8 Best Free Software to Learn English

Here is a List of 8 best free software to Learn English.

English is one of the most widely spoken languages across the world. In many countries, it is also the first language. You can learn to speak English by using English learning software.

All these software can be effectively used for learning English with ease. Most of these software are different from each other, but all these software provide some quality features. Some of the English language learning features of these software are: free learning lessons, quizzes, conversation lessons, flashcards, games, images, audio pronunciation, written pronunciation, etc. Some of these software can also be used to learn other languages, such as: Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, German, French, etc. This list also contains portable and cross-platform software.

Let’s learn how to speak English phrases by each of these English learning software one by one. You may also want to try these dictionarytext to speech and 2D animation software.

Here Are The 8 Best Free Software to Learn English:


Anki is one valuable language learning software available. You can use it to learn new English phrases and words. If you already know English, then you can improve your English by using this software. It provides many useful features and some of the key features of this software are:


OpenTeacher is a quality teaching software which you can also use to learn or improve your English language easily. It has many features to prove that it is one quality software to learn English, some of the key features of this software are:


EasyWords is a quality software for learning some of the very popularly used words and phrases from various languages, such as: Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, Turkish, etc. Some of the key features of this software are:

  • You can use this software to learn more than 1600 English phrases and words easily.
  • You can learn these words by giving two different types of test, they are: Multi-choice and Written.
  • It is also an easy-to-use English learning software.


ProvaLingua provides more than 4000 English words or phrases to learn from more than 150 lists. It lets you learn English by giving test for all these words or phrases. You can also add lists of words or phrases which you want to learn by yourself. Apart from English, you can also use it to learn French, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Spanish, Portuguese and Spanish.

Note: The developer of this software has stopped working on it. Therefore, there is no support available to this English learning software.



valodas is small and cross-platform software for learning various languages including English. It provides different ways which you can try for learning English, such as: spelling Tests, dictionary, free English lessons, cards, etc. You can also use it in Mac and Linux operating System. Its user-interface is also available in multiple languages, such as: Spanish, Arabic, French, Greek, Finnish, Russian, etc. and its setup file size is less than 3 MB.

Note: You can download dictionary for learning English for this software from here.



ETS is a quality English language learning software as it provides Grammar tests, Vocabulary tests and Pronunciation tests. Total number of tests in all these categories exceed above 50 and each of the test contains at-least 10 different questions. You can also change the difficulty level for each test while giving it.

Falibo Conversations

Falibo Conversations has some of the common, best and free English audio conversation lessons. It provides more than 50 audio conversations with written pronunciation which even a beginner to English language can try to learn English.

Note: It has ad-supported interface, it means that every time you open this software it will also open its website.


English Today Lite

English Today Lite is a very useful English language learning software for beginners as well as for regular English speakers. It provides many ways which you can try to learn English, such as: quizzes, learning methods, games, tests, etc. It also provides images and audio pronunciation of English words to make it easier to learn English.

Note: It also has a paid version with a lot more useful features.


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