6 Best Free Church Management Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free Church management software for Windows. These software help you manage various tasks and members associated with the church. Various tasks that you can manage through these software are Records of members and families, Adding new members, Attendance tracking, Managing church documents, Managing venues, Assigning tasks, etc. Some software also contain features to manage the financial aspect of the Church like management of donationsexpendituresfundraisers, etc.

Most Church software are web-based and support multiple users which helps admin to assign tasks to other users. Plus, admin can give some limited permissions to other users so that they can only perform the assigned tasks. Apart from management, you can also retrieve all the stored data by using simple queries.

In terms of usage, all software are pretty easy but you need a web server software like XAMPP and WAMP to run the web-based Church management software.

My Favorite Church Management Software For Windows:

ChurchInfo is my favorite software because through it you can manage many important activities of the Church including donations, payments, etc. Plus, admin of this software can easily assign tasks to other users to perform multiple activities in a parallel fashion.

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ChurchInfo is a free church management software for Windows. This software helps church houses to track their members, families, groups, payments, etc. Plus, it is also quite good at managing church expendituresfundraisers, donations, events, etc.

Through this software, Admin can manage can all aspects of the church alone or he can assign tasks to multiple users so that they can help admin to manage the church. Admin can decide what exactly a user can or can’t manage by giving certain permissions while creating the user account. Just like admin, users also need to log-in by submitting the correct username and password. As this software is web-based, so users can work from different locations at the same time as well.

In this software, you get 7 separate tabs which directly help Admin and assigned users to manage various aspects of churches. Let’s see the use of each tab in brief:

  • People/Families: This tab helps Admin to add and edit new persons and various associated information. From here, newly added person can also be added to groups like families, volunteers, etc.
  • Events: As its name implies, this tab is used to manage events. In it, admin can easily create and edit events. Plus, a check-in/out feature is also available to track attendees and for how much time they stayed in the event.
  • Deposit: Using this tab Admin can take donations and give a deposit slip to donors. All the previous deposits can also be viewed either by using the deposit slip number or by using the date. Plus, Admin can also view the total donations received between any two given dates.
  • Fundraisers: Through this tab, admin or users can create fundraisers, view fundraisers, edit fundraisers, view buyers, and add donors to buyers list.
  • Data/Reports: Using this tab, Admin or assigned users can generate a complete record of any given person, group, family, etc. in CSV format. Plus, other important reports like financial report, address verification report, event attendees report, etc. can also be viewed.
  • Groups: This tab helps users and Admin to create a new group, assign members to the group, assign a role of the group, etc.
  • Properties: This tab is used to save unique properties of people like disabled, not married, full-time church member, single parent, etc.

Overall, it is a good web-based church management software that allows Admin and other assigned users to manage various aspects of the church.

Note: In order to run this software, you need to use software like XAMPP, WAMP, etc. which can host web-based software.

Church Admin

Church Admin is a free WordPress plugin to manage church and establish communication between different members and groups of the church. Using it, you can easily add, edit, and view new members, groups, etc. Plus, it also allows attendance tracking, mail backup, google map integration, event tracking, etc. This software makes the task of managing church pretty easy, but its installation process is not that simple. So, I recommend you to refer this link to get the detailed installation process.

Initially, only Admin has the authority to manage the church, but later admin can transfer some authorities to other users as well. Authorities like management of prayer chain, directory, small groups, Bulk Email, Attendance, etc. can be transferred to other users by the admin.

This church management freeware divides different parts of church management into separate tabs and each of its tabs has a dedicated function. Let us view how these tabs help in managing the church:

  • People: To add new peoples and their personal details like Name, Address, Marital Status, Member Type, etc.
  • Kids: This tab helps Admin to divide children into different age groups. Various children safeguarding methods and people for safeguarding can also be assigned through this tab.
  • Classes: In classes, you can add multiple members and assign a particular management task to a class. In the class, it is compulsory to assign a team leader who will lead other members of the class.
  • Groups: Groups are similar to classes with one exception that groups don’t have team leaders whereas classes do have.
  • Services: Through this tab, Admin and assigned users can manage venues, assign services, set time of service, track attendance, view attendance graph, etc.
  • Sessions: This tab allows users to create a session consists of a group of people to discuss church-related issues. Plus, assigned users can also track who attended the scheduled sessions and who don’t.
  • Comms: Using it, Admin and users can broadcast some important message through services named bulk messages and bulk email.
  • Schedule: In it, admin can assign a task to a particular date, communicate the schedule, and also save the schedule in PDF format.
  • Facilities: Use this tab to organize facilities like room, video projectors, etc. You can also manage a booking calendar for different facilities.
  • Media: This tab lets you share Bible podcast and Bible audio verses with other users.

