5 Best Free Android PDF Annotation App

Here is a list of Best Free Android PDF Annotation App. Using these free PDF annotator for Android apps, you can easily add annotations over a PDF document on your smartphones. These apps provide you a lot of nice and useful tools using which various types of annotations can be added over PDFs. Some of the tools provided in all these android apps include Insert Text, Add Notes, Highlight, Strikethrough, Underline, Drawing tool, Insert Shapes, and more. Furthermore, many of these apps also provide you annotation tools to add stamps (approved, draft, revised, verified, confidential) and signatures (handwriting) to PDFs.

Some more tools like replace text, add attachments, insert image, insert audio, insert video, etc., are also provided in some. Additionally, various advanced features to process and work on PDF documents are available in some Android apps like Password Protect, Speak (hear PDF text), Print, Redaction, Screen Capture, and more. These apps are good for reading PDFs as you can customize reading environment (fullscreen, dark mode, mobile view, etc.) and then read PDFs. All in all, these are handy free PDF annotators for android that anyone can use without much hassle.

My Favorite Free Android PDF Annotation App:

Foxit PDF Reader is my favorite app to annotate PDF documents. It provides the most number of features to add different kinds of annotations including signatures, stamps, drawings, redaction, etc.

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor is another good one. It is easy to use and provides all the required PDF annotation tools.

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Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit PDF Reader is a free Android PDF annotation app. It is also available for Windows and Mac PCs. You can read, edit, and annotate PDFs using this app.

It provides basic as well as advanced annotation tools to annotate PDF documents. You can also crop PDF, change page color, auto flip page, enable night mode, and do more to read PDF. A useful Speak feature to convert text to speech is also available which enables you to read aloud PDF text. Let’s checkout what are the features provided by it.

Key Features:

  • Note & Attachments: You can insert notes and file attachments to a PDF file.
  • Stamp: It offers multiple predefined stamps to quickly insert to a PDF, e.g., emergency, confidential, approved, draft, revised, verified, etc.
  • Textbox and Typewriter: It also lets you add custom text in a PDF document.
  • Callout: You can even add callouts to the PDF.
  • Standard Tools: You can find all standard annotation features that include highlight, underline, strikeout, squiggly, etc.
  • Draw: You can draw oval, arrow, line, rectangle, and add freehand drawing in a PDF.
  • Edit tools: It provides a set of editing features that include add text, add image, insert audio, insert video, and link options.

Additional Features:

  • It provides some additional features which may come in handy including Redaction, Password Protect, Reduce File Size, Convert to cPDF, Screen Capture, and more.


It is the best free Android PDF annotation app that offers various advanced annotation, reading, and other tools.

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor is a free Android PDF annotation app. Apart from Android, it is available for other platforms as well, such as Windows Phone, Web App, Chrome Extension, iPhone, etc. It is quite a feature-rich PDF annotator for Android which lets you read, edit, and annotate PDF documents on your smartphone. Let us check out the main PDF annotation features of this Android app.

Main Features:

  • Text: You can add text over PDF documents in customized text color, border color, background color, text size, opacity, font, etc.
  • Freehand Drawing: It lets you manually draw over PDFs using a brush while adjusting its color, thickness, and opacity.
  • Stamps: Add stamps like approved, final, completed, void, for comment, witness, or any customized stamp in a PDF.
  • Add Image: You can also add an image to your document.
  • Signatures: It also offers a tool to insert your signature into a PDF.
  • Other Tools: Apart from above listed features, you also get the standard PDF editing features like highlight, text selection, add notes, add comments, etc.


It is a handy and simple Android app to annotate your PDFs with stamps, signatures, images, drawings, etc.


PDFelement is another PDF annotator for Android. It is a nice free app for Android and other platforms to read and annotate PDF files on mobile phones. You can find all the basic annotation functions to annotate a PDF accorindly. You just have to open a PDF document and then press the Edit (pen) button shown on the screen to start PDF annotation. It provides an option to scan PDFs on your device and list them. You can then quickly open a PDF you want and annotate or read it.

Now, let us checkout a list of its main PDF annotation features below.

Main Features:

  • Text tools: It offers highlight, underline, strikethrough, and more text related tools.
  • Edit Text: You can edit the existing text of a PDF in this app.
  • Draw: It lets you add a manual drawing to your PDFs.
  • Add Shapes: It allows you to add some predefined shapes like ellipse, rectangle, line, and arrows to PDFs.
  • Notes: You can also insert notes to your PDFs.
  • Stamps: A lot of predefined stamps are provided in it to add to PDFs, like Approved, Completed, Final, Confidential, etc.
  • Signature: It also provides a handy tool to add your signature over a PDF.


It is one of the best free PDF annotator for android as it provides most of the features required to annotate a PDF. You can also open a PDF in read mode to simply read the PDF document.


WPS PDF is a great free Android PDF annotation app. It is a useful android app that allows you to easily edit and annotate PDF on your smartphone. A good number of PDF annotation tools are provided in it using which you can draw over PDF, add text to it, highlight text, etc. It displays a dedicated Annotation button which you have to tap on to get annotation features. If you want to simply use it for reading PDF, you can do that too. Let us have a look at the primary features of this PDF annotation app.

Key Features:

  • Insert Note: Use this feature to add notes to a PDF.
  • Drawing: To manually draw over a PDF, you can use its drawing brush in any of the standard colors.
  • Standard Tools: Highlight, strikethrough, and underline tools are also available in it.
  • Freehand Text: It lets you add freehand text to any part of the PDF. While doing so, you can increase/ decrease text size as well as edit text color.
  • Annotation List: You can view a full list of all the annotations you added to the PDF document.

Additional Feature:

  • Mobile View: You can toggle mobile view in order to read PDFs on your smartphone without any hassle.


It is another nice Android PDF annotation app that provides some standard tools to annotate PDFs on android phone.

PDF Reader Plus

PDF Reader Plus is one more free Android PDF annotation app on this list. It is a standard android app that enables you read and annotate your PDF documents easily. Apart from annotation, a lot of handy features like Set Password, Save As Flattened Copy, Fullscreen, Auto-Brightness, Show Page Number, Print, Remove all Annotations, Manage Bookmarks, Scroll Pages, and more are also offered by this PDF annotation app for android. Overall, it is a good app to read and add annotations to a PDF file.

Here are its main features:

Main Features:

  • Add Notes: You can add important notes to a PDF file.
  • Draw & Insert Shapes: It lets you insert freehand drawing and rectangle and oval shapes to PDF while customizing their color and thickness.
  • Signature & Stamps: You can easily add custom signatures and various predesigned stamps over a PDF.
  • Insert Text: Add text to any part of a PDF using this feature.


It shows ads on the screen in its free edition and also, some features are locked. You can upgrade to its premium plan to unlock all its features.


It is a nice free android app to annotate PDF documents using some standard features which are listed above.

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