10 Best Free Poster Maker Software

Here are some of the best free poster maker software for Windows and other platforms. You can use these software to make your own posters and showcase your work. These poster maker freeware can be used to create posters for making an announcement, product releases, etc. The main purpose of posters is to make your work visually appealing and catchy. In this article, 10 best poster makers are listed which have a lot of editing options. These poster makers support almost all famous image formats, such as: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc.

My Favorite Poster Maker:

Picasa: It is one of the best photo editor and viewer, owned by Google. It has a separate option to make high quality posters. It provides various tools for poster effects: film grain, tint, saturation, black and white, soften, etc. You can also add text, drop shadow, CinemaScope, etc. to your posters.

You can also take a look at the list of Online Poster Maker, Online Logo Maker, and Online Icon Maker .

Here are the Best Free Poster Maker Software for Windows:


PhotoFiltre is free a poster maker for Windows, with an intuitive user interface, and is absolutely free to use. You can make your own poster by applying different adjustments and filters, like: blur, sharpen, flatten, noise, artistic, curve, etc. The toolbar gives you quick access to the filters, and other image adjustment tools. You can add text and different shapes, like: triangle, rhombus, circle, etc. It also lets you customize the contrast, saturation, brightness, exposure, gamma, etc. This Poster maker comes with a unique feature “layer and transparency manager” which lets you work with different image layers. This is a complete poster making package. It is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and lower versions.


PosteRazor is another poster maker freeware which takes a raster image, and cuts it into pieces. These pieces can be printed out separately, and assembled to form a poster. You have to go through 5 simple steps to create your own poster:

  • Input any image.
  • Define printer paper format.
  • Define image tile overlapping.
  • Define final poster size.
  • Save the poster as multi-page PDF.

Despite its limited features, this poster maker is quite good due to its ease of use. PosteRazor supports multiple image formats, like: BMP, DDS, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and much more. This free poster maker is compatible with Windows, OSX, and Linux.


Picasa is one of the best photo editor and viewer. Apart from being a photo viewer and editor, it also has an option “Make a Poster“, using which you can create your own poster. It lets you separate your photo into different sections, and print them separately. Later you can arrange these sections into one large poster. You can also customize your poster with different effects: film grain, tint, saturation, black and white, soften, etc. Add text, drop shadow, cinemascope, etc to your poster with this free poster maker. The Overlap tiles option lets you slightly overlap the separated sections, which makes it easier to put them together.


Posterize9 is a poster maker software which helps you to transform any image into a digital poster. To convert any image into a Poster, use Posterize or Oilify effects. It has three different types of posterize effects, which are based on contrast. You can also paint on the image using different colors, and custom grids. You can adjust the posterization effect using the slider. Posterize9 has a simple interface, and various artistic tools. This free poster maker is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and lower versions.


Fotor is another poster maker software which lets you create high quality posters and collages. It provides you a wide set of tools to edit your poster one at a time, or it can be used as a batch poster maker. The user interface is very interactive, and navigation is also easy. It lets you adjust brightness, white balance, sharpeness, blur, contrast, exposure, etc. It also has some standard features like: cropping, re-sizing, vignette, straighten, rotate, etc. You can create and customize posters,  or collages using 80 inbuilt templates, and 20 backgrounds. You can easily save and share your posters directly on Facebook, Flickr, or Twitter. It supports various file formats: TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc. This is a multi platform poster maker for Windows, and Mac OS X.

Poster Forge

PosterForge lets you create different types of high quality posters for free. It has three types of posters templates: Motivational, Movie, and Wanted. It lets you add text to the image, and change its font and color. It doesn’t let you crop, or re-size the poster. You can save your poster in different formats: BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF, or GIF. You can directly post your poster online (on Facebook, MySpace, etc.), or take a print out instantly. It is free to use, but it imprints a little watermark in the bottom of your poster. The watermark is not so significant to notice, or affect the poster’s content.

PhotoStudio Darkroom

PhotoStudio Darkroom powered by Arcsoft, is an advanced image editing software using which you can create high resolution posters. It provides various advanced tools to edit and enhance your poster. It has various options, such as: spot removal, face beautify, red-eye reduction, exposure tool, etc. It has a “Navigator” tab which can be used to move focus on different areas of the image. The “Histogram” tab shows the brightness curve, and its frequency of the image. The layout screen provides multiple templates using which you can make your posters more appealing. It supports various image file formats: RAW, TIFF, BMP, and JPG.


WrapCandy is a free poster maker software which lets you make your own poster, and print it. This poster maker is very useful if you want to make a larger poster, and print it using a normal printer. It divides your poster into different sections to be printed out separately. The printouts can be glued together to form a complete poster. It lets you use 50 different page sizes for your poster. It has options to add text, and to convert a part of the image, or the complete image into gray-scale. The lasso tool lets you select any area of the image that you want to keep original, while remaining part can be turned black and white. This poster maker supports different formats like JPEG, PNG, etc. The interface is little outdated, but it is an efficient poster maker. To print out the whole poster, you have to register for free using the registration option on the software.


Posteriza lets you create regular size posters, or wall posters from your digital images. It slices the image into multiple parts, and fits them into different page sizes (A4, A3, etc.). After printing, you can assemble the parts as a large poster. It lets you add up to 4 lines of text, and a frame to enhance the looks. You can also add different fonts, background color, shadow, etc. This poster maker supports the following image file formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF. It can also be used to create banners, and flyers. You can save your poster as JPEG, and print it later.


Inkscape is a high quality graphics software which can be used to create HD posters. It has a simple interface, and it also lets you customize different functions with add-ons. Inkscape can import and export various file formats: PDF, PNG, JPEG, PS, etc. You can use gradients, blur, and layer transparency to make your poster more appealing. You can draw with calligraphic strokes, freehand lines, Bezier curves, etc.

Few Image editors can be used as a Poster maker, among which Inkscape is my favorite.

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