6 Best Free Video Analysis Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free video analysis software for Windows. These are basically free sports video analysis software which let you analyze sports videos. Or, you can analyze any video for that matter. The video analysis tools that these software provide include magnifier, zoom, pan, etc. You can study or analyze a video in slow motion too. These also let you play a video frame by frame, so you can easily move a video in frames in reverse or forward direction. Some drawing tools like line, curve, spline, circles, cross markers, text, etc. are also given most of these.

In one of these, you can draw plain or perspective grid. You can also draw circle, clock degrees, foot, hexaxial, human skeleton, etc. Also, two videos can be compared side by side in one of these video analysis software. Some other tools provided in these software are: add a key image, stopwatch, use high-speed camera, mirror a video, etc. You can save the video analysis data in some of these too.

All of these are compatible with common video formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MKV, etc.

My Favorite Video Analysis Software For Windows:

Kinovea is my favorite video analysis software as it provides all essential and advanced tools required to perform video analysis. Plus, it also lets you analyze two videos simultaneously.

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Kinovea is a free open source sports video analysis software for Windows. This is a featured video analysis software with dozens of tools which let you perform video analysis in depth. Not just one, you can also analyze two videos simultaneously in it. For that, you can use its View > Two Playback Screens option. It also supports one and two screen capturing using webcam. You can enable one screen capture and one playback screen mode as per your wish. It supports multiple video formats to import for analysis, such as AVI, MPG, MOV, WMV, MP4, FLV, 3GP, MKV, VOB, etc.

Video Analysis Features to look out for:

  • It lets you set your working zone in a video to make changes or analyze a particular part of the video. For that, you can set first and last frame and lock the boundaries of the working zone.
  • You can study a video in slow motion by changing video playback speed. Or, you can also play a video in fast motion. It provides a high-speed camera too for slow motion playback.
  • It lets you play a video frame by frame to analyze each video frame in depth. You can see the overview of a video with each and every frame. It lets you add a key image too.
  • You can draw observational reference including plain grid, perspective grid, and coordinate system origin. Also, circle, clock degrees, foot, hexaxial, human skeleton, and protractor can be drawn on the video.
  • It provides tools to measure angle, add circles, lines, cross markers, etc., draw on video using pencil, and add text and comments to video.
  • You can use the magnifier to enlarge a part in the video.
  • It lets you add stopwatch.
  • You can mirror a video too for left or right hand analysis.
  • Additionally, it lets you sharpen a video, add auto levels, and add auto contrast to a video.

After video analysis, you can export video in slow motion, combined video with key image data, or save key image data only. To export a video, it supports MKV, MP4, and AVI formats. The video analysis data can also be exported as ODF, MS-XML, and XHTML files.

Overall, it is one of the best video analysis software for sports enthusiasts.

V1 Home

V1 Home is another free video analysis software for Windows. It is also basically a sports video analysis software. In it, you can also download a few sports videos for analysis. You can play the video frame by frame in forward or backward direction. Also, it lets you play the video in slow motion in reverse or forward direction. You can also mirror a video for left hand or right hand analysis.

In its left panel, you get many basic video analysis tools which are some drawing tools for analysis purpose. These tools include Magnify, Pan Zoom, Sway (to illustrate side-to-side motion), Spline (to draw smooth curves), Wedge (to draw a three-point angle on the video). For drawing, you can select a desired color from given ones.

Live videos through webcam can also be recorded and saved using this software.

All in all, it is a nice free video analysis software.

Note: This free version requires registration which is free. Also, many features are disabled in this free version of this software. By purchasing its premium version, you can unlock all of its features.


Tracker is a free open source video analysis software plus video modeling tool for various platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is basically designed for physics students to analyze physics videos. In it, you can find a range of video analysis tools. You can play video in slow motion or play video in steps, use calibration tools, use coordinate axis, adjust frame rate, switch to center of mass and other reference frames, etc. Protractors and tape measures are also provided distance and angle measurement. You can draw on the video and add text to it. It also provides automatic and manual curve fitting tools. You can export the video with graphics, video only, graphics only, or deinterlaced video in MP4, GIF, FLV, MOV, etc. formats.

It provides various physics related options including point mass, center of mass, vector, vector sum, line profile, etc. It also provides different Kinematic Models, Dynamic Models (Cartesian, Polar, Two-Body System), and External Models to study. There are many more tools in it for you to perform an analysis.

Although it is a feature rich software, but if you want a software with simple and easy functionalities, I would recommend to avoid it as video analysis process may get a little hectic with this one. You can checkout this video tutorial to get started with this video analysis software.


PhysMo is a free portable video analysis software for Windows. As you open a video in it, it decomposes the video into frames to let you analyze it. These frames are saved in the specified folders. On its interface, the frames are shown with time, X and Y values, comments, etc. You can select a desired analysis mode from Calibrate, Find Angle, Plot, and Set Origin. It lets you play video step by step. You can also play and analyze the video in slow motion or even fast motion. You can set a timebase too for analysis.

A Magnification option is also provided to set magnification level in order to enlarge the video. You can add new traces with different video analysis and toggle between different traces effortlessly. It lets you enable or disable any of these options to view a video which are Plots Visible, Angles Visible, and Show Edges. You can take a snapshot of any of the video frames with analysis data. It provides an option to export analysis report to a spreadsheet, but this feature was not working fine for me while my testing.

Sports Video Analysis

Sports Video Analysis is a free video analysis app for Windows 10. In this app, you can analyze sports videos in MP4 format only. You can simply play a video or use next or previous frame option to analyze each frame of a video. It also lets you zoom in a video to look into it or you can draw pen strokes on the video. You can mirror a video for left or right hand analysis. It also provides an option to crop and save the video. Overall, it is a basic video analysis app that you get for free.

Yessoft Sport Video Player

Yessoft Sport Video Player is one more video analysis software for Windows. It provides two basic video analysis tools. These features are as follows:

  • You can play a video frame by frame.
  • It lets you change video speed to play a video in slow motion.

It also provides an option to copy a video frame image to clipboard. But, this feature didn’t work fine while testing.

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