9 Best Free Slow Motion Video Editor Software For Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Slow Motion Video Editor For Windows. These are basically video editors which can be used to slow down a video and create a slow motion video. Each slow motion video maker follows different steps to reduce video speed. Some let you enter a decimal value, while some other let you specify a value in percentage to decrease the speed of a video. In one of these, you can reduce the frame rate of a video in order to make it a slow motion video.

After slowing down a video, you can export it in any of the supported videos formats. Most of these slow motion video software support video formats like MP4, FLV, AVI, MPEG, WMV, MKV, MOV, 3GP, etc.

In a similar manner, these free slow motion software can also be used as fast motion video editors. Also, due to being advanced video editors, you can edit individual videos or create a whole project using audio, video, and image files.

My Favorite Slow Motion Video Editor For Windows:

OpenShot Video Editor is my favorite slow motion video editing software as it can slow down a video in both backward and forward directions.

If you want a dedicated software to slow down a video, Free Speed Video is a good option. It can also create slow motion videos in a batch.

Also, you may checkout lists of best free Slow Motion Video Player, Video Resizer Software, and Video Rotator Software for Windows.

OpenShot Video Editor

OpenShot Video Editor is a free and open source slow motion video editor software. The good part of this slow motion video maker is that it lets you make both forward and backward slow motion videos. The steps to slow down a video are quite simple.

Slow down a video in OpenShot Video Editor:

  • Open a video using File > Import Files option. The supported formats to import a video are MP4, AVI, MOV, MPEG, OGG, FLV, etc.
  • Drag the added video to its timeline.
  • Right-click on the video and go to Time > Slow option.
  • Now, you can either choose Backward or Forward option to create a slow motion video in desired direction. The video speed can be decreased up to 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, or 1/32 of the original speed, at a time.
  • The preview of slow motion video can be seen in the main window itself.
  • Go to File > Export Video to save the edited video in any of the supported video formats.

As it is a feature-rich video editor, you can use it to create a whole project with audio, video, and images while using editing tools like effects, transformation, transitions, etc.

Easy Video Maker

Easy Video Maker is a feature-rich video editor which can be used to slow down a video. You just have to follow few simple steps in order to convert a video into slow motion. Open a video file, drag it to the timeline, right-click on it, and click on Playback Speed Rate option. You can now either reduce video speed by 1/4 or 1/2 of the original speed or choose a custom value to slow it down. As simple as that.

To export the edited video, first, you can set the output parameters (video profile, size, frame rate, quality, output format, etc.) from Settings and then click on Render button.

It supports a good range of video formats like AVI, MP4, FLV, WMV, OGG, MKV, MOV, MPG, TS, ASF, 3GP, and more.

Easy Video Maker is an extremely easy-to-use slow motion video editor. Apart from that, you can make a video project with media files, rotate a video, resize a video, split a video, crop a video, add motion effects, and do more.

Free Speed Video

Free Speed Video is a dedicated software which is used to speed up or slow down a video. It is a straightforward slow motion video editor which even supports batch slow motion video editing. After importing the videos, enter the desired speed in decimal under the Speed field. To slow down a video by 10%, enter 0.9, or by 25%, enter 0.75, and so on. Similarly, you can also speed up videos by entering a value greater than 1.

There is a dedicated Preview button to see changes made to the speed of a video. Now, set up output parameters (format, bit rate, overlay quality) and click on Render button to save the video.

AVI, OGV, MP4, ASF, MKV, 3GP, FLV, and RM are some of the import formats supported by this video speed changer. As for exporting an edited video, apart from original video format, it supports MP4 and WMV formats only.


Avidemux is a simple slow motion video editor. Here are the steps required to change video speed and slow down a video:

  1. Open a video in any of the supported formats including FLV, AVI, MP4, MPG, MKV, etc.
  2. Choose a Video Output profile and click on Filters option from Video menu.
  3. Now from Transform menu, add Change FPS filter to active filter list by decreasing destination frame rate of the video. You can add the same filter multiple times to edit a video at the desired speed.
  4. To view the preview of the edited video, use Preview button from the same window.
  5. You can Save the video in slow motion in any of above mentioned formats.

