6 Best Free Avatar Creator Software for Windows

Here is a list of best free avatar creator software for Windows. These freeware are used to create an avatar which can be used for representing you in a virtual world. There are two types of avatar makers in this list. In the first type, you can create cartoon avatars, while in second type, you can create avatars from images. In cartoon avatar makers, you can simply create a male or female avatar by customizing the appearance like face, mouth, lips, nose, glass, hair, hat, etc. To create avatar from images, you can basically add an image and resize/crop it to an avatar photo. The final avatar can be saved as PNG, BMP, JPEG, etc. images.

My favorite Free Avatar Creator Software for Windows:

Noble Avatar is one of my favorite avatar creator software which lets you create a cartoon avatar with a customized appearance. Pocoyize is also nice as it provides various appearance customization features. In case you want to create avatar from images, I would suggest you use Photo Crop to Avatar.

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Noble Avatar

Noble Avatar is a free avatar creator software for Windows. It lets you create male and female cartoon avatars while customizing their appearance. The created cartoon avatar can be exported as a PNG image. The size of created avatar is fixed which is 64×64.

You can customize various attributes of an avatar. These include selection of gender, head, eyes, hair, and facial hair. You can also add glasses, hat, necklace, etc. accessories to your avatar. It lets you select a desired background and pattern to finalize the avatar. Now, to save cartoon avatar, use File > Export Image option.

This is a nice and hassle-free avatar maker software for Windows.


Pocoyize is a free avatar creator app for Windows 10. Using it, you can create cartoon avatars which you can use on social networks, online forums, games, blogs, etc.

How to create a cartoon avatar with this free Windows 10 app:

You can customize the full appearance and create an avatar as you like. It provides all essential attributes which are required to customize appearance and features of an avatar. You can pick head, hair, eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, and facial hair from various given models. Also, it provides various top and bottom wears and glasses to further enhance the avatar appearance. You can also select the desired color from provided ones for a respective feature. This app also provides a Random button which creates a totally random cartoon avatar for you. The final avatar can be saved as a PNG image with 300×405 dimensions.


FaceQ is another free cartoon avatar creator app for Windows 10. You can create cartoon avatars with several appearance customization features. You can also create an avatar with two boys, one girl and one boy, or with two girls. For this, select 2Players option.

To customize appearance of an avatar, you can select gender, head, hair, hair color, face, skin color, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, and facial hair. It lets you add additional accessories and objects to enhance your avatars, such as camera, football, mic, books, gun, food, hand gestures, and many more. After you are done creating your avatar, you can save it. The avatars are saved in the Pictures gallery in Windows by default. The output avatar size is 373×552 and format is PNG.

All in all, it is another good option for you to create a cartoon avatar. It lets you add an avatar to History library to access an old creation in future.

Photo Crop to Avatar

Photo Crop to Avatar is a free portable avatar creator software for Windows. It lets you create avatar from image files like PNG, JPG, BMP, MNG, TIFF, SVG, etc. You get four predefined avatar sizes in it which are: 48×48, 56×56, 73×73, 128×128. Now, let’s see how you can create an avatar from your pictures in it.

How to create avatar from images using this free software:

As you open this software, you will be able to view a sample picture in the middle and its respective avatar previews in different sizes in right panel. Double click on the image and open a local image. You can now save avatar in a desired size by double-clicking on respective preview. The supported output formats include PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PPM, etc.

Overall, it is a nice software to create avatar from your images. It lets you enable smooth transformation and for help, you can enable tooltips option.

Avatar Sizer

Avatar Sizer is another simple avatar creator software for Windows. You can create avatar from image and use it as a display picture in an online world. You can simply add an image and then resize it to the size of an avatar. It lets you enter a custom width and height from 1 to 150. As input, it supports JPG, GIF, BMP, WMF, EMF, and ICO. Before saving an avatar, you can adjust output image quality. It lets you save an avatar in JPEG and GIF formats only.

Yahoo! Magic Avatar

Yahoo! Magic Avatar is a free avatar maker software which is basically designed to create avatars to use as display picture in Yahoo! Messenger. You can provide an image in it to create respective avatar. It takes BMP images as input and provides BMP avatars as output. The output avatar is of size 96×96.

This software lets you create an avatar by using two images. You can choose a big image and a small one. The small image will be covertly contained in the bigger image.

It is a portable avatar creator software. It comes with various sample bitmap images and some avatars which you can use.

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