6 Best Free Crossword Puzzle Apps for Android

Here is a list of the 6 best free crossword puzzle apps for Android. If you are looking for a crossword puzzle app then this list can help. It covers 6 free crossword puzzle apps with crossword puzzles in various styles.

These apps have different approaches to crossword puzzles. Some apps take the way the conventional crossword puzzles. You get a big puzzle with a keyword at the bottom and clues on one side. You can simply fill in the blanks with correct letters and solve the puzzles. Some apps offer engaging and small puzzles. These apps offer puzzles with 3 or 4 words with missing letters. The missing letters are shows in random order. You can swipe on the letters to make a correct word order and solve the puzzles. All these apps have thousands of unique levels so there is no repetition and you are not going run out of puzzles that quickly.

My Favorite Crossword Puzzle App

CodyCross is my favorite crossword puzzle app on this list. It takes the regular style crossword puzzles and represents those in a gamified way. The app has a background story with levels of puzzles. You have to solve the puzzles to get the story going. There are thousands of puzzles in this app. There are limited hint options as well to help you out. You can also use the app across devices by signing up with a Facebook account.

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CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles

CodyCross is a free crossword puzzle app for Android. This is a nice crossword puzzle app that gamifies the whole process with a background story mode. The app has an alien character whom users have to help by solving the crossword puzzles. It featured over a thousand levels with unique puzzles. The layout is very user-friendly and it comes with a keyboard to fill the puzzle. This app also features in-app prizes that can be used while playing.


  • Gamified Crossword Puzzle
  • Thousands of Puzzles
  • Trivia and In-app Prizes
  • Sync Across Devices

Crossword Puzzle Free | Redstone Games

Crossword Puzzle Free is a free crossword puzzle app for Android. This is a simple crossword puzzle apps that offer over 5000 puzzles. Users can set the difficulty level to get easy, medium, and hard puzzles. The app features many handy features. It has word suggestions to help users out with tricky clues. Users can optionally see whether an answer consists of two or more words, and keep letters that are guessed correctly locked. A new puzzle is added every week to keep things interesting. This app also features themes with dark mode to improve visual comfort and apperance.


  • 5000+ Crossword Puzzles
  • New Puzzled Added Every Week
  • Difficulty Levels: Easy, Medium, Hard
  • Get Word Suggestions
  • Dark Mode

Crossword Puzzle Free | ITSG

Crossword Puzzle Free by ITSG is another free crossword puzzle app for Android. This app features hundreds of crossword puzzles in a simple interface. Users can pick a color scheme of their choice from the four given options and also change the font face if they want. The app gets 6 new puzzles every day and has a worldwide ranking board in the app.


  • Simple Interface with Hundreds of Puzzles
  • Reveal Letter, word, and Puzzle options to help out
  • 6 New Puzzled added Everyday
  • Change Font and Color Scheme
  • In-app Achievements and Ranking

English Crossword puzzle

English Crossword Puzzle is a free crossword puzzle app for Android. This crossword app features 400+ puzzles. Users can get unlimited hints while solving the puzzles. The app features various color schemes that users can pick for visual comfort. There are daily rewards in the app that keeps the player engaged and motivated.


  • Simple Interface with 400+ Puzzles
  • Various Color Themes
  • In-puzzle Unlimted Hints
  • Daily Rewards

Crossword Quest

Crossword Quest is a free crossword puzzle app for Android. This is another crossword puzzle game with a different take on the game. Instead of having conventional crossword puzzles, this app has quest-style puzzles where it shows all the correct words in randomize patterns. Users have to slide on the word to make a meaningful order to solve the puzzle. There are custom themes and daily challenges to keep things interesting.


  • Quest-style Crossword Puzzle
  • Thousands of Levels
  • Custom Themes
  • Daily Challenges with Rewards

Word Games Music - Crossword Puzzle

Word Games Music – Crossword Puzzle is yet another free crossword puzzle app for Android. This app has slide-style crossword puzzles. The puzzle has 3-4 words with missing letters. All the missing letters are given on a wheel where users can slide them to make words and solve the puzzle. There is a lucky spin in this app that users can spin in between the puzzle to get rewards. On top of that, there are regular challenges with bonus.


  • Gamified Crossword Puzzle
  • Thousands of Puzzles
  • Lucky Spin
  • Challenges with Bonus
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