8 Best Free Universal File Viewer Software For Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Universal File Viewer Software For Windows. These software let you open and view files of multiple types and format in one place. All of these support file types including documents, spreadsheets, images, audio and video, web pages, code files, SRT subtitles, VCard files, Torrent, Apple Pages, E-Mail messages, Outlook messages, Google Earth files, Open Office, etc. You can view files of formats including TXT, DOCS, PDF, XLS, CSV, GIF, PNG, JPEG, PDF, MP3, MP4, AVI, MPG, etc.

To enhance the viewing experience, these universal file openers provide options like zoom in/out, rotate, next/previous/page, find a text, etc. In some of these, you can even edit a file and save it in a related file format. Additionally, a few of these provide a Hex Editor tool too. Most of these also provide copy, paste, print, view file info, etc. features.

My Favorite Universal File Viewer Software For Windows:

Universal Viewer is one of my favorite universal file viewer. It lets you view as well as edit and save files too. Open Freely is also a considerably good universal file viewer.

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Universal Viewer

Universal Viewer, as the name implies, is a free universal file viewer. It supports a wide range of file types to open and view in it. As per its official website, it supports TXT, DOCS, PDF, XLS, CSV, GIF, PNG, JPEG, PDF, MP3, MP4, AVI, MPG, and many more formats. It lets you view a file using full screen, fit to screen, zoom in/out, search, etc. options. From its Edit menu, you can copy content from currently opened file to a new file and save that file in a supported format.

It provides different view modes to open a file including text, binary, hex, image/multimedia, Unicode, MS Office, etc. It automatically opens a file in an appropriate mode. But, you can toggle between any of supported modes to view a file. It supports plugins to view more formats. You can configure plugins from the Options menu.

From View menu, you can customize filetype appearance. For example, for a Text file, you get options including Word Wrap, Encoding, Non-Printable Character, etc. For an image, you can customize preferences like Show Exif, Image Effect (rotate, flip, grayscale, negative), etc.

It is a portable universal file viewer.

Open Freely

Open Freely is a nice universal file viewer for Windows. Here are the files it lets you open and view:

  • Microsoft Word Templates, Microsoft Works Files, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel.
  • Text Files, Code Files, Comma-separated, Open XML Paper, Compressed Files, XML files, Rich Text Format.
  • Photoshop Documents, PDF Documents.
  • Pictures, RAW Images, Icons, Media Files, Flash Animations.
  • SRT Subtitles, VCard Files, Torrent, Apple Pages, E-Mail Messages, Web Pages, WordPerfect Files, Outlook messages, Google Earth Files, Open Office.

Let’s have a look at the features of this universal file opener:

  • From the toolbar itself, you can open, refresh, save, copy, paste, zoom in/out, print, find, or go to next/previous page to view a file.
  • It lets you edit opened file with Hex Editor.
  • You can save a file in a supported format as per the filetype. For example, an image file can be saved in jpeg, png, gif, bmp, or tiff format.
  • You can view general file information too.

Free Viewer

Free Viewer is one more universal file viewer for Windows. It lets you open and view files of different formats. These include Compressed files, Code Files, XML files, Rich Text Format Documents, Media Files, Pictures, Apple Pages, Open Office, Microsoft Word Templates, Text files, WordPerfect Files, Outlook Messages, Microsoft PowerPoint, Flash animations, Open XML, Paper Documents, Web pages, Photoshop Documents, Microsoft Excel Documents, Comma-separated files, PDF, Documents, Microsoft Works Files, E-Mail Messages, and more. Additionally, it supports Google Earth Files, SRT Subtitles, VCard Files, Windows PE modules, Torrent, Icons, etc.

Let’s discuss the key features of this universal file opener:

  • It provides basic view options including Zoom In/Out, Find, and Next/Previous Page. You can view basic information of opened file.
  • It also lets you edit the opened file by using copy and paste method or using keyboard. For an image file, you get some more options like rotate, resize, crop, greyscale, blur, sepia, and brightness/contrast. It provides a Hex Editor tool too.
  • After editing, you can save a file in its relative file format.
  • Apart from above options, you get Print, File Information, File Association customization, etc. options too.

File Viewer Lite

File Viewer Lite is a free universal file viewer for Windows. This one too lets you view files of different types and formats, such as documents, media files, etc. To be specific, it supports Text files, PDF documents, Spreadsheet files, Audio/Video files, Image files, Camera Raw files, Archive, Emails, Source Code, and many more. As written on its official website, it can view over 100 file formats which is quite large.

When you open a file, it is displayed with its metadata. You can customize preferences such as show/hide info panel, zoom in/out, full screen, rotate, etc. You can view a file in Native, Text, Hex, or Icon mode.

It provides a dedicated Image menu to let you make adjustments to an image to enhance viewing experience. For example, customize brightness, gamma, contrast, sharpen, greyscale, remove red-eye, rotate, resize, add shadow, effects (blur, edges, emboss, high pass, low pass), etc.

All in all, its a very nice universal file opener with easy GUI.

Note: This free version contains some feature restrictions. You can use all of its features only by purchasing it. For more information, please visit its homepage given below.

Free File Viewer

Free File Viewer is the next universal file viewer in this list. It lets you view files of different types and formats in one place. Talking about supported file types, you can view Data file, Microsoft Word document, Flash video file, Image file, Animation file, Music file, Video file, PDF document, Photoshop Document, Text file, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, etc. To view a complete list of supported file formats, check here.

To view a file, you can use tools like zoom in/out, rotate, navigation, find text, etc. Apart from viewing a file, you can select a text and copy it to clipboard. It also lets you choose Encoding such as ANSI, Greek, Western European, etc.

It is a simple universal file opener with basic functionalities.

Free Opener

Free Opener is another alternative to view files of different types and formats in one software. Its supported format include code files, web pages, Photoshop documents, images, XML files, PPT, media files, MS Word, SRT file, raw images, Torrent files, flash animation, Outlook message, PDF, VCard, etc. You can only view these files but cannot edit them. It provides only two options namely Find and Copy. You can print the file too. It lets you change the interface appearance by choosing a desired theme. That’s all. It doesn’t provide any other feature.

Docs Opener

Docs Opener is yet another universal file viewer for Windows. Even though its name suggests that it can view document files only, it supports many other file types. Let’s have a look at the files it lets you open and view.
  • LOC Files (*.loc), LUA Files (*.lua), M3U Files, MANIFEST Files (*.manifest), MODD Files (*.modd), MPL Files (*.mPl), NET Files (*.net), NEW Files (*.new), OPML Files (*.opml), PHP Files (*.php), PL Files (*.pl), PLAYLIST Files (*.playlist), PLF Files (*.ple), PLIST Files (*.PLT), PPD Files (*.ppd), PPP Files (*.PPP), PPT Files (*.ppt), PPTX Files (*.pptx). You can customize file associations using Edit > Preferences option.

Apart from viewing a file, you can select and copy text from the file. Also, you can directly print the opened file.

It is a basic universal file opener.

Open File Viewer

Open File Viewer is a free universal file viewer app for Windows 10. It also lets you view multiple files of different formats. You can open and view images, watch videos, listen to audio files, view Office and PDF documents, spreadsheets and charts, compressed files, etc. You can open files in Binary/ASCII format. It lets you zoom in/out a file. That’s it.

Note: It is an ad-supported app which keeps on displaying ads on the interface.

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