5 Best Free Audio Noise Reduction Apps for Android

Here is a list of the best free audio noise reduction apps for Android. If your audio files have disturbing background noise and looking for a simple way to clean the audio then this list can help you with that. It covers 5 free Android apps that you can use to remove and mask background noise.

All these apps are quite simple to use. These apps automatically detect the background noise in the audio file and remove that to make the audio clear and audible. All you have to do is pick the audio file and the apps take care of the rest. Some of these apps work with video files as well. Those apps can remove background noise from videos with a few additional features. Those apps feature an audio recorder that minimizes the background noise for better clarity. Then there are options to trim and convert the audio file format as well. You can go through the list and find an app that is best suited for your needs.

My Favorite Audio Noise Reduction App

Noise Reduction is my favorite audio noise reduction app for Android. This is a multi-functional app that can remove the background noise from audio and video files. The process is quite simple and straightforward too. Upon noise reduction, it can play both the output and the original file for comparison. In addition to that, it also features an audio recorder, audio trimmer, and audio converter. With all that, this app offers a nice set of features for an audio noise reduction app.

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Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction is a free audio noise reduction app for Android. This is a multi-functional audio app that can remove the background noise from audio and videos. It has simple options for audio and video. Users can simply pick the file and the app does the trick. It also supports batch mode. The batch mode can process multiple files at once and remove the background noise. In addition to that, it also serves as an audio cutter. The app shows the audio in the waveform where users can trim the audio either by selecting the waveform or adding the exact timing. This app can also convert audio files into different formats such as mp3, aac, Wav, WMA, mp4, m4a, and asf formate.


  • Remove background noise from audio
  • Remove background noise from video
  • Batch mode
  • Record audio
  • Trim audio
  • Convert audio

Mp3, MP4, WAV Audio Video Noise Reducer, Converter

This is a multi-functional audio and video noise reducer and converter app for Android. This app can remove the background noise of video and audio files. Users can simply add their files and choose the noise reduction option to clean the file. It also features a voice recorder that keeps the background noise level very low hence making the audio clearly audible. In addition to that, it can also convert the file formats of audio and video files. Users can pick a format from the given option and convert their audio and video to a different format. Last but not least, it can also compress the audio and video file to reduce the file size.


  • Audio noise reduction
  • Video noise reduction
  • Audio recorder
  • Convert audio and video formats
  • Compress audio files

Remove Noise From Audio

Remove Noise From Audio is another free audio noise reduction app for Android. This is a simple app with the sole purpose of denoise audio. The process is also really easy to use. Users can simply browse the storage and pick the audio file. Once the file is loaded, it shows a waveform of the audio with two options; Original and Denoise. With a tap on the Denoise button, it processes the file quickly and removes the background noise.


  • Remove noise from audio files
  • Fast processing

Noise Removal App (Audio & Video)

Noise Removal App is another simple audio noise reduction app for Android. This app offers a simple UI with the option to select the audio file. After adding the file, it shows a button to remove the noise. Tapping on that button starts the process and takes a few seconds to remove the noise. In the end, it shows the final audio along with an option to play the original audio as well. On that screen, users can playback both the denoise and the original audio for comparison.


  • Remove background noise from audio
  • Remove background noise from video
  • Play denoised and orignal audios to compare


myNoise is a free noise-masking app for Android. This app offers a variety of voice effects that can be added to the audio as background noise. Users can pick a voice effect of their choice and add it as an overlay to their file. They can tune the different aspects of the noise to properly mask the audio.


  • Noise masking
  • Variety of voice effects
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