6 Best Free Human Resource Management Software

Here is a list of Best Free Human Resource Management Software. These human resource management programs let you manage employee data easily. These save a lot of time and paper work by providing a fast, secure, and convenient solution for the HR Management work. Most of these programs can be installed on your server, and can be accessed via browser. So, employees throughout the organization can access free HRMS software online. As a free human capital management software, these let you maintain limited number of employees records. Time and Attendance tracking, Leave management, employee info management, various types of employees related Reports, Training history, Qualifications etc. are example of records that these HRMS support.

My favorite free Human Resource Management Software is:

In my opinion, OrangeHRM is a good program as it is quite feature rich. The open source version supports unlimited employees, and provides almost all the features that a good HRMS software should have. Frankly, I am surprised that it is free.

You can also try these best free Time Management Software, Money Management Software, and Payroll Management Software.

Here are the Best Free Human Resource Management Software:


OrangeHRM is a free Open Source HRMS software that you can install on your server, and all your employees can access it online. It is PHP/MySQL based. This is one of the best free HRMS software out there, and as I mentioned in the beginning, I am surprised that it is free (to be fair, it does have paid plans as well, but the free itself is pretty good). It comes with almost all the modules that you would expect from a good HRMS software. Following are the modules that are available in it:

  • System Administration: The System Administration module provides centralized control to HR Manager to carry out basic HR functions.
  • Personnel Information Management (PIM): Gives the ability to easily and productively store and utilize all of your employee information from a centralized employee database.
  • Leave /Time off Management: This module enables online processing of leave requests and approval for leave related procedures.
  • Time & Attendance Management: This module eliminates paperwork and manual management of attendance and automates timekeeping related processes.
  • Recruitment: This module streamlines HR professional’s applicant tracking process for hiring new people.
  • Performance: This module simplifies the business expectations of job performance through employment reviews and self-assessments.
  • Employee Self Service: This module provides employees access to relevant information online, without the need of HR staff.
  • Dashboard: This module integrates information from multiple modules into one place providing user-friendly interface.

Almost every module of this human resource software has search feature. In addition to being feature rich, it is also quite easy to use. It gives you admin part, where you can setup various employees, store data of the employees, and provide relevant access to employees. Once you have this free Human Resources software installed, your HR management will become pretty easy. This will provide you a centralized place where you can track leaves, time worked, appraisals, payroll management, and more. All in all, this has everything that you need, and then some.


HRtrack is a HR Management software which lets you track up to 10 employees for free. The program is simple Windows based application. It has a setup wizard which lets you configure the software for your small company in less than 5 minutes. It lets you streamline your employee administration tasks and save you from lots of paperwork so you can easily organize your employee records. All the data regarding training, education, performance, vacations, absenteeism, benefits, etc. is in one place and is easily accessible. Below are the modules of this Human Resource Management Software:

  • Performance and Discipline
  • Training and Education
  • Absenteeism and Vacation
  • Reports

It also has the ability to enter calendar items into MS Outlook automatically. You can choose from base list of departments or add your own. Photos of the employees can also be added to the database. You can create backup of your company from File menu of this free HRMS software. As a security measure, it saves it in ZIP format with password. Various types of reports can be generated as per need.

Ozosoft HRM

Ozosoft HRM is a free human resource management software which lets you store the HR information of the employees. The program is suitable for any small or medium sized company. It saves a lot of time of HR managers by providing all the information of employees at one location. You can manage personal information as well as track assignments of each person. It also saves a lot of paperwork. The program offers various modules, like:

  • Personal Information Management (PIM)
  • Vacation and leave tracking
  • Time and Attendance tracking
  • Reports and Report Designer
  • Training history and qualifications
  • Certificates and Awards
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

By providing these features, it reduces time spent on administration and also organizes the employees’ records in an easy manner.


Sentrifugo is a Free, feature Rich and easy to use Human Resource Management System. The program is powerful and is good for small & medium size enterprises. The program has intuitive user interface and is easy to configure. It is PHP/MySQL based. It has various modules for employee management, like:

  • Performance Appraisals
  • Resource Requisition
  • Background Checks
  • Service Request
  • Analytics.

You can manage these modules by selecting or de-selecting. It has a Feed Forward function in Performance Appraisals module, which lets you configure questions to evaluate managers’ performance, thus optimizing productivity. It also has a Dashboard that saves time by providing shortcuts of important tasks at one place. Up to 16 shortcuts can be configured for daily/frequent uses.


ICE Hrm is a well-known Human Resource Management System. It is suitable for small and medium sized organizations. This is also PHP / MySQL based. Configure ICE Hrm on your server and verify the Instance Key by login in as user: admin and password: admin on the main screen. Manual installation guide can be found here.  The program has various modules for managing employee resources. In its free version, you can manage up to 10 employees and various modules are available. Modules available in free version are:

  • Company Information Management
  • Basic Employee Management
  • Leave/Paid time off Management
  • Timesheets
  • Attendance Management
  • Document Management
  • Travel Management

Various types of reports can be generated like: Employee Details Report, Employee Leaves Report, Employee Time Entry Report, Employee Attendance Report, Employee Time Tracking Report etc. For e.g. only allowed users can make an entry in a time sheet for a selected period. The system is highly customizable and is easy to understand.


Jorani is a PHP/MySQL based HR Management system. It lets you maintain employees Leave data, Overtime, and other details easily. Start the Apache and MySQL server and load the Jorani from localhost in your web browser. Configure it according to supplied readme/install file and start using it.

Some of its main features are:

  • Online documentation.
  • User management.
  • Notifications by e-mail (for requested, accepted, rejected leaves and new user).
  • Overtime request approval workflow.
  • Leave report (filtered by department).
  • Export to Excel.
  • Users with HR rights can edit any leave or overtime request.
  • Calendars of leaves (individual, teams, collaborators, etc.).
  • Available in English, French, Spanish and Dutch.
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