Best Free HTML to Kindle Converter Software for Windows

Here is a list of HTML to Kindle Converter Software for Windows. Using these free software, you can easily convert eBooks from HTML to Kindle formats. These mainly support AZW, AZW3, and KFX Kindle eBook formats. You can also convert HTML eBooks to MOBI, PDF, PRC, TXT, RTF, DOCX, and more formats. Some software also support a lot of eBook devices in order to make your eBooks compatible with specific devices such as Amazon, Sony, Nook, Apple, etc.

Most of these converter software support batch eBook conversion. So, you can import multiple HTML eBooks and convert them all to Kindle format at once. The conversion steps are very easy in all software, still you can checkout the software description to know the exact conversion steps. Additionally, one of these software provides you additional features including eBook editor, eBook metadata editor, download eBooks, read eBooks, and many more. Go through the list to know more about these HTML to Kindle converters.

My Favorite Free HTML to Kindle Converter Software for Windows:

calibre is my favorite on this list. Along with HTML to Kindle converter, it offers many more eBook tools that may come in handy. It lets you read eBooks, edit eBooks, download eBooks from multiple online book stores, and do more. Plus, you can edit various parameters of input HTML eBooks before conversion.

You can also check out lists of best free MOBI to Kindle ConverterMOBI to EPUB Converter, and EPUB To AZW3 Converter software for Windows.


calibre is a free open source HTML to Kindle converter software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It lets you convert your eBooks including HTML to AZW3 and KFX. The good part is that it supports batch eBook conversion. Hence, you can convert multiple HTML eBooks to Kindle format at once. Besides these formats, it supports a wide number of eBook formats including MOBI, EPUB, PDF, RTF, FB2, PDB, DOCX, etc.

This software is an eBook utility suite. You can find a batch eBook converter in it along with multiple other tools, e.g., eBook reader, eBook editor, bulk metadata editor, book cover editor, eBook library manager, and some more.

How to convert HTML to Kindle in calibre:

  • Firstly, use its Add book button to browse and import one or more HTML eBooks to it. And then, select the HTML books that you need to convert.
  • Now, click the Convert Books button to open up its conversion window.
  • Next, select the output format to any of the Kindle supported format (AZW3/ KFX).
  • After that, you can customize a lot of output parameters such as metadata, book cover, look & feel, layout, styling, fonts, page setup, table of content, etc.
  • Finally, click the Convert button to start batch HTML to Kindle conversion process.

Additional Features:

  • Get Books: It lets you download eBooks from multiple stores.
  • Fetch News: This is an additional handy feature that you can use to download and save world news in eBooks.


It is one of the best eBook management software that also provides an HTML to Kindle converter feature.


Epubor is another free HTML to Kindle converter for Windows. It is primarily an eBook converter that supports a wide number of input and output eBook formats including various Kindle formats. You can easily input HTML eBooks to it and convert them to AZW3 format. Besides that, you can also convert eBooks to various devices specific formats including Nook readers, Sony eReader, Amazon Devices, Apple Devices, etc.

The process of conversion is very simple in this software. Let’s checkout how you can convert HTML to Kindle i.e., AZW3 format.

How to convert HTML to Kindle in Epubor:

  • Firstly, add one or more HTML eBook files or drag and drop HTML files to its interface.
  • Now, go to conversion format menu and select Common eBook > AZW3 format.
  • At last, click the Convert to AZW3 button to start HTML to Kindle conversion.


It is a nice batch eBook converter that enables you to convert HTML to Kindle and many other common eBook formats as well as device specific formats.

Any eBook Converter

Any eBook Converter is one more free HTML to Kindle converter software for Windows. Using it, you can convert HTML to Mobi, AZW3, and KFX. You can also convert eBooks to EPUB, PDB, LRF, FB2, AZW, and some other formats. The steps of conversion are pretty easy to use. Let’s checkout.

How to convert HTML to Kindle in Any eBook Converter:

  • First, import an eBook in HTML format using its Add eBook button.
  • Now, from Convert to menu, you can choose any of the Kindle formats including To AZW3 and To KFX formats.
  • At last, specify the output location and hit the Convert button to start the conversion process.


In its free version, you can’t batch convert eBooks.


It is another handy eBook converter that lets you convert HTML to various Kindle formats including AZW3 and KFX.

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