7 Best Free Software to Mount Bin Files

Here is a list of best free software to mount BIN files. These software allow you to easily mount BIN image files in Windows. BIN or binary file is used to store the raw sector by sector copies of tracks in the disc. BIN files are not very popular today as it is replaced by newer and better file formats. Still, there are many applications that still use BIN files. The main purpose of mounting a BIN file is to make it behave like a physical hard drive or a CD ROM. By using mounted BIN files, you can easily install large games and applications without needing multiple physical CDs and DVDs.

These software not only mount BIN files but some also perform various other BIN file related tasks. Some of these let you extract BIN files and also convert BIN to other image formats. A few of these software let you burn files and folders to disk from your PC. Go through the list to know more about these BIN file mounter software.

My Favorite Software to Mount Bin Files:

OSFMount is my favorite software to mount BIN files as it is easy to use and supports many file formats other than BIN. It also comes with an advanced RAM disk creation option that allows you to mount BIN files directly on the RAM memory.

You can also checkout the list of best free BIN File OpenerISO Extractor, and ISO Maker software for Windows.


OSFMount is a free software to mount BIN files as virtual drives. Along with BIN files, you can also use it to mount Raw Images, VMWare Images, VSD Images, Encase Images, etc. It also lets you mount multiple BIN and other supported files at the same time. You can assign a unique letter to every drive like E:, F:, G:, etc. as well to quickly recognize the newly mounted drive from the default ones. Just like BIN file mounting, you can also unmount a mounted file with this software.

This software also supports advanced RAM disks creation which allows you to mount BIN files directly on the RAM. The main advantage of RAM disk creation is that data transfer in it is much faster than the standard disk mounting which remains in the hard disk. Now, to mount a BIN file, select the file that you want to mount and click on the Mount New button.

Apart from mounting a BIN file, you can also save the file in ISO, IMG, AFF, EO1, etc. formats.

Virtual CloneDrive

Virtual CloneDrive is another free software to mount BIN files. This software lets you make any BIN file behave like a physical CD/DVD/Blue-Ray Drive by virtually mounting it on the system. It is also capable to mount ISO and CCD files along with BIN file. Plus, it also gives you freedom to create up to 8 virtual drives at a time. The process of mounting a BIN or other supported file is really simple as you just need to double click on a file that you want to mount. You can also use the conventional file explorer’s Open With option to mount a BIN file with this software.

On its interface, this software provides various options that you can enable or disable according to your need such as Buffered I/O, Keep history of resent mount files, Auto-mount last image, Unmount image file, etc. In general, it is one of the simplest software to mount BIN files.


WinCDEmu is yet another software to mount BIN files. It is a simple and straightforward BIN file mounter software that attaches itself with the Windows File Explorer and can be accessed from the right click menu. In order to mount a BIN file as a virtual drive, first, select a BIN file and open the right click menu and go to Open With option and select WinCDEmu mounter option to mount the drive. In order to perform any type of configuration regarding file mounting, use the WinCDEmu settings that you can access from the start menu. In WinCDEmu settings, you get options to either let the Windows select the drive letter for mounted drives or the option to manually specify the drive letters.

This software can also be used to mount files of ISO, CUE, NRG, MDS/MDF, CCD, and IMG formats. Plus, it also does not impose any limit on number of virtual drives. Overall, it is another really good software to mount BIN files.


ImDisk is another completely free software to mount BIN files. Using this software, you can mount BIN files as CD/DVD Drive, Floppy Disk, and Hard Drive. Plus, options to make the mounted drive as read only as well as removable are also provided in it. The unique property of this software is its Mount Point option that lets you mount your BIN file at any location of the system. Now, to mount a BIN file, launch this software and browse a BIN file and configure drive letter, mount point, device type, etc. options and press OK button. Apart from BIN, you can also mount files of IN, IMG, NGR, and ISO formats.

This software also comes with a separate RamDisk Configuration software that lets you mount your BIN file directly on the RAM. Plus, this RamDisk Configuration also lets you virtually simulate the hard disk file system like NTFS, FAT, etc. in the RAM memory space.

ISO Toolkit

ISO Toolkit is a free and lightweight software through which you can mount BIN files. Mounting BIN files is one of many available features that this software including File To ISO Converter, ISO Burner To CD/DVD, ISO File Extractor, CD/DVD To ISO Converter, and more.

In order to mount BIN files, you just need to use its Mount ISO tab. In this tab, you can get two images to mount fields which allow you to mount two different BIN files simultaneously. By providing the paths of BIN files in both fields and pressing the Mount button, it will immediately mount BIN files as CD/DVD Rom. Along with BIN files, you can also easily mount files of ISO, NRG, and CUE formats with this software.


VirtualDVD is the next free BIN file mounter software for Windows. Using this software, you can easily mount a BIN file as a virtual DVD drive. Not just BIN files but files of ISO, MDS, DVD, CDI, BTW, etc. formats can also be mounted as a virtual DVD drive. Unmounting of virtual disks can also be performed with this software. Overall, it is a simple and lightweight software that you can quickly access from the system tray and perform mounting and unmounting of BIN files.

In this software, you do not get any feature other than mounting and unmounting of disks, so if you need a dedicated disk mounting software, then it is a right software for you.

Gizmo Drive

Gizmo Drive is the next completely free BIN file mounter software for Windows. With the help of this software, you can mount upto 10 BIN files at a time. Just like BIN, it can also be used to mount files of .BIN, .gdrive, .img, .iso, .nrg, .gizmo, .vhd, etc. formats. The process of mounting files is simple, first, go to its virtual drive section and browse BIN or other supported files. After that, select the BIN file you want to mount, select a drive letter, and mount it as a drive. There’s also an option to remount BIN image when Windows starts up.

In this software, you can do many other tasks other than just mounting BIN files such as establishing connection with database, keyboard command and keystroke simulation, read and manipulate registry values, calculate and compare hash values, text editing, and more.

Note: You will be asked for installation of 3rd party software while installing this software, so be careful and ignore those options.

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