20 Best Free Anagram Generator Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free anagram generator software for Windows. These software are used for creating anagrams which are formed by rearranging letters of a typed word. While many of these provide anagram results with exact word length as source text, many let you customize minimum and maximum length to fetch anagrams. Some of these fetch and display anagrams in real time. Most of these support multiple dictionaries including English, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Spanish, Japanese, etc. You can save anagram results as a text file or simply copy anagrams to the clipboard. In some of these, you can also lookup for the meaning of an anagram on the web.

Many of these can be used for a lot more than just finding anagrams. You can find all words contained in a word, find rhymes, search polywords, create crossword puzzles, make wordlist, etc.

My Favorite Anagram Generator Software For Windows:

TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus is one of my favorite anagram generator software. Apart from finding anagrams, it is a complete dictionary and thesaurus, so you can browse synonyms, antonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms, usage, etc. You can also find rhymes, generate concordance, manage word list, etc.

I also like Ag and Anagram which are simple anagram makers.

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TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus

TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus, as the name suggests, is a dictionary and thesaurus software for Windows. In it, you can find a dedicated module to find anagrams for a word. To fetch results, you can specify whether you want to view anagrams of exact length as entered word or anagrams of any length. The fetched anagrams can be viewed in a dedicated section present on interface. Number of anagrams found is also displayed. You can copy words to the clipboard.

Apart from finding anagrams, you can find rhyme finder, phonetic wildcard search, rhyme assistant, concordancer, etymologer, etc. tools. You can configure some program related settings including word search limit, font, etc.

Note: It is free for non commercial purpose only. To use it commercially and unlock all of its features, you need to buy its pro version.


Ag is a free, open source, portable anagram generator software for Windows. After entering a word, you can click on Find Anagrams button to view its anagrams. You can specify the maximum and minimum word length for fetching anagram results. It also shows the total number of anagrams found. It also lets you find usable words from the typed text.

To find anagrams, first, go to Lexicons menu and select a dictionary such as English, Dutch, Danish, French, German, Italian, etc. You can also load external lexicon files too. After that, type a word in search bar and click on Find Usable Words or Find Anagrams button. You will be able to view a list of usable words and anagrams. You can copy all or selected anagrams to the clipboard. You can also save anagrams in a text file. Any typed word can be added to the favorites list to use later.

Anagram Generator

Anagram Generator is a software to find anagrams, rhyming words, palindromes, crosswords, etc. It provides different dedicated tabs to search for each of these. In it, you can also enter your phone number and see what it spells. Apart from English, it supports other language dictionaries too, such as French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, etc.

To find anagrams, go to its Anagrams tab and enter source text. After that, click on green button and it will ask you to configure some anagram settings including minimum subword size, maximum subword size, maximum words in anagrams, show search progress, etc. It will then display anagrams, lexicons, and search statistics in distinct sections. By right-clicking on a word, you can view its definition on the web. It provides a handy Previous Results section where you can view all old search results as text files. You can also print the search results.


Anagram is a dedicated portable anagram creator software for Windows. You just need to enter a word to find its anagrams. It contains English and Indonesian dictionaries. It lets you select word length to fetch anagrams. You can also find the meaning of any of the anagrams on the web.

Letters Make Words

Letters Make Words is a free anagram generator app for Windows 10. It lets you find anagrams of a word with exact length. On clicking an anagram, you can view its meaning, noun, etc. information.

Apart from anagrams, it also shows matching words with specific pattern, scrabble wordlist, and polywords. You can add new words to dictionary. You can also setup some configurations such as exclude hyphenated words, turn on free type pattern matching, add links to dictionary websites, etc.

Anagram Free Finder

Anagram Free Finder is a straightforward anagram generator software for Windows. It finds anagrams for a typed text in real-time. It also shows the number of anagrams fetched.

Anagram Artist

Anagram Artist is a very easy to use anagram solver for Windows. Let’s see what are its key features:

  • As you type words, it finds and shows anagrams in real time.
  • It displays anagrams of different word lengths.
  • It lets you filter out anagram results by nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc.
  • You can copy results to the clipboard.

STG Wordlist

STG Wordlist, as the name implies, is a wordlist generator software. It also works as an anagram generator software. In its Anagram Word section, you can enter a word and then hit Look button to view respective anagrams. It displays anagrams of all length. You can copy fetched anagram results.

Anagram Finder

Anagram Finder is another free portable anagram generator software. You just need to enter the word and hit Enter button to find its anagram. It displays anagrams with the exact number of letters.

Anagram Master

Anagram Master is another nice anagram generator software for Windows. You can find anagrams of a word of a specific length using it. It displays statistics including words in dictionary and words found. You can copy anagram search results to the clipboard.


Anagrammatist is a Java based anagram creator software for Windows. It is a simple program which lets you find anagrams for a word. It displays all possible anagrams in all length. The search results are shown in real time as you type a word. You can copy found anagrams to the clipboard.

Anagram Solver

Anagram Solver, as the name suggests, is one more dedicated anagram generator software for Windows. You can simply type a word and hit Enter to find its anagrams. It shows anagram results with exactly same length as source text.


Buchstabenwirrwarr is a free software to find anagrams for a specific text. It supports two languages which are English and German. If you wish, you can include words having specified letters as sub-quantity. It fetches anagrams for typed text with exact length. It displays number of anagrams fetched and also, you can copy anagrams to the clipboard.

Crossword Designer

Crossword Designer is a free software to design crossword puzzles. It also provides an Anagram Finder option which is accessible from Edit menu. It displays anagrams for typed word in real time. You can set level of anagram solver to easy, medium, or hard. Apart from that, it provides a tool to find words with blanks too.


CruciMaker is a free software to create crossword puzzles. In its Tools menu, you can find an Anagram option which lets you find anagrams for text. It displays proper anagrams, partial words, and all words that are contained in typed word. You can select words and copy them to the clipboard.

Note: By default, the interface of this software is in the Italian language. To change it to English, you have to go to its Tools > Options (Ctrl+H) > Program Options.


Kombine is an easy to use anagram generator software. It contains English and Latin dictionaries. If you wish to add more dictionaries, you can do that too. You can customize search results for exact length of anagrams as contained in typed word. From the search results, you can click on a word and find respective anagrams directly.


Multi-anagram is a console based anagram generator software. You can find anagram for a word in four simple steps, which are as follows:

  • Enter the word for which you can find anagrams.
  • Enter the minimum length of anagrams.
  • Enter the maximum length of anagrams.
  • Enter a letter from typed word which must be there in all anagrams.

It will display the results with statistics including number of words with specific number of letters.

Musawwir Word Tool

Musawwir Word Tool is a portable software to find anagrams of a word. You can type a word in search bar, select Unscramble option, and then click Find button. You will be able to view anagrams with exact length in a section below. You can copy fetched anagrams to the clipboard. It can also find all words contained in a word, words beginning/ending with a specific word, and fill in words.


SolveX is a simple anagram solver software. You just have to enter a text and hit the Find Anagrams button to get respective anagrams. It shows anagrams with exact number of letters as the typed word. You can set the word case to customize search results.

World of words

World of words is another free anagram generator app for Windows 10. It is basically designed to help users with word games like crosswords, scrabble, etc. To generate anagrams, go to its Anagram section. Now, simply enter the word to find its anagrams. It will display anagrams containing exact number of letters contained in the typed word.

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