4 Best Free eBook Downloader Software for Windows

Here is a list of Best Free eBook Downloader Software for Windows. These are the free software that let you search and download eBook from a variety of online eBook stores. Some of the supported eBook stores in these are Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, ManyBooks, Google Books, Feedbooks, MobileRead, Archive.org, Baen Ebooks, and more. You can easily enter a book name or author or any other information and search for related eBooks. Later, you can download an eBook if it is free or shop a book if it is a paid one.

Most of these let you save downloaded eBooks in their own inbuilt libraries. Although, one software also lets you download and save an eBook to your local device. Some software provide an additional feature to let you save eBooks to OneDrive or Dropbox. Not just downloading, you can also read a downloaded book in these software. All essential features to properly read eBooks are provided in them, such as theme, font, color, zoom in/ out, page navigation, margin, full-screen mode, and more.

Additionally, some extra features including bulk metadata editor, edit eBooks, eBook library synchronizer, and more are also present in some software. In general, these are really useful software to download and read eBooks on the desktop.

My Favorite Free eBook Downloader Software for Windows:

calibre is my favorite eBook downloader as you can download eBooks to your local device using it. Also, you can find a lot of additional features in it. Plus, you can organize your eBook library as you want.

Kobo Desktop is another good one. It is a beautifully designed software that lets you download your favorite eBooks without much hassle.

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calibre is a free open source eBook downloader software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This software is specially designed for eBook lovers to organize, read, edit, and manage their eBooks in one place. You can even download various eBooks from different stored using it. The good thing is that you can save a downloaded eBook locally so that you can read it in any external software or device. Let us now have a look at its eBook downloader feature.

Main Features:

  • Get Books: This is the feature that lets you download your favorite eBooks from multiple sources. You can choose a specific store to get your eBooks from. It supports a variety of eBook stores that include Amazon Kindle, Google Books, Feedbooks, MobileRead, Smashwords, Archive.org, Baen Ebooks, Ebookpoint, Kobo, Legimi, and many more. To search and download eBooks, you can enter the author’s name or book title. It downloads eBooks in popular formats including EPUB, PDF, MOBI, etc.
  • Reader: You can easily open and read downloaded eBooks in its inbuilt eBook reader. All essential tools to read book are provided in it such as Zoom In/ Out, Page Navigation ButtonsTable Of Contents, BookmarkShow MetadataFull-Screen, etc.
  • Converter: It lest you bulk convert downloaded or other locally saved eBooks from one format to another.

Additional Features:

  • Metadata Editor: It allows you to batch edit book metadata including book cover, title, author, and more information.
  • Fetch News: You can download world news and save it in eBook file.
  • Edit Book: It provides a feature to let you edit content of EPUB and AZW3 books.


It is one of the best yet easy to use eBook downloader that provides you a variety of useful eBook features.

Kobo Desktop

Kobo Desktop is another free eBook downloader software for Windows. Using it, you can download or purchase eBooks from its own bookstore. You can read the downloaded books in this software only. There is no option to save your eBooks locally or read them in any external eBook reader. You can search, download, and read eBooks within Kobo. It lets you properly organize and manage your eBooks in a different section. Let us checkout its main features in detail.

Main Features:

  • Shop Kobo: It is the dedicated section to browse, search, download, and buy eBooks. You can find eBooks by their title, ISBN, author, or series name. It also lets you browse eBooks in different categories including fiction, romance, suspense, kids, finance, etc. You can also view and shop trending books, free books, new releases, bestsellers, etc. It also lets you create a wishlist of your eBooks that you want to download or purchase later.
  • My Books: Here, you can view and manage all your downloaded eBooks. It lets you view eBook information, mark an eBook as read or unread, start reading a book, and remove a book from your library. It supports EPUB book format to download eBooks.
  • EReader Setup: You can set up a lot of reading preferences to read eBooks such as alignment, margin, line spacing, theme, text size, etc.


It is a very nice and easy to use eBook downloader using which you can download free eBook, shop paid ones, and read your book without much hassle.


FBReader is yet another free alternative to eBook downloader for Windows. As its name suggests, it is a multi-platform eBook reader that supports a good range of eBook formats e.g., FB2, EPUB, MOBI, RTF, HTML, TXT, etc. Besides that, you can also search eBooks from multiple online eBook libraries such as Feedbooks, Smashwords, Manybooks, etc. It offers a lot more nice features that you can look forward to. Let’s check them out.

Main Features:

  • Search in Network Library: Using this feature, you can search supported network libraries eBook for a particular eBook by its name or author. After that, you can download or purchase the searched eBook and it will be added to its inbuilt library from where you can read eBook.
  • Reader: It lets you read eBooks and provides you all the necessary features to view book content. For example, page navigation, color, font options, page turning animation, dictionaries, etc.
  • Synchronize: You can synchronize your book collection across multiple eBook devices.


It is a great eBook reader that also provides eBook downloader feature to download eBooks from some popular eBook websites.


Freda is one more free eBook downloader for Windows 10 and Android. It is primarily an eBook reader that lets you read EPUB, HTML, FB2, and TXT eBooks. Apart from that, it also offers integration with multiple online eBook sources including Smashwords, Gutenberg, Feedbooks, etc. So, you can download eBooks from these sources and then read downloaded books in it. There are many more features that it provides; let’s have a look.

Main Features:

  • You can save your downloaded books to your online drives including OneDrive and Dropbox.
  • It also lets you synchronize and link with your calibre library to fetch and read eBooks from there.
  • A bookshelf section is provided for you to maintain all your eBooks in one place.
  • It lets you customize reading settings that include font, colors, etc. In addition, it offers dyslexic friendly settings for those who are suffering from Dyslexia disorder.


It is a simple app to download and read eBooks from a few predefined sources. You can also upload and read locally saved eBook in supported formats.

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