5 Best Free Stock Screening Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free stock screening software for Windows. Stock Screening software are used by traders and investors to filter out stocks information according to user-defined parameters. These software also make it easy to track stock prices and various important statistics of multiple companies. To search for stock information of any company, you can use company symbols like AAPL for Apple, GOOG for Google, etc. Along with stocks of individual companies, you can also track multiple stock markets like American (NYSE, NASDAQ, etc.), Asian (BSE, HKEX, etc.), Indian (BSE and NSE), etc. To screen the data, you can easily set a time filter to view stock information of a certain time period. Plus, you can also set multiple stocks parameter filters to filter certain stocks parameters such as Last Price, Bid, Ask, VolumeProfit, etc.

In most of these software, you get a graphical representation of the stock performance over a certain period of time. Along with graph, you can view all stock related information like volume, open, close, buy, buyer, quantity, sell, seller quantity, etc. Some of these also provide some additional information about Commodities (gold, silver, aluminum, etc.) and Mutual Funds.

My Favorite Stock Screening Software For Windows:

Best-Charts is my favorite software because it lets you screen as well as analyze various stocks information. Plus, it lets you create lists of selected companies to track the performance of their stocks together.

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Best-Charts is a free stock screening software for Windows. Using it, you can easily screen stocks of both national and international companies according to your defined screening parameters. A quick stock search option is also available in it, to search and view real-time stock information of any company just by providing the company Symbol like AAPL symbol for Apple and GOOG symbol for Google. In the obtained search result, you get information like sum of bullish signals charts, last trade, intelligent technical analysis graph, Bollinger bands, moving average, convergence/divergence chart, etc.

In this software, you can also create lists containing multiple companies to view stock information of multiple companies at a time. To create a list, go to the Portfolios > Edit List option and enter the symbol of all companies separated by spaces and press OK. To view the list, again go to the portfolio tab and click on the newly created list to immediately view information like Trade Time, Last Price, Change, Bid, Ask, Volume, etc. of all added companies. Now to analyze stocks, you can click on the TA button (technical analysis) button to get all important charts and trading values. Along with it, you can also view historical quotes, news, perform backtesting, and also optimize all indicators using this software.


ChartNexus is another free stock screening software for Windows. Using this software, you can view stock information of almost all Indian companies. In its listing section, you can view all the companies listed in BSE and NSE stock exchanges. By selecting any company, you can immediately view the stock performance chart of the company over the last two months. To view the stock information of more than last two months, you can use its timeline slider which is present on the bottom right corner.

As a stock screening software, it lets you select stock parameters which you want to view along with standard stock graphs like price and volume trend, rate of change, 52 week high/low, force index, average true range, etc. To select the desired parameters, go to the Indicators section and select the parameters that you want to view with the stock graph. As soon as you select the parameters, you can immediately view those parameters on the screen. Besides this, a dedicated Performance Chart Tool is also present in this software to compare the stock performances of multiple companies. Plus, handy tools like Brockage Free, Portfolio Manager, Spread Calculator, Drawing Tools (to add annotation on the stock graph), etc. are also present in it. Overall, it is quite advanced and at the same time easy to use stock screening software.

Note: In this free version of ChartNexus, some advanced features are locked. To unlock all of its features, you need to purchase the paid version of this software.


StockwareLite is a stock analysis software that can be used as a stock screening software. Using this software, you can analyze and screen stocks of various companies of all over the world. By selecting the stock exchanges of different countries, you can view a list of all companies which are registered to different stock exchanges. Now, to view stock performance, last trade date, day high, franklin trend, EMA, etc. information of a company, just double-click on its name. By default, this software shows the stock performance of the last seven months. However, you can vary the timeline from the change period menu which is present in the right-click menu. Besides this, right-click menu contains more handy options like Add to Watchlist, Add to Portfolio, Watchlist Status, Buylist Status, etc.

In this software, you can also search for stocks using a company symbol name. Plus, you can also maintain a Tradebook to view changes in your stock parameters like Selling Price, Shares Sold, Percentage Change, Purchase Price, Profit/Loss, etc. In general, it is another good stock screening software to help you screen stock parameters according to your needs.


moneycontrol.com is a free stock screening app for Windows 10. In this app, you can view stock information of all Indian companies. This software is similar to a stock market board where you can view brief stock information of all the companies. In it, you can also view detailed stock information of a company by selecting it from the Market section. Plus, at any time you can toggle between Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) to get respective stock information.

From its Market section, you can view real-time stock information of various big companies like Hero Motocorp, Tata Steel, Reliance, Bajaj Auto, Tata Motors, etc. By clicking on any company name, you can view current stock information along with yearly performance chart. At any time, you can vary the time span of the chart from one day to seven years to view the performance of a company over a period of time. Plus, other handy option like Peer Comparison (to compare stock prices of multiple companies), Key Financial Ratios, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, etc. are also provided by it.

Apart from various stock information, you can also screen news related to companies, view commodities (Gold, Aluminium, Zinc, etc.), mutual funds, currency, and stock exchanges of various countries through this app.


JStock is the next free stock screening software for Windows. This software mainly works as a stock analysis software, but it is also capable of showing all important stock related information. To view the information of a specific company, just write the company symbol in the Stock search filed. In response to the query, you immediately get information like Highest stock point, Volume, Change, Buy, Sell, Change percentage, Buy Quantity, etc. of a company. Similarly, you can make multiple stock queries to create a list of stock information of multiple companies. Apart from this, you can also use its Country Tab to view stock information of all the companies of a selected country which is another handy feature of this software. Plus, you can also create multiple watchlists and portfolios containing stock information of different sets of companies which can later be saved as CSV and XLS formats.

In this software, you can also find various stock analysis and management features like Stock Indicator Editor (to customize stock indicators to set alert), Stock Indicator Scanner (it suggests what stock to buy or sell), Portfolio Management (to manage buy and sell records), etc. In general, it is a decent stock screening software.

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