6 Free Poem Generator Apps for Android

Here is a list of 6 free poem generator apps for Android. If you want to write a poem then this list can help you with that. It features 6 apps that offer different ways to generate poems.

Some of these apps help you find rhymes for particular words. These apps can find you single and double rhymes with a dictionary to know the meaning of those rhymes. This can help you write your own poems.

Then, there are some other apps that automatically generate poems for you. These apps can make a poem around a name, theme, occasion, etc. These apps can also generate completely random poems which you can explore and save the poems you like. You can check out the list yourself and find an app that can be helpful to you.

My Favorite Poem Generator App

Poet Assitant is my favorite poem generator app on this list. This app doesn’t actually generate poems but it helps with the most important task; finding rhyming words. The app is powered by a rhyming dictionary that helps you find rhymes for any words you search. Apart from the rhyme, it also shows the meaning of the word to help you stay relevant to your theme. It also comes with a Thesaurus to help you find synonyms. With that, it is a really good app to make your own poems.

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Poet Assitant (English)

Poet Assitant (English) is a free poem generator app for Android. This app offers a set of offline tools to help generate poems. It offers

  • A Rhyming Dictionary (using Carnegie Mellon University pronunciation dictionary)
  • A Thesaurus (using WordNet thesaurus)
  • A Dictionary (using the WordNet dictionary)

With those, it uses the device’s text-t0-speech engine and helps find perfect rhymes for poems with proper meaning. The app also features an editor where users can write their poems with word count.

Rhymes for Rap

Rhymes for Rap is a free poem generator Android app. This app finds a double rhyme for a searched word. Users have to type their words and this app shows dozens of double rhymes for that word. Users can also change the search type to find vowels, nouns, etc. There is also a slang filter that users can use to include/exclude slang words in the results. Apart from that, users can favorite results and find the trending words on the app.

Magnetic Poetry

Magnetic Poetry is another free poem generator app for Android. This app has a ‘magnetic words’ approach for generating poems. Basically, it shows rhyming words on the screen that users can pick and drop in the editor. Users can find matching words and combine those together to create a line. The app allows users to set what kind of word suggests they want and allows them to add their own words as well.

Gift a Poetry

Gift a Poetry is an automated poem maker app for Android. This app can automatically generate poems for a person. Users can enter the name of the person for whom they wanted to make a poem. Then this app asks to add a few qualities of that person and generates poems around that. It uses a nice cursive font for the poems. Once a poem is generated, it can be shared right from the app.

Name Poem Maker

Name Poem Maker is a free poem generator app for Android. As the name suggests, this app makes a poem for a name. Basically, it generates rhyming lines starting with each letter in the name. The out is decent enough. Users can save them and share them directly via social apps and messaging. Apart from names, this app can also generate poems for different occasions, themes, pets, etc.

Haiku Generator

Haiku Generator is another free poem generator app for Android. This app is for making Haiku poetry. It assembles words into the 5-syllable, 7-syllable, 5-syllable pattern. The poem generation is random. There is a button in the app to generate a new poem. With that button, users can generate any number of random poems. If the users like a poem, they can save it in the collection and access the collection anytime to read their favorite poems.

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