Best Free Open Source Video Analysis Software for Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Open Source Video Analysis Software for Windows. These are video analysis software that you can find for free as well as download their source code. If you want, you can modify source code of these freeware without any restriction.

As you can guess by title, these software help you analyze a video, specially sports videos. These software support videos of all major formats which you can open for analysis, e.g., MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, etc. For video analysis, these software provide all standard tools including magnifying glass, zoom, pan, video filters, and more. You can even make annotations on a video using circle, line, text, and more drawing tools. Furthermore, you can measure angle, distance, and other parameters in a video. These also let you adjust playback speed of a video to speed it up or slow it down; mostly software let you play videos in slow motion. All in all, all software facilitate you with enough tools to analyze a video.

Additionally, you get more useful tools in these software which may come in handy in video analysis process. Some of these tools include two video compare mode, high speed camera, mirror video, frame by frame video analysis, export features, and more. You can go through the list to know more about these open source software.

My Favorite Open Source Video Analysis Software for Windows:

Kinovea is one of the most feature rich software to use for analysis of sports videos. In it, you can also open two videos simultaneously and compare them with each other. Also, analyzed video and data can be saved in any of the supported video formats. Its user interface is also very clean and intuitive.

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Kinovea is an open source video analysis software for Windows. It is a sports video player which also provides various tools to let you analyze sports videos. To import, view, and analyze videos, it supports a wide number of video formats including MP4, FLV, 3GP, MKV, AVI, MPG, MOV, WMV,VOB, etc. Let’s checkout its key functionalities that allow you perform analysis on videos.

Key Features:

  • In it, you can import two videos and compare/ analyze them simultaneously using its View > Two Playback Screens feature.
  • You can also set working zone in a video that you can make modifications to or that you want to analyze specifically.
  • It also offers features to analyze a video in slow motion. To do so, you can simply reduce playback speed or use its high-speed camera function.
  • It lets you analyze each frame of a video as it allows you to play a video frame by frame.
  • It provides various tools to create observational references in a video such as circle, clock degrees, foot, hexaxial, human skeleton, protractor, perspective grid, etc. Additionally, you can further annotate a video using circles, lines, text and comments, and more tools.
  • It also lets you measure angle in a video.
  • A stopwatch can also be added to a video during analysis process.
  • Magnifier can be used to focus on a particular part of a video and enlarge it.

Additional Features:

  • It provides a mirror video function that helps in left or right hand analysis.
  • You get some video editing functions in it that allow you to sharpen video, apply auto levels, and apply auto contrast to a video.
  • It also provides a screen capture tool.
  • When video analysis, it lets you export analyzed video in formats including MKV, MP4, and AVI formats.
  • You can also save video analysis data in ODF, MS-XML, and XHTML files.


It is one of the best open source video analysis software which provides all tools that let you perform sports video analysis in detail.


Tracker is a feature rich open source video analysis software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is specially designed for Physics students to help them analyze videos. You can import and analyze videos in all commonly used video formats including MP4, MOV, AVI, etc. Now, you can check out its key features in detail below.

Main Features:

  • It provides several calibration tools for real world measurements in a video.
  • You can adjust frame rate of a video to perform analysis accordingly. Plus, you can play a video in slow motion.
  • It provides multiple tracking tools such as center of mass, manual and automated object tracking, interactive graphical vectors, etc.
  • It also offers protractors and tape measures to measure distance and angle in a video.
  • You can find various video filters and radial distortion filter which you can apply over a video as per your requirement.
  • You get multiple drawing tools and text annotation features which you can while performing video analysis.
  • You also get data analysis tools that include automatic and manual curve fitting tools in this video analysis software.

Additional Features:

  • In it, you can find options to analyze different physics parameters such as point mass, center of mass, vector, vector sum, line profile, etc.
  • Physics students can also study Kinematic Models, Dynamic Models (Cartesian, Polar, Two-Body System), and External Models in this software.
  • It also lets you save analyzed video with graphics/ video only/ graphics only/ deinterlaced video in formats like MP4, GIF, FLV, MOV, and some more.


It is a nice open source video analysis software specially designed for Physics students for video analysis and modelling.


PhysMo is another open source video analysis software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is basically used as a video motion analysis which comes in a portable package. You can run it without installation and analyze a video in it.

It provides a lot of analysis modes that you can use to analyze different aspects of a video. You can import videos of multiple formats in it such as MP4, AVI, FLV, etc. As you import a video, it displays different frames of the video on the screen with time and X & Y values. The frames are saved in a specific folder to analyze individual frames of a video. Now, lets see what are the main features of this open source video analysis software that you can look forward to.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a Calibrate analysis mode that lets you calibrate to real world distances and perform video analysis.
  • You can also find angle, distancespeed of motion in meter/pixel, and other values. in a video.
  • It supports 10x magnification of a video that helps you pin point particular object or part in a video.
  • It provides a function change playback speed of a video to analyze motion of a video; you can slow a video down or speed it up.
  • It also contains a high speed camera functionality.

Additional Feature:

  • You can capture screenshots of a video frame with analysis data.
  • You can export analyzed data with trace values to an Excel file.


It is another good open source video analysis software with all essential features and motion analysis tools.

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