5 Best Free Portable Bible Software For Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Portable Bible Software For Windows. These bible software are portable in nature, hence you can quickly launch them to read the bible without actually installing them on your system. You can also carry these bible software on portable storage device and run them whenever needed. These software help you study the bible of different versions such as King James Version, American King James Version, American Standard Version Bible, Darby Bible, etc. Some software come with a standard bible version to study, while in many software, you have to first download and install the book to read it.

A useful set of reading features are provided in each of these bible software. Some of these features include verse lookup, search text, chapter navigation, zoom in / out, and display customization options (fonts, background color, font color, etc.). A few of these software also provide features to view dictionary, lexicons, and commentaries. Apart from these features, options to add notes, create a list of verses, check book information, manage library modules, export bible book, and more are provided in some software.

All in all, these are nice bible software which come in portable package that you can run on the go. Some software provide installer versions too which you can checkout by going to provided links.

My Favorite Portable Bible Software For Windows:

BPBible is one of my favorites as you get all required bible study tools in it with some advanced ones. It comes in a separate installer package as well.

Davar4 is another good portable bible reader with an additional feature that lets you export bible book to RTF or TXT document.

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BPBible is a free portable bible software for Windows. It is a featured bible reading software that has both portable and installer versions; the desktop installer version can be downloaded from here. It provides various standard and some advanced features that help you read and study the bible.

It is a great software that helps you study the bible properly. You can easily explore different chapters and verses of the bible, study different versions of bible, search a text, read commentaries, find a word in dictionary, and do more. Let’s checkout a sorted list of features provided by this software.

Main Features of this Portable Bible Reader:

  • It provides an Install Books feature that lets you add and read the bible book downloaded from external sources in it. You can also manage all installed bibles using the respective feature.
  • Standard search options, go to verse, copy verse, move back or forward, and more features are present in this software.
  • While studying the bible, you can add comments to verses, add and manage topics, tag a verse, etc.
  • You can customize various display options to set up bible visualization accordingly, such as set fonts, show one line per verse, continuous scrolling, strongs positioning, morph segmentation, etc.
  • You get dedicated Commentary, Dictionary, Daily Devotionals, Other Books, Harmony, Version Comparision, and other panes where you can read respective information.

Additional Feature:

  • In this software, you can test your Bible knowledge by playing “Guess the Verse” game.
  • You can change the interface language to some other language than English, such as German, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, etc.


It is one of the best free portable bible software that lets you study the bible with multiple handy tools and features.


Davar4 is a free bible study software that comes in both portable and installer packages. To download its portable version, go to its download page given below and download the “Davar4 zip package” file. After downloading this file, extract the ZIP folder and simply run the “davar4.exe” application file to read the bible.

To be able to study the bible in it, you need to add a book (ZIP) file to it. You can find different versions of the bible including American King James Version, American Standard Version Bible, Darby Bible, King James Version, and more on its download page. Additionally, you can find bible books in various languages other than English such as Hebrew, Czech, Portuguese, etc. After downloading the bible, go to the Program menu > Module installation option and provide the path of downloaded ZIP book. You will then be able to read and study the bible in it.

Key Features:

  • It provides different sections to access Lexicons, Dictionaries, Audio (narration), Pictures, etc.
  • You can create and manage notes while reading the book in it.
  • It lets you read the bible in one verse mode and compare mode, search text, zoom in/ out, synchronize book, switch to another book, check book information, go to particular verse, etc.
  • A Library Manager is provided to manage different modules including books, lexicons, dictionaries, writings, and notes.
  • It also provides a ‘Verse list‘ feature that lets you view a list of verses and perform commands like delete all verses, insert range of verses, invert verses, move verses, copy verses, etc.
  • You can use its Options feature to customize the display and GUI settings including fonts, display program language, background color, windows layout, and more.

Additional Feature:

  • It lets you export the book in RTF or TXT format.


It is another great portable bible software that contains a powerful set of features to study the bible.


BibleLightning is another free portable bible software for Windows. You can also find and download its installer counterpart from this link. It is a standard bible reading software that provides you the King James Version of the bible to read.

As you launch this portable bible reader software, you will be able to view old and new testaments of the bible book. You can easily explore different sections/ parts of the bible including chapters of law (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy), history (Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, etc.), wisdom, major prophets, minor prophets, gospels, Pauline epistles, revelations, etc. Now, lets checkout what are the options that you get to properly read the bible.

Key Features:

  • You can easily move to a specific verse in a chapter by clicking on the respective verse.
  • It provides a search bar to quickly find and navigate to a particular section.
  • You can select a word or phrase from a chapter and right-click on it to quickly search it in the bible.
  • Some general display settings can also be tweaked in it such as verse style, font name, font size, show brackets, highlight keywords in verse, font color, etc.
  • It provides a handy display customization option to customize the background image to read the bible.


It is a nice and simple portable bible software that provides you all essential tools and features to read the King James Bible.

The SWORD Project

The SWORD Project is yet another portable bible software on this list. It is a nice hassle-free bible study software that comes with King James Version to read. You get all the necessary tools and features in this software that you expect in a bible study software. All the bible reading features are pretty simple and easy to use. Let’s have a look at some of the main features of this portable bible software.

Main Features:

  • You get an Install Manager in it which you can use to download and install modules including Books, Commentaries, and Lexicons/ Dictionaries.
  • It provides verse lookup controls to go to a specific verse in the bible.
  • You can search for a particular text in it.
  • It lets you set up various window preferences including display options, parsing, definitions, etc.
  • It lets you customize settings related to Transliteration, Footnotes, Strong’s Numbers, Morphological Tags, etc.
  • You can create a list of verses using the respective feature from the File menu.
  • It lets you print the bible text, commentary text, or dictionary text.


If you want a simple bible software with only standard features, you can try this one.

Christ On Disk

Christ On Disk is a lightweight portable bible software for Windows. You can read the King James Version using this software. It provides a dedicated lookup bar from where you can move to specific chapters of different parts of the bible including Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Judges, etc. You can also change the reading order (right to left). Apart from that, it doesn’t provide any other bible study tool.


It is a very basic software with limited number of features to study the bible.

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