6 Best Free Tattoo Design Software For Windows

Here is the list of best free Tattoo Design Software for Windows. In these freeware you can simply drag and drop several images and can quite easily create the tattoos0  suitable for you. You can also check how it looks on your body and thus try several options before getting a final tattoo so that you don’t have to regret about the design later. You can also get suggestions from your friends before you choose to finally get the tattoo by sending them an Email.

My Favorite Free Tattoo Design Software:

Out of these free Tattoo Design Freeware, I liked Virtual Fun Party make over the most due to the fact that it is quite easy to use and offers a lot of features. It let’s you check the tattoo on different parts of your body and provides you a look and feel of how would it look on your body. Using this you can work with the layers and masks, and export the final image and mail it to your friends to get suggestions on the current look.
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Virtual Fun Party make over

Virtual Fun Party make over is a very feature rich software which can be used to create Tattoos. The best thing about this software is that you can view how a design looks on a part of your body. Here you can apply a complete makeover of the body and select the personalized look that suits your personality. You can choose from different options of nail painting, body painting, and face painting. You can upload the images of different parts of the body, select from webcam, or experiment on the model images. You can also select from a number of different available templates and choose the one that suits you the best. Different filters and quizzes options can be selected to filter out the search results. It can also work as a music player where you can add music files to the playlist while working on the software. You can also choose the face, and body color using the palettes, and change the appearance. This freeware also lets you perform several different functionalities using the layer options like set layer visibility, move layer, and hide the layers. Finally you can export the file as an image or as a work file. You can also share the final image or the work file via Email, in order to have a good laugh, or get some suggestions for the final makeover. This freeware can also be used to apply masks, hairstyles, beards, hats, contact lenses, glasses, lipstick, and jewelry in order to get a total makeover.

Tattoo Pro Software

Tattoo Pro Software is a simple tattoo maker software in a beautiful format. Firstly you have to select the task from either the print single file, print old project, tattoo in upto 23 colors, or create tribal tattoo. You can also choose the printer layout and its dimensions. Then you have the option to open the different format images. After that the final image size, output resolution in dots per inch can be chosen. Then you can choose the option of color reduction, enhance source, and restore original, select color balance, brightness, color, saturation, sharpen, blur, gray scale transformation, color reduction, posterize option and many more effects till the desired results are achieved. In tribal creation, you can choose different methods and choose the sliders. After that you can change colors, merge channels, and finally save the project as BMP, or choose the option to take a printout.


ArtRage is a very beautiful software which can be used as a tattoo maker. You can make use of several tools to make the tattoo as per your requirements. It provides you with simple painting tools like oil, watercolor, sketching tools like pencils, inkpens, and many more in order to achieve the desired effects. In case you wish to upload your own pics, and add some effects to it, it can be easily done with the click of a button. You can also add text and make use of some of the inbuilt tools like color, color sampler, glitter tube, paint tube, sampler, eraser, cloner, pastel, pencil, paint roller, felt pen, gloop pen, sticker spray, inkpen, airbrush, palette knife, watercolor, and oil brush. You can export the image finally as an image or take a printout.

Word Art Generator

Word Art Generator is a very simple and lightweight freeware which can be used to create beautiful tattoo fonts and styles. It is quite simple and easy to use. Just enter the text for the word art, the font, font size, and font style. You can also select various options of bold, strikeout, vertical mirror, outline, italic, underline, and horizontal mirror using the check box. Size, blur, alpha, angle, noise, and spray options can be selected. Image texture and style if any can be updated. The color, gradual color, and shadow effects can also be added. After various effects are applied the preview of the generated image is displayed. The final draft can be saved as ART files, and also can be exported as PNG, JPEG, GIF, and BMP.

Tattoo Font

Tattoo Font is a simple font which proves to be quite useful while designing the tattoo. After opening the zip file you can see two tattoo fonts “TattooLetteringBlack”, and “TattooLetteringOpen”. Install them and then in the word document you are shown with two extra fonts shown. Then you can use different styled text and images to get a feel of the tattooed text. Choose from different styles whichever suits you the most. Also several word art options can be used. You can also make use of several Microsoft Word inbuilt tools. You can also take a printout of the final draft and mail it to someone. You can also check out different fonts which you find suitable for your tattoo and achieve the desired effects.

Omega for Tattooists

Omega for Tattooists is a beautiful freeware which can be used to generate beautiful Latin text in an attractive design. You just have to select from a list of meaningful sentences, and thus have beautifully designed tattooed text designs available in front of your screen. You can also select several options to include pronouns, include short motto, speaker options, and alternative word order. You can click several radio buttons to choose from different options to include the first thing, negate the statement, and the second thing. You can take a printout of the design.

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