Interlacing, Colors, Noise, Sharpness, Subtitles, OpenGL, and Miscellaneous are other editing menus you get in Avidemux. Using these menus, you can add filters/noise to a video, rotate/flip/resize videos, insert subtitles to a video, and more.

HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is another popular video editing software which can be used to slow down a video.

How to slow down a video in HitFilm Express:

  1. Reduce Video Speed: Open a video and drop it to the timeline present below. From the timeline, right-click on the video and go to Speed/Duration option. Enter the speed in percentage. You can enter any value less than 100 to slow down a video.
  2. Export Slow Motion Video: Go to Export > Export Settings and save the video in any of the supported formats. While exporting a video, you can customize output parameters including width, height, profile, frame rate, encoding, profile, etc.

While import video formats include MP4, AVI, MPEG, MOV, M2T, M2TS, MTS, MXF, DV, HDV, WMV, etc., supported output formats are limited to MP4, AVI, and Image Sequence.


Shotcut is another advanced video editor which facilitates you with a speed changing tool.

How To Change Video Speed and Slow Down a Video in Shotcut:

  1. After importing a video file, move to Properties tab. There you will find a Speed field. You just need to specify desired speed of video in decimals to slow it down. You can slow down a video by 10% by entering 0.9 value, 20% by entering 0.8 value, 30% by entering 0.7 value, and so on. The extended duration of the video after reducing its speed is also displayed in the same tab. The preview of edited video can be seen on the main interface itself.
  2. Go to File > Export Video to save the slow motion video. Also, customize other output parameters like format, resolution, aspect ratio, scan mode, etc.

It supports video formats including common ones (MP4, AVI, MPEG, WMV, MKV, etc.) as well as some device specific and other uncommon video formats.

Shotcut is a well known video editor. It provides many editing tools which you can checkout here > Shotcut.


Vidiot is another free slow motion video maker software. It lets you open a video file in MP4, FLV, MOV, MPEG, OGG, AVI, MKV, F4v, M4V, etc. formats. After that, as you click on the video on its timeline, you will see various editing options including Speed. Just use the slider to reduce the speed of the video. Other editing options are opacity, crop, rotation, scaling, video key frames, etc. You can also watch the preview of the video with changed speed.

To save the video in slow motion, you need to go to Sequence > Render settings and click on Ok & Render now option. This slow motion video editor lets you customize other output parameters like video codec, audio codec, video bit rate, audio bit rate, GOP size, etc. And also, it lets you edit video metadata like album, title, artist, author, performer, encoded by, language, publisher, etc.

Coming to the range of video formats supported by Vidiot, you can import or export videos in MP4, FLV, MOV, MPEG, OGG, AVI, MKV, F4v, M4V, etc. formats.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is yet another slow motion video maker in this list. The process to slow down a video is very simple. Import a video and drag it to the timeline. After that, right-click on the video and click on Change Clip Speed option. Now, just enter the speed in percentage to make a slow motion video. Any value between 10 to 100 will slow down a video from its original speed. To export the video, move to Deliver tab. There, you can edit resolution, output profile, output format, etc. video parameters.

Supported videos formats by DaVinci Resolve include MP4, DPX, MPEG, MOV, AVI, etc.

DaVinci Resolve is a good video editor. To know more about its editing tools, check here.


FFMPEG is a command based slow motion video editor software for Windows.

Slow down a video using a command:

Here is the simple command you need to use in order to slow down a video using FFMPEG:

    1. First and foremost, open the Command Prompt and navigate to downloaded FFMPEG folder.
    2. Second, type this syntax to reduce video speed: ffmpeg -i <input_video_with_path> -filter:v "setpts=2.0*PTS" <output_video_with_path>

In the above syntax, 2 is used to reduce the video speed by 2x. It doubled the video duration and thus, slowed down the video.

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