7 Best Free WiFi Remote Apps for Android

Here is a list of the best free WiFi remote apps for Android. Android devices can be used as remote controllers for a variety of tasks. It includes appliances like TVs, ACs, music players, PCs, smart devices, etc. If you are looking for a remote control app then this list might help you find one for your need.

There is a total of 7 apps on this list. It is a mix of WiFi and IR-based remote controls. These apps can serve as a fully functions remote for various compatible devices connected to the same network. There are apps that allow you to create remotes for TVs, ACs, and other IR-based devices. Then there are WiFi-based apps that offer remote for smart TVs, PCs, and smart devices. You can check out the list yourself and find a suitable app as per your requirement.

My Favorite WiFi Remote App

Anymote is my favorite WiFi remote app on this list. This app can serve as a universal remote for compatible WiFi as well as IR(Infrared) devices. This allows you to create remote for various traditional IR-based and modern WiFi-based appliances. The app is compatible with over 900,000 devices covering TVs, ACs, music platers, lights, and smart home devices from various manufacturers. It also supports voice commands for smart devices. You can create multiple remotes for different devices and customize their layout and colors. For each remote, you can create Android widgets and keep them on the home screen for quick access. One unique feature of this app is automation. It has in-app task automation that becomes more powerful with Tasker integration.

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AnyMote Universal Remote

Anymote is a free universal remote app for Android. It works with thousands of IR-compatible devices including TVs, ACs, etc. This app also works with WiFi and can be used as a WiFi remote for smart home control and other devices. It supports voice commands that come in handy for controlling smart TVs etc. Users can add multiple remotes to control various devices and set the layout of the remotes accordingly. This app supports voice commands that allow users to use various voice command functionalities with compatible smart devices. One feature that makes this app stand out from the rest is automation. Users can automate multiple tasks that can be trigger step by step. It also has Tasker integration that opens another world of automation within the app.


  • Universal Remote with 900,000 Device Support
  • Works with IR and WiFi
  • Voice Commands with Voice Search
  • Smart Home Control
  • Add Multiple Remotes
  • Power Controls
  • Remotes with Trackpad and Keyboard
  • Create Widget of Remote Commands
  • Change Color and Layout
  • Create Macros
  • Tasker Integration


CodeMatics is another free WiFi remote app for Android. This app is for Android TVs. It supports a wide range of Android TVs from various manufactures. The setup is simple. Users can pick the TV brand and find their model to get the remote. This app can create and save multiple remotes. Remotes are fully compatible with all the functions including trackpad, keyboard, and power controls. One handy feature of this remote app is that it can directly install apps on Android TVs. Users can pick the APK file in the remote and get it installed on their Android TVs.


  • Supports Android TVs
  • Voice Search
  • Remotes with Trackpad and Keyboard
  • Power Controls
    Install Apps on Android TV

WiFi TV Remote

WiFi TV Remote is a free remote control app for Android. This app works with a very specific set of TVs that has network functionality. It can control a compatible TV that is connected to the same network as the Android device. The app offers a full traditional TV remote. As long as both the devices are connected to the same network, it works.


  • WiFi Remote for TVs
  • Full Remote Functionality
  • Power Controls
  • Works with TVs connected to the same network

WiFi Mouse(remote control computer)

As the name suggests, WiFi Mouse serves as a remote mouse for PC. It works with Windows, Linux, and macOS. The app needs its server-client installed on the PC to work. Once everything is set, it allows users to control their PC remotely from the phone. It uses the phone’s touchscreen as a mousepad and also comes with a keyboard.


  • Mouse and Keyboard for PC
  • Media Controls
  • Launch Apps on PC
  • Open Files on PC

WiFi Remote

WiFi Remote is a remote control for Windows PC. This app can control various media players running on a PC remotely from an Android app. To do so, users have to install the WiFi Remote server on their Windows PC and connect it with this app. Once done, it can control media playback, volume, brightness, forward and backward seek. Along with that, it can also put the media player on sleep and turn off the PC.


  • Control Media Players on Windows PC
  • Supports VLC, Winamp, TTPlayer, etc.
  • Playback Controls with Volume and Brightness
  • Sleep PC from Phone

WiFi Presentation Remote

WiFi Presentation Remote is a free Android app that serves as a remote controller for presentation. It works with Windows, Linux, and macOS. Users have to install the computer software of this app on their PC. Both devices must be on the same network. After that, users can type the IP from computer software into this app and get the presentation remote working.


  • Presentation Remote for PC
  • Easy Presentation Controls

Roku Remote: RoSpikes (WiFi+IR)

Roku Remote is a free Android app to control Roku devices. It includes Roku Streaming Dongles and Roku compatible TVs. The app automatically scans for Roku devices nearby and then users can pick their device to connect. It offers a full Roku remote with a touchpad and keyboard functionality. This app is basically an alternative to the Roku remote that allows users to easily control their Roku TV with their phones.


  • Automatic Scan and Connect to Roku TV
  • Full Roku Remote
  • Power Controls
  • Touchpad and Keyboard
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