For Retail And Restaurant Business

Here is a list of best free POS software for Windows, also known as Point of sale software. The following list contains free as well as open source POS software that can help you manage business easily. With these Point of sale software, you can keep track of sales, products, customers, inventory, suppliers, stocks, and more. Here, you will find both free Retail POS software, as well as Restaurant POS software.

These software are pretty handy to work with. All you have to do is add your products (along with description and photos), stock them up, add customers, and begin recording sales. You can also hook up these Point of sale software with POS specific hardware devices, such as: bar code scanner, cash register, customer display, printer, credit/debit card reader, etc. Reporting option is available in most of these free POS software. Generate custom reports according to sales, products, customers, cashiers, etc.

Some of these Point of sale software provide touch screen friendly interface, letting you swiftly carry out your work. While some of these software provide multi terminal support, some are just limited to a single computer. Also, some of these software provide cloud data hosting.

While you go through this list of free Point of sale software, you will get to know about the features they have to offer. This way, you can sort out which POS software will suit the need of your store the most.

My Favorite POS Software:

In my opinion, almost all of these software are very good at what they do. But, as a Retail POS software, I like Pos On the most. Not only it is feature rich, it provides touch screen and POS hardware support. Talking about Restaurant POS software, I like SambaPOS the most. It is specially designed to manage restaurant orders according to tables.

You can also checkout these best free Barcode Generator SoftwareInventory Management Software, and Employee Management Software for Windows.

Pos On

Pos On is an open source and free POS software for Windows. It is one of the best and easy to use POS software that easily lets you manage sales, purchases, returns, items, supplies, inventory, and generate reports for your store. The interface is handy to use and options have been divided into sections according to their functionality for easy access. The best part about this free retail POS software is that, it has its own touch screen friendly interface, and does not use your browser. Also, you do not have to setup its database options manually; a simple installation and it will be ready to use. After installation, you just need to add users, data, devices, etc. to make it ready for your store.

Let us take a look inside the Sections and the options available in them to understand this Point of Sale software better.

  1. Transactions: In this section, you will maintain the Sales and Purchase registers. Also, you get options to file Sales returns, Purchase returns, Account receivables, Account payables, and the Expenses of your store. Adding items, account details, customer info, etc. to register transactions is very easy. Talking about the Sales Register, you can add multiple items to sales list. For each item added, you can add quantity. Add remarks, add customer to a sale, keep a sale as pending, and do much more. The Purchase register works the same way, and you can add Suppliers for purchased goods.
  2. Data Management: This is the place where you can add all the data related to products, customers, employees, and more. For every data entry that you make, you can define its code according to your choice, making transaction registry easy. From here, you can add a new item, item kit, credit cards, employees, customers, suppliers, and vouchers. You can also make changes to existing entries or delete them. For each entry type, you can add various details. For example, while you add an item, you can define its code, title, category, manufacturer, unit price, size, color, discount, description, and more.
  3. Inventory: Here you can add information regarding item stock and warehouses. In the Warehouse menu, you can add different Warehouses. The Stocks sections keeps the data regarding all the items available for sale, their quantity, and warehouse allocation.
  4. Reports: Reports are necessary for business analysis. In this section, you can draw various category wise reports for Sales, Purchases, Expenses, Inventory, User log, Returns, and more. For each report, you can set a date range, and even select if you want a Summary report or Detail report.
  5. Settings: Here, you can setup hardware devices, like Customer Display, Printer, and Cash Drawer to work with this free POS software. You can also tweak database options, create backup, set permissions, and do more.

All in all, this Point of sale software is easy to set up and easy to use. It is one of the best POS solutions out there available for free.

Regit Express

Regit Express is another good POS software for Windows. It is very simple to use and provides separate interfaces for Counter and Back-end processes. It lets you easily add items to generate bill. For a transaction, you can remove added products, add customers, add discount, and do more. You can even setup physical devices to work with this free POS software, such as a cash drawer, printer, or customer display. Cashiers can switch duties, lock register, and do more. A training mode is also available, where you can learn how to operate this free retail POS software.

The back-end handles all data required for this point of sale software to work. A button on the top right corner of this freeware’s interface, known as Office, takes you to the back-end. Here, you can add the products available for sale along with their description, tax code, price, cost, type, product code, and more. Other entries to add customers, employees, cashiers, taxes, department, etc. can also be made here. In case you want to view custom reports based on sales, cashiers, taxes, products, inventory, etc., then you can easily generate one and view in Office.

Regit Express is another free POS software that is easy to install and use. No database setup is required, and also, it opens in its own interface.