By using these available tabs, you can easily manage almost every facet of the church. Plus, some really good built-in communication features help users to freely communicate their thoughts and other important data and documents with each other.

Note: To run this software, you need software that can create local server like XAMPP, WAMP, etc.


MyChurchManager is another free church management software for Windows. This software lets you build a database of church members, events, families, important documents, etc. At any time, you can edit and modify entries of database to keep it up to date.

This software is mainly capable of managing three aspects of a church, namely, People, Events, and Documents. You can manage these aspects by using respective tabs.

  • People Tab: In this, you can add, remove, and modify personal details (name, phone number, address, etc,) of People, Groups, and Families.
  • Events Tab: It lets you add and modify future events if needed. Plus, a birthday list is also available to find those persons whose birthdates fall on a particular date.
  • Documents Tab: Through this tab, you can add title, description, and define a category for the document. After doing that, attach an external document in any document format (DOC, TXT, RTF, etc.) and save it in the database. Added documents cannot be viewed or edited through this software. So, you can only save your important church documents in this software and download them later when needed.

Overall, it a simple church software that helps you manage various aspects of a church by saving important church data in an organized manner.


ACTS is a free and open source church management software for Windows. Like other software, this software also lets you organize and manage various important aspects of a church like Donations, Receipts, Members, Member Groups, Attendance, Venue, etc. Plus, it also supports multiple users, network access, and built-in web-based application modules which enables churches to provide online services for members to view personal data, room booking, etc. This software saves every information about the church in its inbuilt database. The admin of this software can easily add, remove, or edit any information from the database if required. To fetch the relevant information, you can either use simple search option or run SQL query to get the desired data.

This church software comes with Four main tabs through which admin can manage the church with ease. Let’s take a brief look at available tabs and how they help in church management.

  • System: Through this tab, Admin can give or take various permissions to/from users like Custom code read, Settings read, Import data permission, Run SQL query, Modify venue, Modify attendance, etc.
  • Member: In this tab, you can add, remove, and modify personal information of members and groups of members. You can also search any member by using the name or member ID. Plus, admin can also view the attendance of every member using this tab.
  • Activity: Using this tab, admin can manage venue reservation, view venue reservation report, add custom venues, view group wise attendance, etc.
  • Account: It is a very important tab using which admin can make Donation receipt, Voucher, General Ledger (chart of account, account activity report, etc.), etc.

This software is password protected, so only admin can access and use this software. Assigned users can also password protect their own accounts. Plus, they can also mark their attendance and add or modify other relevant information according to the permission granted by the admin.

Note: This software requires Web tool Server (Tomcat) to run this software in a multi-user mode.


Excellerate is yet another free church management software for Windows. Using it, you can organize all of your church’s information, track and analyze church’s small groups, simplify contribution reporting, and do more.

When you launch this software, you can view many tabs like PreMembers, Members, Groups, Classes, Organizations, etc. Using these tabs, admin can add, edit, and modify all the information of members. Not just managing the members and their information, but quick retrieval of member’s information through unique ID is also possible in this software. The responsibility to mark the attendance of church’s members are also in the hands of admin. Here, you can also print or save the group-wise information of employees as PDF’s.

A Contribution section is also present in this church software that lets Admin manage the list of all members that have contributed to church. This list of members contains information like member name, date of contribution, member designation, contributed amount, etc.

It also provides various inbuilt connectivity features like Text Messages, Email, Mass Texts, etc; so that admin can communicate to members directly. To use these connectivity features, Admin first needs to attach email and SMS services to this software. In general, it is a feature-rich church software that makes Admin’s task to manage church really easy.

Jethro PMM

Jethro PMM is another free and open source web-based church management software for Windows. This software helps you manage the church by tracking people, families, groups, members attendance, pastoral tasks, church services, rosters, and documents. As this software is web-based, so other church members other than admin can also use it to mark their attendance, to add personal details, to view information about other groups and members, etc. Still, Admin permission is initially required by other members to perform various tasks.

In this software, you can find various tabs to manage different aspects of the church namely, Family (to add, search, and view all families), Persons (to view all individuals and their report and statistics), Notes (admin can assign immediate action using it), Attendance (to view and mark attendance), Documents (to add, view and edit church documents). Apart from this, one more tab named Admin is also available but this tab is only available in Admin’s account. Through Admin tab, an admin can manage the accounts of all users and also grant permission request to users.

Note: This software requires software like XAMPP, WAMP, etc. in order to run.

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