10 Best Free Structural Engineering Apps for Android

Here is a list of the best free structural engineering apps for Android. If you are a civil engineering student or just curious about structural engineering then you might like these apps. This list is a combination of 10 apps on this list that are related to structural engineering.

Most of these apps are basically handbooks covering a wide range of topics of civil and structural engineering. These apps cover popular topics as well as complete textbooks with diagrams and graphs. Some of these apps also offer online video tutorials, web-based resources, news, and blog posts to keep you updated. Then there are a few apps that can help you learn and implementation various structural designing processes such as RCC column designing, Total Station simulation, etc. If you are coming with a set of expectations then I recommend you go through the list to find one that suits your needs.

My Favorite Structural Engineering App

All these apps are quite unique in their own ways. Each app covers a different set of topics and features. However, Structural Design: Engineering is my personal favorite because of its structure and resources. Just like any other app, it offers a handbook of Structural Design. The handbook is filled with detailed diagrams and graphs wherever necessary. This app has categorized all the topics into chapters and then units. This makes it easy to find relevant topics. On top of that, this app also offers videos for a better understanding of the concepts. And to keep its users’ updates, it has news and blogs as well.

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Structural Design: Engineering

Structural Design: Engineering is another free structural engineering app for Android. This app is a digital handbook of Structural Designs. It covers 30+ topics of Advanced Structural designs in detail. All the topics are curated into multiple units. Each unit then has chapters in them. Users can directly browse the topics in units as well. This app connects with the internet and keeps the information updates and releveant. It also offers video lessons that users can watch online. To keep the users update to date with the latest news it also features news, notes, and blog posts on the same subject. Basically, this app can serve as a quick reference guide on civil engineering.


  • A handbook for civil engineering
  • Resources for Advanced Structural Desgins
  • Online videos, notes, news & blogs

Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering is a free Android app for structural engineering. This is an educational app with really nice resources for structural engineering courses. It covers general concepts, advanced concepts, advanced design of steel structure, computational structure, etc. All these resources are nicely organized under separate categories. Based on their needs or interests, users can pick a category and explore the resources under that. While, reading, users can favorite a page, a topic, and a picture. All the favorite items can be accessed easily later on.


  • Educational resources for structural engineering
  • Resources are organized into categories
  • Favorite pages, topics, and pictures

Structural Design Engineering

Structural Design Engineering is a free Android app for learning structure engineering. This is basically a handbook on the structural design. It works completely offline offering 4 units of structural design and engineering. Each unit gets expanded into multiple lessons. These lessons are in PDF file format. It opens with the default PDF viewer on Android. Depending on that, users can export the PDF separately, print it directly, and save it to their Google Drive account. This app covers all important topics in the lessons completed with detailed diagrams and analysis.


  • Handbook for Structure Engineering
  • Explore topics and units
  • Works without internet

Structural Analysis and Design App

Structural Analysis and Design App is a free Android app that offers educational resources for civil engineering students. This app is an online platform for learning where users can find study material and join live classes. There are online videos teaching various topics of structural engineering and designing. Along with regular study material, this app also includes case studies of various popular buildings, bridges, and structures around the world. These case studies can help people learn with practical examples. Last but not least, this app also has quizzes to test yourself. These quizzes are paved in a gamified way to keep the readers engaged.


  • Structural analysis and design resources
  • Online classes and videos
  • Gamified quizzes

Structural Engineering App : Civil Engineering

Structural Engineering App is a free educational app for Android. This is basically a book that offers important lessons on and around structural engineering. It features civil engineering lessons with step-by-step guides. The app lists all the concepts and chapters in the beinging. From there, users can quickly jump to the topic of their interests. This app allows users to carry structural engineering book collections anywhere.


  • Most important & informative lessons
  • Definition & classification
  • Civil engineers lessons
  • Step-by-step guides
  • Works without internet

Design of Steel Structure - Civil Engineering

Design of Steel Structure is a free structural engineering app for Android. This app offers educational study material around steel structures. This civil app contains all the Design of Steel Structure-related 160 topics in 5 chapters. It has simple and informative language with suitable diagrams which help students understand the topic in depth. This app provides decent resources paired with tests and videos. It can be helpful for last min preparation for viva, assignments, and interviews.


  • Study resources for steel structures
  • Study material with tests and videos
  • Explore other relevant topics

Construction Engineering

Construction Engineering is a free structural engineering app for Android. This is a simple app that theoretical content for a wide range of topics. It is basically a Wikipedia for civil engineering, structural engineering, thermal engineering, and more. Users can explore all the topics covered by this app or use the search feature to find the matching results. The results show a theoretical document on the topic complete with diagrams. Users can read the document to get to know about the topic. Alternatively, users can also use the built-in text-to-speech feature to listen to the document.


  • Structural Engineering Resources
  • Civil and Thermal Engineering resources
  • Read or listen to content (with text-to-speech)

RCC Column Design

RCC Column Design is a free structural engineering app for Android. This app is a reference for designing reinforced concrete columns. With the advanced editor of this app, users can draft their designs with all the details. Users can mark various sections of the design and can also add notes explaining the working of each section. After designing, this app can plot an interactive chart of the values and variables involves in the design. Both, the design and the graph, can be saved in the local storage. Apart from the design, this app also has a theory section. The theory section features subject theory and fundamental concepts with diagrams. With all that, this is a really helpful app for civil engineering as well as students studying civil and structural engineering.


  • Design reinforced concrete columns
  • Interactive charts for designs
  • Advanced design editor
  • Theory and Concepts with diagrams
  • Works without internet

Learn Total Station

Learn TotalStation is a free Android app to learn civil engineering surveying. This app has a virtual TotalStation. The app teaches how to use a Total Station along with brief information about all its parts. Users can simply pick a functionality of the Total  Station and then this app simulates that in 3D. Users can follow the on-screen guides to know different features and options. This is a nice app for civil engineering students who don’t have access to an actual Total Station all the time.


  • Learn Civil Engineering Surveying
  • Virtual Total Station
  • Learn about Total Station parts
  • Different functionalities of Total Station with 3D Simulations

Structural engineering Dictionary App

As the name suggests, the Structural engineering Dictionary App is a dictionary for civil engineering. This dictionary is available in English, Russian, and Chinese languages. It has 4 volumes of dictionaries each volume covering over 42000 words and phrases. This includes Structural mechanics, Structural analysis, Theory of stability, buckling, Structural load, the combination of loads, Limit state design and strength of materials, Seismic and wind load for high-rise building, Concrete and reinforced concrete structure for building and infrastructure, Long span and thin-walled structure, Brick and stone structure, Concrete and reinforced concrete structure for building and infrastructure, Wooden and plastic, composite structure, the Steel structure for building and infrastructure, and more.


  • Dictionary for Civil Engineering
  • Multi-language Support
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