9 Best Free Color Scheme Generator Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free color scheme generator software for Windows. These software let you design color schemes which are commonly used for web designing, graphics designing, painting, decorations, etc. purposes. Using these, you can find perfect colors for whichever purpose you want to use them. These let you select different colors with different shades to add to your color schemes. Some of these provide sample color schemes which you use for reference. You can vary RGB values of a selected color to find the perfect color you are looking for. Some of these provide Complementary, Split Complementary, Monochrome, Triadic, and Analogous color schemes to select your colors from.

All of these provide color codes which you directly use in web designing, such as Hex, HTML, Java, C++, VB, RGB, etc.

My Favorite Color Scheme Generator For Windows:

Color Warlock is a nice color scheme generator as it also lets you blend colors and find different shades between two colors which you can add to your color schemes.

Color Scheme Designer is also good as it provides a sample web page to design your color schemes accordingly.

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Color Warlock

Color Warlock is a free color scheme generator software for Windows. It is one of the best color scheme designer which help you select the perfect colors you need. Some built-in color charts are provided which you can refer to. You can open and view charts of Crayola Crayons, Random Colors, Web Safe Colors, etc. You can organize the color chart by using options like border style, enable display color code, sort colors, etc.

How to generate color schemes using this free software:

  • First, go to File > Chart Builder – New option. A color chart builder window will open up where you can design color schemes.
  • Specify name, author, etc. of the color chart and select colors from the left panel.
  • It provides some standard colors to choose from. After selecting a color, you can vary its RGB values to find perfect shade you are looking for. It also lets you view color codes in HTML and RGB formats.
  • To insert a color to your color scheme, click on Add to Chart button. This way, you can insert multiple colors to your color scheme.
  • It provides a Blend tab where you can blend two colors to view multiple resulting shades between selected two colors. You need to enter a start color and end color, type number of middle colors to find, and hit the Build Blend button. The resultant colors can be added to the created chart.
  • It lets you reorder or delete colors from a scheme too.
  • You can save the color chart as an XML file.

ColorWheel Harmony

ColorWheel Harmony is a nice free color scheme generator for Windows. It provides a color picker wheel to select colors from and create a custom color scheme. It provides eight color boxes to create a color scheme.

It provides color wheel which can be set to different schemes including Monochromatic, Complementary, Split-Complementary, Double-Complementary, Analogous, and Triadic. Different light and dark shades of a color can be selected from. Exact color name and color code can also be viewed. Color matching mode can be set to HTML Colors or Crayola Crayon Colors.

Some of its features worth mentioning:

  • It supports GIMP Palette File (GPL) and Paint.NET Palette File (TXT) formats to import and export color schemes.
  • You can also import an image from which, you can select colors to add to your color schemes. You can capture your screen to select colors from taken screenshot too.
  • A Color Spy tool is provided to match a color from your desktop screen.
  • Gradient Filter, Seamless Texture Filter, etc. options are provided too.

Color Schemes

Color Schemes is a simple and straightforward color scheme generator for Windows. In it, you can create up to 28 custom color schemes with three colors.

From the Color Scheme Choices, you can name a color scheme and then select top, left, and right colors. You can vary RGB values of a selected color and view respective hex color code. In this software, you can also mix two colors and view the final color. It lets you specify the use of a chosen color in a color scheme. After that, you can click on Save Scheme button to simply save the color scheme.

Color Scheme Designer

Color Scheme Designer is a very nice color scheme generator for Windows. It provides a sample web page and lets you design color schemes for it. Just drag and drop a color from color picker to elements of the sample web page like text, background, etc. It offers a color picker tool to pick color from your screen. You save color schemes in its native format only. You can save created scheme as CSS file.

In this software, you can find some beautiful sample color schemes which you can load and customize. You can add a color to favorites too. It lets you select a harmony type from Complements, Split Complements, Triad, and Analogous and select a mode from Multicolor- H Based, Mono- L Based, and Mono- S Based. Additionally, it provides options to select a random color, desaturate color, darken color, lighten color, etc.

Peacock Color Picker

Peacock Color Picker, as the name suggests, is a free color picker software for Windows. It also lets you create color schemes of up to 9 colors. Some inbuilt color schemes are also provided in it which you can refer to. For example, Antique Fuschia, Aqua, Apricot, Beige, Bronze, Carmine, Coral Pink, Flame, etc. You can simply select a color from color picker and add to your color scheme by clicking the boxes. The created color schemes can be saved in its native file format i.e. Peacock Color Picker Scheme (.pcs).

It displays various color codes such as Hex, HTML, Java, C++, VB, etc. to directly use in web designing.


ColorBug is another free color scheme generator for Windows. From color palette menu, click on New color palette option and add a new color scheme with a custom name. It provides a section which helps you select contrasting text and background color. Just select colors and drag and drop to the right panel to add them to the color scheme. It lets you paste color from the clipboard. It provides a camera which can be dragged to an area on the screen to select its color. You can change RBG and HSL values of a color too. It shows the color codes too. You can select a color code format such as HTML, HEX, RGB, Delphi,  C++, etc. Additionally, it provides Gradient and Color Step tools too.


ColorPic is a color palette generator software for Windows. It lets you create color schemes with up to 16 colors. It displays the Hex color code. It provides an option to change the color to be the nearest web safe value. It lets you adjust Hue, Saturation, Value, Red, Green, and Blue values. Also, it displays Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black percentages.

Color Wheel: A Color Scheme Generator

Color Wheel: A Color Scheme Generator is a free color scheme generator app for Windows 10. It basically finds the perfect colors which you want to use in web designing or for any other purpose. As you add RGB values, angle, tint, and shades, it displays different color schemes. These color schemes are Complementary, Split Complementary, Monochrome, Triadic, and Analogous. You can hover mouse over a shade and view the respective Hex and RBG color codes.

Color Scheme

Color Scheme is another Windows 10 app to create color schemes. It lets you select from triad, tetrad, analogic, or accent colors for different purposes like graphic designing, decorating, fashion, painting, etc. You can create a color scheme with four colors. The color code is also displayed with the added colors. You can save color schemes to the library of this app only. You can share created color scheme via different applications like Mail,  OneNote, Skype, etc.

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