8 Best Free Truth Table Calculator Software For Windows

This article contains a list of Best Free Truth Table Calculator Software For Windows. These truth table solvers can be used to fetch truth tables corresponding to logic gates, boolean expressions, logical statements, and/or propositional formulae.

The logic gates truth table generator software in this list require you to design a logic circuit first. For this, you get essential components which include input and output (button, joystick, keyboard, LED, etc.), connector, and NAND, NOR, OR, AND, NOT, XOR, etc. gates. Some software need you to enter desired boolean expression (C=AB(A + B);), propositional logic ((A∧B)∧¬C), etc. logical expressions to get respective truth table. Overall, these truth table generators are fine at solving truth table problems and thus helping the learners.

Some of these are primarily logic gate simulator. So, you can also analyze and simulate logic circuits using these software.

My Favorite Truth Table Calculator:

Logic Friday is one of my favorite truth table generator for Windows. It lets you calculate truth table for both boolean expression and designed logic gates. Logisim is another desirable truth table solver as it provides a nice feature called Build Circuit. This features auto draws a gate diagram using the provided truth table.

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Logic Friday

Logic Friday is a free logic gate simulator software which can also be used as a logic gates truth table generator. Let’s see how.

Generate truth table from logic gates:

To generate a truth table corresponding to a logic gate, follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, you need to design a logic circuit using logic gates by using File > New > Gate diagram option.
  2. To design logic gates, it lets you insert input, output, connector, NAND, NOR, OR, and AND gates (up to 4 inputs), inverters, 2-input XOR, and a 2-input multiplexer. Just drag and drop the components to editing window and draw the desired gate diagram.
  3. As you finish designing logic gates, you need to click on Submit button. On doing so, it displays the truth table of the designed logic gate. It also shows corresponding output function.

You can also convert boolean expression to truth table using Logic Friday. How? Let’s checkout.

Generate truth table from boolean expression:

  1. Go to File > New > Logic Equation and enter a valid boolean expression. Remember, you need to write output first and then corresponding logic equation with inputs. And, the equation must terminate with a semicolon. For example, LOF=AB(A + B);(where LOF is the output and A and B are inputs).
  2. After writing the logical expression, press Enter or click on Submit option, the respective truth table will appear on its interface.

Other key features of this truth table calculator:

  • You can choose whether to show all rows or only true and don’t care ones in the truth table.
  • It lets you modify the truth table by adding outputs and get the corresponding logic equation.
  • In this truth table generator, you have the flexibility to export truth table in CSV format. Also, you can import truth tables in TXT and CSV formats.
  • You can save the gate diagram as EMF or BMP file or print it too.
  • It also displays sum of products, factored, product of sums, etc. equations.

In my opinion, Logic Friday is the best truth table generator software for Windows. It is extremely easy to use and is great at designing and simulating logic gates.


Logisim is a free and portable truth table calculator software for Windows.

To use Logisim as logic gates truth table generator, follow two simple steps:

  1. Design Logic Gates: To generate truth tables of logic gates, you need to design a logic gate first. To do so, it provides all necessary components at the left panel of the interface. From there, you can add input (button, joystick, keyboard, etc.), output (LED, hex digit display, etc.), wiring (splitter, probe, pin, tunnel, etc.), and gates (AND, OR, XOR, XNOR, NOR, etc.) components to design a logic circuit.
  2. Generate Truth Table: To get the corresponding truth table, click on Project menu > Analyze Circuit option. A new Combinational Analysis window will popup where you will find different tabs. One of these tabs is Table where you can view the truth table of the designed circuit with its inputs and outputs. Other tabs show inputs, outputs, boolean expressions, and minimized boolean expression (SOP or POS form).

So, this is how you can simply generate a truth table of a designed logic gate. Now, there is another way to generate truth table from boolean expression using this freeware. Let’s check out the steps for the same:

  • Open new project and click on Analyze Circuit option from Project menu. In the same “Combinational Analysis” window, you need to add desired number of inputs and outputs in their respective tabs.
  • After that, you need to enter a boolean expression by choosing an output function and adding logical equation with previously declared inputs. As you do that, you will be able to see the truth table for the entered boolean expression in Table tab.
  • There is also a “Build Circuit” option which autogenerates a gate diagram for the generated truth table.

Likewise, you can even edit the truth table by setting up different values (0, 1, or don’t care) for each output and get the corresponding boolean expressions.