Note: Regit Express free comes with certain limitations. One of the limitations stops it from being used on a network of multiple computers. So, you can operate a POS database from just one system. To know more, go to its Features page.

POS Software

POS Software is one of simplest Point of Sale software that you will ever see. It is an open source POS software and is free to use. It lets you record all the sales activity of your store, with the following details: product, category, quantity, cashier, and date of sale. There are two tabs available in this free Point of Sale software: Sell and Add. Before selling anything and recording it via this freeware, you will have to add data in the Add tab. In the Add tab, you can add a cashier, cashier commission %, product category, product name, product price, profit on product, and VAT %.

As you can see in the above screenshot, registering a sale is pretty easy and basic. And all the data is recorded in a spreadsheet document, which is stored in a folder where this software is located.


Daidze is another open source POS software for small and medium businesses. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It helps you manage sales, products, stocks, warehouses, and other necessary aspects of store management in a simplified way. You can add various hardware to work with it, such as barcode scanner, customer display, cash counter, printer, etc., which will help you with speedy sales process.

This free Point of sales software has two modes of operation: Sales and Administration. In the Sales mode, you can do the following: register sales, record payments, manage clients, manage products and stocks, and generate reports. You can also create multiple cashier accounts. It has an integrated Bar code generator to add bar codes to products, which is one of a kind feature among these point of sale software. The reporting section of this freeware lets you generate a bunch of reports based on Invoices, Sales, Debts, Stock, and Stock warning.

External programs can be added to Daidze to work with it, such as web browser, calculator, PDF/DOC/XLS viewer, MP3 player, etc.

In the Administrator mode, you can backup database, restore database, set auto backup options, manage company details, view logs, create users, and do more.

It is one of the best free POS software that is available without any limitations.


The lite version of Gazelle, a Point of sale software, is available for free. You can set it up for your business on multiple PCs. It gets installed and runs in web browser. It is very simple to operate, and one can easily learn how to use it.

Talking about the features of this free retail POS software, the Sales board is pretty intuitive with various options. Its search box lets you easily add items to the list of sale. After adding products for sale, you can increase/decrease quantity, add discount, add note to item, register cash or card payments, add customer documents, etc. Once payment is done, bill is generated, which can be printed.

Other options available let you view transactions, add customers, add and manage items, manage orders and purchase, add payments, view reports, and configure settings. All these options can be accessed in separate tabs and can be minimized for easy access. When you add items, you can add their basic information, generate bar code for them, set stock quantity, add image, add base cost, add item variations, and more.

Some of the options of this free POS software worth noticing are: Sale/Payment/Transfer/Order finder, Widgets, Voucher & Gift Card, and Staff leave and attendance management. The Reporting option lets you generate various custom reports based on sale, purchase, supplier, items, and staff.

Note: There are certain limitations to the free version of this POS software. You can add up to only 150 items, limited staff and customer features, and you cannot manage additional branch of your store.


SambaPOS is an open source and free restaurant POS software. It is specially designed for restaurants and provides options that let you manage orders of multiple tables at a time. It is also one of the best touch screen friendly POS software out there. When you take an order, it can send it to kitchen printer, print a ticket, and print invoice while checkout. It lets you add products (dishes), categorize them, and you can even add recipe for a product in this restaurant Point of sale software. Add and manage inventory items, manage tables, automate actions, manage users/cashiers, add departments, manage accounts and do much more with this restaurant POS software.

The interface of this freeware is pretty easy to get along with. On the main interface, a user needs to start a Work Period to begin taking orders in the POS screen. When a table is selected, you can open a ticket for it. Once the table is selected, you just need to add orders. For an ongoing ticket, you can change table, add ticket note, exit the ticket to open another ticket, or settle the ticket once done. The ticket settlement menu lets you add discount, print bill, apply vouchers, and take payments.

In the Manage tab, you can set up all the hardware required for proper functioning of this software. Add printers, display machines, cash machine, card machines, etc.

Options to view accounts and reports are also available. Generate reports based on work period, sales, accounts, inventory, and more.

SambaPOS is one of the commonly used free POS software out there, and supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, and more.


SaberPHP is an open source PHP based POS software. This is a free retail POS software that can be used as a restaurant POS software as well. Its UI opens in your PC’s web browser and is very easy to operate. You can manage all the aspects of you business by adding items, item kits, customers, suppliers, employees, etc. Once you have configured this POS software, you can use it to record sales of your retail business.

