6 Best Free Morse Code Translator Software for Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Morse Code Translator Software for Windows. Morse code is basically an encryption method that encodes text into dots and dashes/dits and dash. Using these free software, you can easily decode a text in morse code language to simple text. These translators can also be used to encode a normal text into morse code. You can simply write or copy & paste morse code into their text box and then use the translate feature to decode it into plain text. All the translators work quite easily. I have also mentioned morse code translation steps to convert morse code to text message.

While most of these take input manually, one of the software also lets you input a text file (.txt) containing an encoded morse code. You can translate morse code and then save it in a plain text file. One software also lets you encrypt text using other encryption algorithms such as Caesar cipher, auto decode, column transposition, etc. Also, some software are command-line based, so you will have to give commands to translate morse code as per the instructions shown on screen. Apart from that, you won’t find any other feature in these translators. These are dedicated and basic morse code translators that only encode or decode morse code.

My Favorite Morse Code Translator Software for Windows:

Cipher Tool is my favorite software as other than morse code, it supports other encryption algorithms to encode or decode messages.

juk is another nice one as you can also import a text file to translate morse code from it.

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Cipher Tool

Cipher Tool is a Java based morse code translator for Windows. It comes in a portable package that you can run on the go to translate morse code. It lets you convert morse code to text as well as lets you translate a simple text message to a coded message in morse code. The steps to do so are very easy; let’s checkout.

How to translate morse code in Cipher Tool:

  • Open this portable translator and select the Morse Code radio button.
  • Now, enter the coded message in the Input Text bar.
  • Lastly, click on the Decipher button to get its text translation.

You can view the string of translated text in the Output Text section.

If you want to convert text to morse code, enter the plain text and then click the Encipher button.

Additional Features:

Apart from morse code, it can encipher and decipher text messages using different encryption algorithms including ROTx or the Caesar cipher, custom cipher, auto decode, and column transposition.


It is a dedicated encryption and decryption tool that also lets you translate morse code to text. You can use various other algorithms to encipher and decipher text.


juk is a free portable morse code translator software for Windows. It is a Java based software that needs Java to be installed on your system to work.

Using this morse code translator, you can translate morse code to simple text and text to morse code. You can easily type in the given text box and then translate the content to respective morse code or text. The good part is that you can open morse code saved in a TXT file and then translate it to text. Or, open text from a plain text file and translate it to morse code.

How to translate morse code in juk:

  • First, you need to open its MorseCoder.bat file to open its main interface.
  • Next, start writing or copy & paste the morse code in the text box. Or, go to the File menu and open a TXT file to input orse code to this software.
  • After that, click on the From Morse button to translate morse code.

You can save the translation to a text file using the File > Save As option.


It is one of the simplest morse code translator using which you can decipher text from morse code or convert text to morse code.


MorseCode is a free morse code translator software for Windows. You can use this software to quickly translate morse code to simple text. And, it can also be used for vice-versa conversion i.e., Text to Morse Code translation. It has a simple interface where you can view all standard and required options for translation. So, it is quite easy to translate morse code through it. Let us checkout the steps of morse code to text conversion.

How to translate morse code in MorseCode:

  • Open this software and type or copy & paste your morse code in Text in the morse code field.
  • Now, hit the Convert to Text button and you will get the translation in the above Text field.

In a similar manner, you can convert text to morse code. Just type in the Text field and click the Convert to Morse option. The translated text or morse code can be easily copied and then share on another platform.


It is quite a basic software with just a few options to translate morse code to text or convert text to morse code.


Morose is a command based morse code translator for Windows. Like other listed software, it also translates morse code to plain text as well as converts simple text into respective morse code. This software runs and works through Command Line Interface where you can manually input commands. Even though it runs in Command Prompt, it is easy to use. You will just need to follow on screen instructions to translate morse code. Let’s checkout the steps to make it more clear for you.

How to convert morse code in Morose:

  • Launch this software and in the Command Prompt, you will see some options to select from. Select the second option which is Morse Code to Message and for that, you will need to enter “2” in the CMD.
  • Next, you need to enter the coded message i.e., the morse code that you want to translate.
  • As you enter the morse code, it will decipher it and display decoded text below.


It is a nice and easy to use morse code translator which runs through Command Line.

Morse Master

Morse Master is a free open source morse code translator for Windows, BSD, and Linux. It can encode and decode the morse code in a few seconds. You can type in the morse code and then get it text translation. Also, conversion from text to morse code can be done through it.

It is an easy to use translator that works in command prompt. Hence, it is portable and you can quickly run it whenever required. The entire functioning is done in command prompt by selecting specific option to perform a task. You can follow below steps to quickly translate morse code.

How to translate morse code in Morse Master:

  • Launch its application in CMD and you will see various options to perform a specific function. Press “3” Decode option to translate morse code.
  • Now, enter 1 to select “Decode from Morse” option
  • Type the morse code that you want to convert to copy and paste it and then hit the Enter button. You will get its text translation right below.

If you want to convert text to morse code, select Encode function.


It is a command based morse code translator in which you can enter commands as per instructions to encode or decode morse code.

Morse Translator

Morse Translator, as its name suggests, is yet another morse code translator software for Windows. It can translate text to morse code as well as decode morse code to text. It works well on new Windows, but it’s GUI is quite dated. But still, you won’t face any difficulty in translating morse code.

How to translate morse code in Morse Translator:

  • Open this software and enter the morse code in respective field.
  • Now, turn on the “Translate to Text” radio button and then click the Translate button to decode the morse code.


It is another one of morse code translator to encode and decode morse code without much hassle.

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