10 Best Free Timesheet Software for Windows

Often people raise one question “why do I need timesheet software?” the answer is simple. Timesheet software helps in keeping track of the time spent on a task or tracking the duration spent on the job by you or by the employees of your organization. Timesheet software helps in making time punching in and punching out easier than the classic ways of doing it. Timesheet are integral part of time management as well as employee management in every organization. Timesheet provides endless space to track performance of employees. There are web or cloud based applications for timesheets but most people use software to do the work and make things easier. The compiled list of best free timesheet software will help you go through the leading and finest timesheet software available at zero cost and will not even affect your company’s budget.

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Browse List of Best Free Timesheet Software for Windows below.


Actitime Small Team Edition

Actitime Small Team Edition works with Microsoft Access or MySQL depending on the strength of your organization. It launches in Internet Explorer and is not complex, it provides systematic information on the tasks, projects, employees or customers or clients. Working and nonworking days can be toggled from the work schedule menu, this makes everything easier for stamping time and for knowing when it was a holiday. Other than this you can even define which employee was on leave and due to what reason.


Toggl is the most interesting and attractive time tracking software which is not only free to use but also portable to be taken anywhere with you. Make it work for you on cloud or web using the official website, download Toggl time tracking software on your desktop or install the app of Toggl on your iPhone or Android smartphone. To access Toggl all you need is one time signup, one account works on all your devices. The web or cloud application works in sync with the desktop time tracking software as well as with smartphone application. It is cross platform software. The user-interface of Toggl is small, sleek and very well designed. The description for the project or task can be edited using the “What are you doing?” space on the screen. The timesheet keeps generating as you keep going on with your work. The work details of the project keep updating on all your devices at once, so you need not worry about missing some data from the other. Toggl also generates reports based on your data or time records.

TimeTrex Payroll and Time Management

TimeTrex Payroll and Time Management is great time sheet software which helps in tracking the time stamps of your employees; it also works with Internet Explorer. The software layout is clean and simple, making things easier for the user. TimeTrex is useful for both payroll and time management for all kinds of organizations. It has an additional feature of recording the working license details of the employee and keeping record of when will it expire.

TimeSage Timesheets - Free Edition

TimeSage Timesheets is minimalist free time punching software; it is good for all kinds of organizations. It is good to know when your employees came to work and when they left, not just that the software can be used for personal use such as punching in time for a particular project or task. The software is customizable; it can export reports about your bills, stats and graphs.

Open Time Clock

This brilliant timesheet software is free to use, it can be accessed using its desktop application as well as from its cloud or web based application. The data from both is never lost, it keeps your checked in details as it is. The software has sections such as absences, who is in, timecards and reports which have their respective importance in keeping your employees time stamped correctly.

Advanced Timesheet Reports Personal

Generating timesheets and reports has become easy with Advanced Timesheet Reports Personal Edition software. The software serves two main purposes of time management and project management. This free timesheet software has systematic menu bar on the top, under which there are multiple tools for doing different tasks. Advanced Timesheet Reports Personal Edition supports many languages like Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, etc.

Sirid Standard

Sirid Standard is a Windows free timesheet software application which is free of cost, you don’t have to spend bunch of bucks over best timesheet software. This employee timesheet software is one place to input projects, tasks and jobs, when they were started and when they are completed. It is really easy to handle the timesheets in Sirid. The software opens in Internet Explorer and works on a login from the administrator or the manager. In Sirid Standard, you can add multiple users under the user management. There are timesheet templates for staff members which can be modified too.


algTime is one of the best free timesheet software available. It is small, simple and very much systematic. It has no unwanted tabs, menus or tool bars. The user is not required to create any kind of account or create any project or task list, the work added by you is right in front of you. It records your time with comments, depending on your previous added comment it also calculates the time spent on the previous task. algTime is capable of generating reports on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Ora Time and Expense

Ora Time and Expense is free timesheet software helping the users track and generate timesheets seamlessly. The software has 3 sections namely View tasks, View Expenses and View Reports. All the 3 sections of this timesheet software work according to your inputs. Tasks and expenses have different task and expense type which can be toggled from the editing menu.

Task Coach

Task Coach is a complete package of time management and project management software. This free timesheet software has the provision of making tasks with date stamps like planned start date, actual start date, completion date, etc. One of the best features of Task Coach is to remind you about tasks and different actions related to the task.

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