Logisim is one of my favorite truth table solver as it has so many desirable features. And also, as it is a portable software, you can use it on the go.

Logic Calculator

Logic Calculator is a free, portable truth table generator for logic formulas i.e. propositional formula. The main interface of this freeware contains all prime tools and options. Hence, you don’t have to juggle between too many menus to get desired output. It provides various modes to get respective truth table.

  • Logic Formula Evaluator: Enable this mode and then enter the propositional expression with variables and operators in the given text box. The variables and operators are provided on the main interface. As operators, you can add conjunction (AND), disjunction (OR), negation (NOT), left par and right par (parentheses), implications, and equality. To find truth tables for logic gates, simply use expression with respective operators. For example, if you want the truth table for NAND gate having 2 inputs, you need to enter following logic formula: (A∧B)¬ Similarly, you can add other propositional logics using given input tools. After that, you need to click on the option highlighted in Red in above screenshot. As you click on it, you will see different options including process, process one interpretation, rank value for truth table, etc. Click on process option to get full truth table of entered logic formula. The truth table is displayed in output tab below its interface. There is a debug tab too to display initialization time, end time, etc.
  • Logic Entailment: This is the logic deduction mode where you get all operators including conjunction, disjunction, negation, left par and right par (parentheses), implications, equality, deduction, and formula separator. Just add the formula and get the respective truth table in output tab.

It also provides an FNC/FND Converter which is a normal form converter. It displays output including well formed formula, disjunctive normal form, and conjunctive normal form.

It provides some examples of logic formulae having 2, 5, 20, etc. variables. You can use these examples and modify them accordingly.

Logic Calculator is another good truth table solver software. It allows up to 34 variables as per its guidelines.

Logical Circuit

Logical Circuit is a very simple truth table calculator software. To find the truth table for a logic gate, all you need to do is design a circuit using logic gates and click on Truth Table option from Circuit menu.

To design a circuit, you get all essential tools including input and output (pin, button, constant, sensor, clock, LED, LED matrix, splitter, graphics array, buzzer, probe, etc.), logic gates, and memory components. You can use text notes to create an elaborated gate diagram. A maximum of 18 inputs can be added to a particular logic gate. After creating the gate diagram, simply click on Circuit menu > Truth Table option. You will see the complete truth table of the designed logic gate. It lets you apply filters to display a particular set of results, e.g. rows having output 1, etc.

It is basically a logic gate simulator. So, you can design and analyze a logical circuit using it.


Logicheck is a simple software to generate truth table using logical expressions. You can do so in few simple steps:

  1. In the given space, type logical expression using operators including conjunction (AND), disjunction (OR), negation (NOT), exclusive disjunction (XOR), biconditional, and conditional.
  2. After that, click on Add button to add the logical expression to the interface.
  3. Now, simply click on show truth table button to see the respective truth table.

While typing logical expression, if there is an error in syntax, it displays the error at the bottom of the interface so that you can correct it. Also, the syntaxes to add expressions are provided in its help menu. Hence, you will not find any difficulty using this software.

It provides a conclude command for arguments having premises and conclusions.

Note: Even though the software works fine at what it does, but it crashed at few instances like when you add multiple expressions to its interface, etc.


LogicCalculus is a basic truth table solver software for Windows. You need to add terms and then logic expression to them and get the respective truth table. To add logic expressions, you get required operators, including and, or, implication, and not. If there is an error in the added expression, it is shown in a section below. An example of a logical expression is: (A∧B)∧¬C

As you enter the logical expression, the truth table is displayed in real time. The truth table can be saved in its own format (.lcs).

It is the simplest software to convert boolean expression to truth table.

Simple Solver

Simple Solver is a yet another free truth table calculator which converts boolean expression to truth table. You just need to enter the logic equation in the input window and click on Go button. The respective truth table will appear in the output window.

If you are having trouble in understanding the format of boolean equation used in this software, you can use some built-in examples from Examples menu. As you import an example file of boolean expression, you will be able to modify it manually. A debugger is also provided in this software which checks entered equations and returns errors (if any) in the output window.

Overall, it is a decent truth table generator software.

Venn Diagrams

Venn Diagrams, as the name suggests, is a free Venn diagram visualizer software. Along with Venn diagram, it also displays truth table corresponding to logical statements. To add logical statements, it provides only four variables as input and few symbols like universe, empty set, parentheses, compliment, intersect, union, etc. After adding a logical statement, you need to click on Render button to see respective truth table and Venn diagram. As simple as that.

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