11 Best Free DjVu Viewer Software For Windows

Here are 11 best free DjVu viewer software. These DjVu viewer software let you view or read .DJVU files easily. All these DjVu viewer/reader programs are available free to download for your Windows PC. Files are comparatively smaller than PDF in this format. These have various features, like: view the contents of DjVu files in full screen mode, can export page(s) from DjVu files to other common graphic formats including JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIF etc., can zoom in or zoom out the documents, can export selectable text to TXT format, some let you export the DjVu document in PDF format, some can open other file formats; such as PDF, EPS, PS etc., show thumbnails of all the pages, rotate pages in the documents, lets you find and highlight searched words, some are available as single executable in portable version, and more.

You can also try these best free PDF Reader, PDF Printers and File Explorers software.

Here are the Best Free DjVu Viewer Software for Windows:

STDU Viewer

STDU Viewer is a versatile document viewer. It supports various document formats including DjVu. It has a simple and user friendly interface. It has a thumbnails pane in the left side of its interface. You can easily browse the multipage DjVu file by using it. You can export all or selected pages from DjVu file to BMP, GIF, JPEG, or PNG format. You can open multiple files in tab and you can adjust the brightness, contrast, and gamma of the viewing file. The program is free for non-commercial use. It is available in portable version too.

DjVu Viewer

DjVu Viewer is a simple and small .DjVu file reader software. It lets you open and view DjVu format files. It shows the thumbnails of all the pages in the document so you can easily browse the document. You can zoom in and zoom out in the document. You can also export the images to other image formats individually or in a batch mode. Supported exporting formats includes JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and TIFF.

Sumatra PDF

Sumatra PDF is a multi-type document reader. Supports DjVu file format and others including PDF, CHM, CBR, CBZ etc. The display quality of documents are very good when using it to open them. It is available in single executable portable version as well as in installable format. You can use various common functions like zoom in, zoom out, find, go to page directly, add pages to favorite etc. for easy browsing.


WinDjView is a simple and easy to use DjVu file viewer or reader. It has various features like opening of multiple files in tabs, multi page views, zoom in, zoom out, hand tool, select tool etc. You can rotate the pages of your DjVu file. The files can be viewed in full screen mode also. You can export the text from a DjVu document to TXT format by using “Export Text” command from File menu.


DjVuLibre is a nice program for viewing and reading DjVu files. It has various useful features. It lets you export the DjVu document to other formats such as PDF, TIF, PS, EPS, BMP, JPEG, ICO, JPG, PNG, PPM, XBM etc. Further you can set the PDF quality before exporting. It has thumbnails, outline and find tab in the left side of its interface for easy browsing.


IrfanView is a very useful graphic viewer for Windows. It can be used to view many common and not so common graphic file formats. DjVu format is also supported by IrfanView with the help of its plugins. You can open easily multipage DjVu document with it. If you want to save the pages in other common image formats like JPG, BMP, PNG, RAW, TIF etc.; you can do this easily by using it.

Universal Viewer

Universal Viewer is a multi-format file viewer and opener. It supports DjVu file format also. You can open and read these files also. The program comes in installer as well as portable version. It has various free modes and it automatically changes to corresponding mode when opening specific file type. You can view the DjVu files in full screen mode also.


Evince is a free document viewer and it supports various document formats. You can open and view DjVu files also with it. Other supported formats includes: PDF, PS, TIFF etc. It has various zoom levels from 50% to 400%. You can use find feature also to find the specific text in the document and it highlights the found results. You can open multiple instances of this program.


SE-Explorer is actually a free file manager for Windows and it also lets you view the DjVu files. It has a simple user interface. To view the DjVu file browse it by using its explorer and right click on it and choose “Document View” from the View context menu. You can open multiple files in multiple tabs. You can also zoom in and zoom out your documents. It has other various useful explorer features also. Available in portable version also.


Okular is a free and easy to use universal document viewer. It is a multi-platform documents viewer including Windows. You can view easily DjVu documents with the help of it. Other formats it can open includes: PDF, EPS, PS, E-Book etc. You can use bookmark feature for easy navigation in documents. It has various useful viewing features including zoom in, zoom out, next, previous etc. The program’s setup is in Spanish but after installing it has a user interface in English.

DjVu Browser Plug-in

DjVu Browser Plug-in is a free plugin that lets you view DjVu files on popular web browsers. Supported web browsers includes: Internet Explorer 8 or later, Google Chrome 34 or later, Mozilla Firefox 27 or later, Opera 19 or later. You can rotate pages of your DjVu files to left or right. It has a show/hide thumbnail button also on its toolbar. It is easy to use your web browser to view DjVu files. It has other viewing options too for better viewing the documents.

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