15 Best Free VoIP Software

Here are 15 best free VoIP (voice over internet protocol) software.  These let you make VoIP calls through internet. All these VoIP software are completely free and can be downloaded to Windows PC. These free software offer various features, like: make free landline phone calls from your PC to various countries, make VoIP calls through internet, gives you the option to use multiple sip profiles, lets you connect with your friends and relatives, offers video conferencing service, screen sharing and instant messaging services, gives you the special facility to make free calls in USA and Canada, make unlimited free PC to PC calls. So, go through this list of free VoIP software and see which ones you like the most.

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VoIPDiscount is a free VOIP (voice over internet protocol) application. With the help of this freeware you can make free landline phone calls from your PC to countries supported by this freeware. The countries it supports are; UK, Taiwan, Sweden, South Korea, Portugal, Norway, Luxembourg, Italy, Iceland, Greece, Denmark, Cyprus, Belgium, Australia, USA, Thailand, Switzerland, Spain, Slovenia, Poland, Netherlands, Japan, Ireland, Hungary, France, Czech Republic, Canada, Austria, Argentina.     


PhonerLite is a free VOIP software. With the help of this freeware you can make Voip calls through internet. For this purpose you will require sip account, internet connection, speakers, microphone and sound card. It gives you the option to use multiple sip profiles. It keeps a record of your call logs and contacts with its call log system and phone book.

GTalk to VoIP

GTalk to VoIP is a free voip software. It lets you call yahoo messenger, MSN/Live Messenger and Google Talk users from landline (PSTN) or mobile phones via sip broker service. It also provides you voice mail and voice conferencing service. You can also send offline messages to your friends. GTalk to VoIP also provides video conferencing services to you. 


Linphone is a free VoIP software to make voip calls over the internet. With the help of this freeware you can easily connect your close pals, relatives, friends via internet. Linphone lets you communicate with your close pals with text messaging, voice and video through internet. Linphone basically uses the sip protocol to provide you an outstanding telecommunication service. It also offers sip video/audio service free to you. 


Skype is a free VoIP software to make free voip calls via internet. The main features of Skype are; call to phone lines with skype, skype conference calls, screen sharing, instant messaging, skype to skype free calls and free video calls. The main drawback of skype is that you cannot use it for emergency calling. 

Vbuzzer Messenger

Vbuzzer Messenger is a free VoIP application. It supports AIM, ICQ, Yahoo and MSN networks, apart from its personal network. With the help of this freeware you can call people all over the world and receive and send faxes at cheap rates. It lets you forward calls to any mobile or landline phone and create your own  voicemail greetings. 


iCall is a free VOIP application to make voice phone calls to Canada and USA for free. Apart from that it also offers PC to PC phone calls anywhere in the world for free of cost.. It lets you call landline or mobile phone numbers in Canada or USA for free, but only for five minutes. After five minutes the call is disconnected by the icall. It gives you the option of redialing the number multiple times without any restrictions and provides you unlimited free of cost calling.  

VOIP Caller Extreme

VOIP Caller Extreme is a free VOIP software used for making Voip calls to your friends, colleagues, relatives through internet. It is specially build for wi-fi networks and lan. You need internet connection, microphone and handset to start a call. This freeware works on 3/4 G broadband connections, cable, dsl and lan. 

MobilityPass Compass

MobilityPass Compass is a free VOIP software. By using this freeware you can call PC to PC free. It lets you call many persons together and supports conference call. It has various features such as wifi hotspot finder, follow me numbers, storage, email, fax, unified instant messaging, sms (text messaging), calls in and out etc. 

Razer Comms

Razer Comms is a free VOIP (voice over internet protocol) software and it is specially made for gamers. It lets you provide various features such as group chat, instant messaging and crystal clear VoIP. It lets you connect with your close friends without disturbing your gameplay. If you want a cool voip software then this freeware will not disappoint you. 

F-Talk P2P Encrypted Secure Voip

F-Talk P2P Encrypted Secure Voip is a free VoIP software for making free VoIP calls through internet. It has various features such as full duplex communication, support for ipv6 and ipv4, 128 bit AES encryption, direct connection with peer to peer etc. It is an all-in-one VoIP software for your all VoIP communication needs. 


FreeCall is a free VoIP software used for making voice calls via internet. It lets you call your close pals by using your computer. And if your associates also have this freeware then you can easily make unlimited free PC-to-PC calls with your friends. It lets you make free phone calls (landline) to countries such as Venezuela, United states, Switzerland, Romania, Poland, New zealand, Mexico, Lithuania, Italy, Hong kong, Germany, Croatia, Belgium, Austria, etc.


KNCTR is a free VoIP application that lets you make unlimited phone calls in the Canada and USA totally free. Also the KNCTR TO KNCTR calling is free. It also includes a video player which shows you movie trailers, sports news, and celebrity news. It has a visually appealing interface and is very easy to use. 


DoNaut is a freeware for doing VoIP calls through internet and also do instant messaging with your friends. It lets you insert sound effects and background audio into your conversations. DoNaut also gives you the option of audio sharing with your friends with your favorite audio player such as Windows media player, Winamp and iTunes. DoNaut also supports open wengo, icq, ventrilo, teamspeak, yahoo messenger, aim, google talk, msn and skype. 


Ekiga is a free VoIP software. It lets you provide video conferencing and free PC to PC call features. With the help of this voice over internet protocol (VoIP) software you can easily connect with your friends, relatives and associates and you can also do chat with your friends. It is a lightweight software. 

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