The Sales tool is comparatively easier to work with, than most of the POS software mentioned here. Before you add an item to a sale, you first need to add customer details. If customer is not added, you can then and there add a customer. Now to add an item, begin typing its name, and the list of items with matching initials will appear. Select an item to add, then proceed to add another item. For an item, you can enter discount %. Once done with adding all items, select a payment type, and enter the amount received.

This free Point of sale software is integrated with Mercury Payment Gateway. This lets you accept payments via debit and credit cards easily.

The report section of this software lets you view reports according to sales, customers, items, employees, discounts, payments and more. For the above options, you can generate graphical, summary, and detailed reports.

To use SaberPHP, you will have to run the .exe file extracted from the downloaded zip file. This opens an interface which runs database to make this POS software work. Once the status of database is live, this software opens in your default web browser.


Odoo is a business management software that provides various tools as Apps to manage various businesses and their aspects. One of the Apps provided by Odoo is POS tool. Its a free cloud based point of sale tool that lets you take care of sales, products, inventory, payments, users, customers, and more.

You will have to install Odoo on your PC, and after installation, it opens in a web browser. As you install the Point Of Sale app from the Apps window, Inventory, and Invoicing apps will get installed as well.

Configuring this POS software is easy. Add products, add categories, manage inventory, add payment methods, add users, and set all other options necessary for you to get started.

In the Dashboard section, you will need to start a session to begin billing. You can open different tabs for multiple bills. All the products are displayed on the dashboard; you can also look for products category wise or by their name. Add products, change their quantity, add a customer, and begin payment. Select the payment type and proceed to generate and print invoice. Invoice is also saved to your PC. The options available on Dashboard are touch screen friendly.

Odoo provides a feature rich point of sale software that is very easy to operate once you get a hold of it.

Note: The free version of Odoo only supports upto 50 users, 1 app, and cloud hosting feature. To know more and get more of its features, you can visit its Pricing page.


Robotill is another free POS software for Windows. It provides separate POS modules for Retails and Restaurants. Also, a separate Admin module is provided from where you can configure and manage all 3 POS modules. You just need to configure options in the admin module according to the POS module you are going to use. You can also manage and run both modules if required. POS hardware can also be setup with this free Point of sale software, such as: cash drawer, customer display, printer, etc.

The Admin module, known as Manager, can be configured according to your business requirements before you begin using the POS tools. Here, you can add products, update stocks, manage suppliers, create users, setup departments, manage cash drawer, add customers, make retail store and restaurant specific configurations, configure restaurant tables, and do more. Once the setup is complete, you can begin working with the desired POS software.

Let us get to know about the feature of both Retail and Restaurant POS software, one at a time:

Retail POS: The interface has been designed to register sales and carry out other functions on a single screen. The interface is touch screen friendly and lets you easily find and add products, make payment, and print slips. Various other sale related options can be found here as well.

Restaurant POS: It is almost the same as retail POS software. Products are displayed on the screen according to category for easy access. You can select a table, and begin adding orders for it. Option to add tip is also available. Print a bill once done.

Although this software is free to use, some of the features are missing in the free version. Some of the missing features may not bother you much, but some are important and may come in handy. Some of the features unavailable are:

  • Cannot add customers.
  • Cannot make price change.
  • Price mode switching unavailable.
  • Refunds cannot be registered.
  • Cannot add or access more than 1 table in Restaurant POS.
  • Sale limit for Retail POS is 75 and Restaurant POS is 25.

If you are OK with these limitations, you can use Robotill. Checkout the Features page to know more about the Free and Paid versions.

I liked Robotill as a POS software because of its very user friendly interface and functionalities that are very easy to get along with.


Nextar is another good POS software for Windows available for free. It is a retail POS software and offers all the features necessary to track and manage sales, products, supplies, customers, and more. The features available with the free version are basic POS features, but are enough to handle small or medium retail business.

Nextar is installed in two parts: Server and Admin. The Server runs in background and you can configure and use POS from the Admin tool. Before you can use this software, you will have to configure it and add data. Begin by adding Products, Suppliers, Users, and Inventory. Sales can be registered in the Point of Sale option available in the Sales menu. A product can be added to sale list by scanning bar code, entering name, or entering product code. After adding products, add payment method along with the amount, and proceed to next sale. You can add a customer details to a sale as well.

The Statistics option lets you take a look at various reports based on customers, products, sales, stocks, seller, etc. for a specific date range.

As I mentioned earlier, only basic functions are available in the free version of this retail point of sale software. One thing that I liked about the free version is free customer support. More advanced features, like multi terminal support, parked sale, account credit, customer loyalty support, coil printer support, etc. are available in the premium version. You can checkout the free and premium feature comparison here.

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