5 Best Free PLT Viewer Software For Windows

Here is a list of the best free PLT Viewer Software for Windows. These software have options that let you view PLT files quite easily and clearly. Using zoom, rotate, magnify, flip, mirror, move, transfer, replicate, scale, etc. options, you can view different elements of PLT files. These also provide options to view breakpoints, breakpoints numbers, jumplines, change line width, coordinate grid, rulers, etc. Different elements can be viewed in  different colors. If your file has layers, their visibility can also be turned ON/OFF.

Some of these PLT viewer software also work as PLT editor software. These let you add your own elements or remove existing elements. You can add line, arc, point, polyline, spline, polygon, circle, ellipse, text, arc text, multiline text, block, images, barcode, etc. to your PLT diagrams. Resolution, clarity, and pixel density can also be changed with these PLT viewers.

My Favorite PLT Viewer Software For Windows:

Out of these list of PLT viewer software, I like GC-Prevue the most. It is due to the fact that it lets you view PLT files and various other file formats quite easily. You can also open multiple PLT files at a time. There are options that let you rotate, zoom, mirror, pan, and move PLT files. Visibility of layers can be turned ON/OFF.

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ViewMate is a simple freeware that can be used to view PLT files along with various other 3D files.

Here you can view different layers and can change the visibility properties of certain layers. There are options that let you pan, zoom, mirror, rotate, move, transfer, replicate, scale, etc. PLT files.

Here you can view PLT files and can choose to make some minor edits to them. After editing PLF file, you can print it from here, but the changes are not saved.

The editing options let you work with various tools, like: pad, traces, elbows, scratch, chamfer, location, etc. You can even add objects to a 3D drawing, like: circle, outline, polygon, arcs, text, etc.

There are different toolbars available, like: selection toolbar, editing toolbar, insert toolbar, layers toolbar, and visibility toolbar. These toolbars can be turned on or off as required.

Now you can change the visibility of pads, traces, polygons, selected, and unselected elements ON/OFF. You can also change grid units of work-space. PLT file elements can be viewed in white, in contrasting color, dim, or gray.

In order to install this PLT Viewer freeware, you have to register on its website. A registration code is emailed to your email address which you will have to enter during installation.


LiteCAD can be used as a PLT viewer and can also be used to view HPGL, HPGL2, LCD, AI, DXF, and VEC files. It is a freeware to perform CAD related operations.

There are many options for viewing these files, like: rotate, scale, move, zoom, and mirror. If required, the option can be chosen to change colors of the PLT drawings. It also features a magnifier that lets you zoom and view PLT files. Here you can view the breakpoints, number of breakpoints, jumplines, change line width, coordinate grid, rulers, etc.

You can also edit and modify PLT files here. There are several drawing options available, which let you work with colors, layers, lines, text, points, dimension styling, raster images, etc. Several items can be inserted to a PLT drawing, such as: line, arc, point, polyline, spline, polygon, circle, ellipse, text, arc text, multiline text, block, images, barcode, etc. An interesting feature calculates Area and Distance of objects.

PLT files can be saved as LCD or DXF files.

In order to use LiteCAD components for software development/distribution, you have to buy a license for the same.


GC-Prevue is a free Gerber Viewer software which also works as a PLT viewer software.

Once you open a PLT file, you can perform following actions on it: rotate, zoom, mirror, pan, move, jump to offset, move to offset, etc.

If required, multiple files can be imported at once, and the visibility of different layers and layer elements can be turned ON/OFF. Option can also be chosen to include points and lines in selection. Filters can be selected to display a certain set of objects only, like: parts, traces/routs, or pads/holes.

Open PLT file can be saved as GWK and a printout can also be taken.

Here you can also open different file formats apart from PLT: GWK, XWK, PWK, CWK, EDF, JOB, and UCM files. Various file formats can also be imported, like: GBR, GBX, PHO, GER, ART, 001, 274, DPF, DRL, NC, HPG, QST, APR, REP, USR, APT, WT, NIB, INF, XML, RCK, LST, REP, SIZ, INF, and XML.


VIEWPLOT is available in a freeware version that lets you view PLT files. It can also be used to view other file formats as well, like: Gerber D, Gerber 274X, Extended Gerber, ODB++, HPGL, Autocad DXF, Excellon drill data, BMP, and TIFF.

Different viewing options let you zoom, pan, and move PLT files. There are some other options as well that let you toggle top/bottom layer, toggle view single/all layers, etc. The grid option can also be turned ON/OFF and files can be viewed with 300-2400 DPI.

Though there are some options that let you play around with editing tools, you cannot save edited files, however, you can always take a printout of edited PLT files. The editing options let you add lines, rectangular pad, round pad, oblong pad, polygon pad, rectangle, circle, arc, text, etc.


HPGL/PLT Viewer is a simple and free software that can be used to view PLT files, HPGL files, and HPGL2 files. Apart from these, it can also be used to view HGL, PCX, TGA, PSD, EPS, and AI files. There are tools available that let you zoom and rotate PLT files. The dimensions of loaded files can also be changed.

A very useful feature of this software lets you convert PLT files. You can convert PLT to JPEG, PLT to BMPPLT to PNGPLT to GIF, and PLT to TIFF.

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