4 Free ZIP Password Unlocker Android Apps

Here is a list of 4 free ZIP password unlocker Android apps. ZIP is an archive file format that contains multiple files and folders into a single compressed file. There are two types of password-protected ZIP files. ZIP files that just have a simple password to open the file and extract the content. And, ZIP files that are encrypted with a password.

It is not possible to unlock an encrypted ZIP file without knowing the correct password. However, ZIP files that are not encrypted but yet have the password can be unlocked.

The apps covered in this list can help you open both types of password-protected files. There are apps that can directly open ZIP files and extract content. For encrypted ZIP files, there are apps that can try to find the correct password in order to decrypt the file and unlock the content.

My Favorite ZIP Password Unlocker App

Zip File Extractor Without Password is my favorite ZIP password unlocker app on this list. This is one of the simple-to-use apps that can extract and create archive files. It can open and extract the content of password-protected ZIP files. But it won’t work for ZIP files that are encrypted. If a ZIP is just password-protected, this app can unlock the password. The only downside of this app is ads. You have to pass through multi-levels of ads to use the app.

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Zip File Extractor Without Password

Zip File Extractor Without Password is a free Android app to unlock ZIP files. It is a simple app with a single purpose of extracting ZIP files. The app can extract both, ZIP files that are password protected and ZIP files that are not. This only works with ZIP files that have passwords without any type of encryption.

Note: This app has fullscreen ads that can be hard to pass through. If that’s the case with you too, I recommend disabling the internet before using this app.

How to unlock ZIP Password using this app?

  • Open the app and cross the fullscreen ad.
  • Tap on the “Play” button and browse the ZIP file that you want to extract.
  • Tap on the ZIP file and select where you want to extract it.
  • Click “OK” to unlock the password and extract the data from the ZIP file.


  • Decompress password-protected archives
  • Compress files and create archives
  • Extract split archives

ZIP Password Cracker

Zip Password Cracker is another free Android app that can unlock ZIP passwords. This app uses the Dictionary Attack method to find out the password of the ZIP. The Dictionary Attack method tries thousands or millions of likely possibilities such as words in a dictionary or previously used passwords, etc. This ZIP unlocks strategy limits this app to ZIP files with dictionary passwords. If a file has random letters or other combinations, it won’t work.

How to unlock ZIP Password using this app?

  • Open the app and tap on the “Select File” button.
  • Add the ZIP file that you want to unlock.
  • Tap on the “Start” button to get the password and unlock the file.


  • Unlock ZIP file password
  • Use Dictionary Attack method to reveal the password

Reg Zip Password Finder

Reg Zip Password Finder is a free ZIP unlock password unlocker Android app. It is a password recovery tool for ZIP files. This app is useful when you know the structure of the password but are doubtful about some characters. For example, the word “zone” can be used as z0ne, zon3, etc. In such cases, this app can help you to find the correction combination.

How to unlock ZIP Password using this app?

  • Open this app and choose the ZIP file that you want to unlock.
  • On the next screen, enter the password sample.
  • Read the instruction if you want to exclude any letter or number.
  • Run the app, to find 4 to 36 passwords.
  • Try those passwords to unlock the ZIP file.

Password Cracker

Password Cracker is a free Android app that you can use to check the strength of passwords. If you want to lock a ZIP with a password then you check how long it will take to crack your password. This app tests the password strength against brute force attck.

How to Check ZIP Password using this App?

  • Open the app and enter the password that you want to test.
  • Set the password criteria as per your test suit.
  • Get the test results and know your password strength.

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