5 Best Free PDF Password Remover Android Apps

Here is a list of the best free PDF password remover Android apps. If you want to remove the password from a protected PDF file then this list can help. It covers 5 free Android apps that you can use to unlock PDF files.

You can simply add your PDF files to any of these apps and unlock the file to remove the password. Then you get a new PDF file with exactly the same content but with no password. PDF password removal is the primary feature of all these apps and some apps bring additional functionalities as well. There is an app that can remove the write protection from a PDF file. This means the app can turn a read-only PDF file into an editable file. Apart from removing the password, some apps can do exactly the opposite as well. Those apps can add a password to a PDF file. I recommend you check the list for more details. This might help you find an app that suits your needs.

My Favorite PDF Password Remover App

PDF Utilities is my favorite PDF password remover app on this list. This app comes with the feature to remove write protection. You can browse the local storage to select the PDF file. Or, you can connect to your Dropbox account to fetch PDFs from your cloud storage. The app removes the password from PDF and makes the files editable. It works without the password for write protection PDFs but requires the correct password in the case of encrypted files. Additionally, this app can also remove/add blank pages and allows you to delete specific pages from the PDF files.

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PDF Utilities

PDF Utilities is a free Android app that can remove PDF passwords. This app can remove write protection and decrypt PDF files. If a PDF file is read-only with write protection, this app can remove the write protection and make the file editable. This is possible only if the PDF file is not encrypted. If the PDF file is encrypted then it requires the correct password to decrypt the PDF and show the content.

Additionally, this app can automatically remove empty pages from a PDF file. It also lets users remove specific pages and add blank pages to the PDF file. Along with the local storage, users can connect their Dropbox to fetch files from their cloud storage directly.


  • Remove Write Protection (without Password)
  • Remove Encryption from PDF (Password Required)
  • Remove Specific PDF Pages
  • Automatically Remove Empty Pages
  • Add Blank Pages
  • Dropbox Integration

Lock PDFs - Unlock PDFs

Lock PDFs – Unlock PDFs is a free Android app that can add and remove PDF passwords. This app separate sections for locked and unlocked files. Users can simply browse a PDF file to lock or unlock it. In the case of locked files, it asks for the password and then move the files to unlocked files section. Whereas, in the case unlocked files, it shows a box to add a password and then moves the file to locked section.


  • Remove PDF Password
  • Add Password to PDF Files

Unlock PDF : Remove PDF Password

Unlock PDF is a free PDF password remover app for Android. This is a simple app to remove the password of PDF files. The app has a button to pick the PDF file from local storage. Once the file is added, it shows a button to unlock the PDF. This prompts for the PDF password. When the correct password is entered, this app unlocks the file and removes the file. With that, it shows an option to open the unlocked PDF file.


  • Remove PDF Password (Password Required)
  • Preview PDF File

PDF Password Remover

PDF Password Remover is another free Android app that can remove PDF passwords. This app shows two buttons on the screen; ‘Select File’ and ‘Decrypt File’. It can fetch files from local storage and cloud storage. When a PDF file is selected, users can decrypt it by entering the correct password. The app then removes the password and saved the unlocked PDF file. Additionally, this app has dark mode that can be visually comforting in low light environment.


  • Remove PDF Password
  • Fetch Local and Cloud Files
  • Dark Mode

Unlock PDF - Password Remover

Unlock PDF is yet another free Android app that can remove PDF passwords. This is a simple app where users can upload their PDF file and unlock it by entering the correct password. After that, they can download the unlocked PDF file. This is basically an online service turned into an app. This means it requires an internet connection to work and also consumes data.


  • Remove PDF Password
  • Internet connection is required to work
  • Uploads PDF File Online (consumes data)
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