5 Free Remote Desktop Apps for Android

Here is a list of 5 free remote desktop apps for Android. If you are looking for a remote desktop app for Android then this list can help. It covers 5 different types of remote connection apps coming with their own feature-set.

Some of these apps can control a configured PC remotely from an Android device. These apps are mainly for troubleshooting and enterprise purposes. Then there are other apps that let you remotely control PC, Android, and iOS devices. You just need to install the client on all your devices logged in with the same account. Then you can access any of those devices remotely from anywhere. Along with the remote desktop functionality, these apps also let you share files between devices with additional features like chat, remote camera, screen mirroring, notification mirroring, and more. You can check out these apps one by one and find the one that fits your needs.

My Favorite Android Remote Desktop App

AirDroid is my favorite remote desktop app on this list. This is a popular mobile management suite for Android packing lots of useful features. With this app, you can remotely access a PC running Windows, macOS, or Linux. You can also control Android and iOS devices with this app installed. Apart from the remote connection, you can also use this app to mirror Android screen to PC and share files between the connected devices. Being a mobile management suite, it offers features like Android notification mirroring, remote camera, the ability to take calls directly on PC, and more.

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AirDroid is a free remote desktop app for Android. This is a mobile management suite for Android devices. With a desktop client installed, this app lets users mirror Android screen to PC and share files between the Android device and the PC. Users can also connect it with other Android devices where it lets them remote control the other Android devices. It offers a Remote Camera feature that can monitor the surroundings of the remotely controlled ANdroid devices using its front and rear cameras. Apart from the remote control and screen mirroring, this app can mirror all Android notifications onto a PC. It can also sync contacts, SMS, etc., and allows users to take phone calls directly on their PC.


  • Mirror Android Screen to PC
  • File Transfer between Android and PC
  • Remote Control Android Devices
  • Remote Camera
  • Notification Mirror to PC
  • Take Calls on PC from Android
  • Find Phone Feature


AnyDesk is a free remote desktop app for Android. This is a popular remote desktop tool available for all popular operating systems. With AnyDesk, users can remotely access their PC from Android and vice versa. It also offers a remote connection between Android devices. Along with remote connection, users can also transfer files and give print commands remotely. One unique feature of AnyDesk is “Wake-on LAN”. This feature allows users to turn on a PC from hibernation remotely from another device on the network.


  • Remote Access between PC-Android and Android-Android
  • File Transfer
  • Remote Printing
  • Wake-on LAN

Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is a free remote desktop app for Android by Zoho Corporation. This app is designed for troubleshooting a PC remotely. It can remotely control PC and smart devices running all popular operating systems. It offers a toolbar with easy controls and optional administrative tasks. It also offers file transfer between two remotely connected devices along with chat features. Being a troubleshooting tool, it also lets schedule remote sessions ahead to keep everything in flow.


  • Remote Control PC (Windows, macOS & Linux)
  • Remote Control Smartphone (Android & iOS)
  • Easy Controls and Administrative Tasks
  • File Transfer
  • Chat
  • Schedule Sessions

Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop is another free remote desktop app for Android. This app is offered by Microsoft. It brings some of the Windows Remote Desktop capabilities to Android. With this app, users can control their Windows PC remotely from anywhere. It supports Windows gestures and capable of streaming audio and video playing on the PC to the Android device over the remote connection. Apart from that, this app has some other enterprise-level features including the ability to redirect clipboard and local storage, access web apps allowed by specific enterprises, etc.


  • Remote Control Windows PC
  • Support Windows Gestures
  • Audio and Video Streaming
  • Redirect Clipboard and Local Storage
  • Secure Connection for Enterprise Applications

VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer is yet another free remote desktop app for Android. This app basically allows users to remotely control their PC running Windows or macOS. It turns the Android device into a remote controller to manage the device. Users can control the PC with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse connected to the Android device. It is simple to use. Users just have to install the VNC client on their devices and log in with a valid VNC account to control their PC remotely.


  • Remotely Access PC from Android
  • Support Bluetooth Mouse & Keyboard
  • Enterprise-orientated Features
  • No Android Screen Mirroring
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