13 Best Free Keyboard Lock Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free Keyboard Lock software for Windows. These software to lock keyboard completely or partially lock keyboard when activated. Some of these software can also be used to lock mouse and keyboard.

How are these keyboard lock software useful? If you have little kids or pets, they do not know what a computer is and they might press keys willingly or unwillingly. Or lets just say you want to clean your keyboard and there’s some important work going on your computer which you do not want to be disrupted. Use any of these keyboard locker freeware to secure your work. All of these keyboard lock software are simple and free to use. Go through the list to read more about these freeware to lock keyboard and know how to lock keyboard using them.

My Favorite Keyboard Lock Software is:

Child Lock is one of the best keyboard locker software for Windows. Along with keyboard locking option, it lets you lock mouse activity, block/allow specific keys, and lock keyboard after a defined time without activity.

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Child Lock

Child Lock is a simple, yet effective keyboard locker software for Windows. It has various locking options to lock different functions. The interface of this freeware has 6 buttons to unlock and lock keyboard. The options are:

  • Auto Lock: Click on this option to lock keyboard if no activity for 10 mins.
  • Lock: Click here to manually lock the keyboard instantly.
  • Block: Blocks Start key, Ctrl, Alt, and Context menu key.
  • Allow only: Only allows selected keys on keyboard to function. You can define the keys to allow.
  • Cancel: Cancel the keyboard blocking task.
  • Exit: Exit application.

This software to lock keyboard locks mouse movement along with keyboard. You can use a specific key combination to lock/unlock the keyboard. To lock, press Shift+Alt+End and to Unlock, press Shift+Alt+Home.


KeyboardLocker is another free keyboard lock software. Its very simple and easy to use. Click on the executable file to run this keyboard locker. It does not locks your keyboard instantly, but minimizes in the system tray.

You can lock keyboard and unlock keyboard either by keyboard, or through the system tray.

  • Lock/Unlock via keys: Press Ctrl+Alt+L to lock. Type unlock on the keyboard to unlock.
  • Lock/Unlock via System Tray: Right click on the KeyboardLocker icon to view lock or unlock options.

This software to lock keyboard only locks keyboard and not mouse.


Keyboard Locker is another keyboard lock that is simple and works perfectly. When you run this software, it starts and minimizes in the system tray without locking the keyboard. To lock keyboard, go to the system tray, right click on Keyboard Locker’s icon, and click on Lock. Repeat the above process and click on Unlock to unlock keyboard.


Use KeyFreeze to lock keyboard and mouse on your computer. The user interface has a big button which you have to click to lock keyboard and mouse. As you click the lock button, it takes 5 seconds for keyboard lock to run.

To unlock the keyboard and mouse again, press Alt+Ctrl+Delete, then press Esc when the Alt+Ctrl+Del window appears. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Toddler Keys

Toddler Keys lets you lock keyboard in a very interesting way. When a toddler starts messing with your computer while this key locker is active, it displays random pictures with sound when keys are pressed.

You can set a time duration for the keyboard to lock automatically if untouched. To unlock the keyboard, set a password. Type the password when keyboard is locked to unlock the keyboard.


Anti-Shaya is a free software to lock keyboard. It has a small interface with a lock icon and a small section to enter password. Click on the button in front of the password box to reset password. To lock keyboard, click on the lock button. The keyboard will not be operational any more and you will have to use your mouse to operate the computer.

To unlock the keyboard, go to the system tray, click on Anti-Shaya icon to open the password window. Enter password to unlock the locked keyboard.

Baby Keyboard

Baby Keyboard was developed as a protection for your computer from toddlers so that you do not lose important data. It does not locks the whole keyboard, but selective keys that may cause trouble if pressed unknowingly.

Normal alphabetical keys and numeric keys are not blocked. The blocked keys include: Backspace, Copy and Paste combination, Cursor Control Keys, Function Keys, Windows key, Tab key, Caps Lock key, etc.

Maximize this keyboard locker’s window and click on Exit to unlock the keyboard.

MRPD Keyboard Cleaner

MRPD Keyboard Cleaner is a keyboard locker software. The name might confuse you, but this freeware actually locks your keyboard so that you can clean it to get rid of dirt without pressing any unwanted keys. It is one of the simplest keyboard lockers. Click on Lock the Keyboard button to totally disable it. Click the Exit button on the UI to enable keyboard, that is it.


KeySearch is primarily a software to perform search on famous search engines, and can be used to lock keyboard easily. The keyboard and mouse stops working once you apply the lock. To lock keyboard, press Alt+Ctrl+P; use the same keys to unlock. Apart from keyboard lock and search, this software has following features: Frequently visited websites, Keystroke recording, and Clipboard logging.

Go to the settings tab to set various parameters, like: Always run on startup, Always on top, Record clipboard, Record keys pressed after locking, Password to unlock, etc.

Keyboard And Mouse Locker

Keyboard And Mouse Locker is another simplistic keyboard lock software. It also locks mouse with keyboard when activated. The UI has only one button to lock mouse and keyboard; click on it to instantly lock keyboard and mouse. The key combination to unlock keyboard is given right below the lock button on the UI. Press Alt+Ctrl+Del, and then press Esc to unlock.


winKeyLock is a customizable software to lock keyboard. You can select to Lock keyboard, Lock mouse button, Lock mouse wheel, Lock mouse movement, etc. Click on the Lock Now button to lock down the selected items. You can set any hotkey to lock/unlock, or simply use your mouse to unlock from system tray if mouse is not locked.

Its a sophisticated yet simple keyboard lock software for Windows.


KeyboardLock lets you apply keyboard lock on your computer along with mouse lock. Its a pretty simple freeware to use. You will have to enter a password in the UI, then click Start to initiate the lock. When you have to unlock the keyboard and mouse, simply type the password that you have entered in the UI; that’s it.


Lock your computer’s keyboard and mouse with BabySmash to keep it safe from babies. When you activate this software to lock keyboard, it opens a new window in full screen mode. When alphanumeric keys are pressed, their respective keys are displayed on the screen in random colors. If any other keys are pressed, random shapes appear on the screen. If mouse is clicked, small round dots appear in random colors.

To disable this keyboard locker, simply press Alt+F4. Do note that this freeware only works when you have an active internet connection.

The options of this keyboard locker lets you change the sound options, fonts, and cursor.

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