5 Free Video Thumbnail Maker Apps for Android

Here is a list of 5 free video thumbnail maker apps for Android. Thumbnails are crucial for videos. It is the first thing in the video that appeals to the audience. A good thumbnail can land you more viewers. If you also want to make your video thumbnails good enough to get users’ clicks then this list can help.

With the help of these apps, you can create video thumbnails in a matter of minutes. These apps feature thumbnail templates that you can pick and customize by adding your pictures and text. Whereas, some apps come with a photo editor where you can fully customize a thumbnail canvas with background pictures, text, stickers, and photo effects. Depending on what kind of thumbnail you want, you can go with that type of app.

My Favorite Video Thumbnail Maker App

Free Video Thumbnail Maker is my favorite video thumbnail maker app on this list. First of all, this app offers thumbnail templates for YouTube, Facebook, etc. with exact dimensions. On top of that, you can create a thumbnail for any custom size as well. You can add your own pictures in the thumbnail or pick one relevant picture from the free-t0-use background collection of the app. Last but not least, you can customize the design by adding text, stickers, and different types of photo effects.

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Free Video Thumbnail Maker

Free Video Thumbnail Maker is a free Android app to make video thumbnails. This app can make video cover images and thumbnails for YouTube, Facebook, etc. The app features various aspect ratio options for various platforms. Users can start by picking up the aspect ratio and go to the editor. In the editor, users can either browse the backgrounds collection to find a picture or upload their own pictures. Then, they can add text on top along with stickers. The editor also features various types of filters that users can apply to their thumbnails before saving them as images.


  • Thumbnail Templates for YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • Collection of Background Pictures
  • Add Text, Stickers, and Effects
  • Save as an Image

Video Thumbnail Maker App Free

Video Thumbnail Maker App Free is an Android app to create thumbnails for videos. This is also a simple app to make video thumbnails. The app starts with a collection of thumbnail styles where users can pick a style of their choice. After that, users can customize that template by adding their own background pictures, text, and stickers. Once the thumbnail is ready, it can be saved as an image.


  • Thumbnail Styles
  • Add Background Pictures
  • Add Text, Stickers, Effects
  • Save as an Image

Video HD Thumbnails Maker

Video HD Thumbnails Maker is a free video thumbnail maker app for Android. This app offers various thumbnail templates in different styles. There are compact thumbnails and retro-style thumbnails. Users can pick any template and edit that to make their own. Depending on the selected templates, users get the option to replace the images and text. This app offers a decent collection of font faces. Users can pick a font that goes well with their design. In the end, the thumbnail can be saved in HD with a resolution of 1280×720 px.


  • Thumbnail Templates
  • Multiple Thumbnail Styles
  • Pick from various font faces
  • Save in HD with 1280×720 resolution

Video Thumbnail Maker & Video Cover Maker

Video Thumbnail Maker by Tool Man is another free Android app to make video thumbnails. The app is designed to make thumbnails and cover images for TikTok and Kuaishou. It features a free-to-use collection of backgrounds that users can add to their designs. Users can also add their own pictures and add text and stickers to create the thumbnails. Apart from the thumbnail, this app can also create video cover collage for the TikTok profile.


  • Thumbnail Templates for TikTok and Kuaishou
  • Collection of free-to-use backgrounds
  • Add Text and Stickers
  • Video Cover Collage maker for TikTok Profile

Video Thumbnail Downloader

Video Thumbnail Downloader is a free Android app to download the thumbnails of videos from YouTube, Facebook, etc. If there are nicely designed thumbnails on some videos then users can use this app to download those thumbnails. Those thumbnails can be used for reference while design thumbnails for videos. The process is really simple. Just add the video URL in the app and it automatically downloads the thumbnail of that video.


  • Download Video Thumbnails
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