6 Best Free Lyrics Writing Software For Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Lyrics Writing Software For Windows. These freeware are really helpful to the lyricists and musicians to write lyrics of a song. These software provide a platform to create a database of your songs’ lyrics. You can start with adding the metadata of a song such as Title, Copyright, Writer, Artist, etc. Some additional information related to a song can also be added such as capo position, key signature, time signature, tempo, key line, etc. Lyrics can be added by inserting title, chord, chorus, comment, and verse. You can also find Chord Editor and Transpose features in many of these.

A few of these also provide some additional but useful tools such as rhyme suggestions, word explorer, online lookup, etc. You can even hear a song while writing lyrics in one of these. Apart from that, you can modify lyrics font, size, style, etc.

To export the lyrics to a file, these lyrics writer software support formats like SVG, PNG, HTML, EMF, TXT, etc. You can also directly print the lyrics in all of these.

My Favorite Lyrics Writing Software For Windows:

OpenSong is my favorite free open source lyrics writing software. It is a complete solution for those who are looking for a songs’ lyrics writer and management software. Additionally, you can create chords and lead sheets too in it. If you want a simple and lightweight lyrics writing software, go for Songpress.

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OpenSong is a free open source lyrics writing software for Windows. It provides a dedicated Song Editor which lets you write new song lyrics. You can also find a sample database of multiple songs with respective lyrics and details.

How to write lyrics in OpenSong:

  • Go to Song Mode > Song Editor and from left panel, click on Create > New Song.
  • Now, you need to add basic information of the song i.e. Title, Copyright, Author, Presentation, and CCLI Song number. It also lets you add advanced information related to a song such as theme, capo position, key signature, time signature, tempo, key line, verse specific background, etc.
  • You can now start manually writing lyrics in the respective field. To do so, you can insert sections, chords/lyrics, multiple verses, comment, new column, and new page. Additionally, you can set Hymn number and use transpose (sharp, flat) while writing the lyrics. Also, you can add linked songs from the song database.
  • After creating lyrics, you can directly print the song lyrics or export them to an HTML file.

It also provides a Set Mode which lets you project a series of songs and slides.

OpenSong is one of the best lyrics editor and management software. It basically manages lyrics, chords, lead sheets, etc. You can also find some additional features like view song activity log, edit presentation settings, etc.


Songpress is quite a simple and straightforward lyrics writing software for Windows. To write lyrics of a song, you can insert title, chord, chorus, comment, and verse with custom label. As you add these content of a song, the formatted preview is shown in a separate section as visible in above snapshot. Also, you can change font of lyrics, chorus label, verse label, chord pattern, etc.

Additionally, a dedicated Tools menu is provided in it. Using this section, you can transpose the entire song, simplify chords, change chord notations, and cleanup chords. It can also be used to convert songs from tab format to Chordpro format and to remove spurious blank lines. Apart from that, some editing options like integrate chords, move chord right, move chord left, remove chords, replace, etc. are available in it.

To save the lyrics, it supports CRD file format. But, you can also export lyrics preview to an SVG, PNG, HTML, or EMF file.

All in all, I really liked this lyrics writer software because of its simplicity. You can write lyrics of songs using it without much hassle.


VersePerfect is a nice free lyrics writing software as well as a poem generator for Windows. It provides all essential features that help you pen down lyrics of a song.

It provides a Main Editor tab where you can start writing lyrics. For this purpose, you can configure some options from View menu. For example, hide line number, hide syllable count, show rhyme lines, hide phrase, hide rhymes, show verse forms, etc. Now, let’s have a look at some helpful options provided in this lyrics writer software:

  • As it is a poem generator, you can find a dedicated section which displays rhymes of typed word.
  • It comes with inbuilt Hyperbolic Thesaurus, Wikipedia, Google, and Online Lookup features which help you while writing lyrics.
  • A dedicated Word Explorer tool lets you look up to definition, synonyms, type of, etc. of a word.
  • It comes with a Spell Check tool too.
  • It also contains some samples of lyrics of some popular songs.

After writing lyrics, you can save the file in simple text format. You can also directly print the lyrics.

VersePerfect is a simple but effective lyrics writing software.


OpenLP is basically a presentation software to view slides containing songs, Bible verses, images, videos, etc. This can be an alternative to a lyrics writing software as it provides a song editing tool too. It comes with various songs’ lyrics, plus you can add custom ones to the existing database.

How to write lyrics in this free open source lyrics writing software:

  1. Click the Add a new song button highlighted in above screenshot. A Song Editor window will open up where you can write lyrics with title of song and verse order. You can also add additional song information like Authors, Topics, Songbook, Theme, Copyright, Comment, etc. You can also link multiple audio track files to it as references.
  2. To export song lyrics, select it from the database and then go to File > Export > Song. The file will be saved as an XML document.

There are some advanced features in it e.g. Song Maintenance (to view and manage a list of authors, topics, and songbooks), Preview (to preview a song with selected theme), Find Duplicate Songs, etc.


TuneSmith is another one of lyrics writing software for Windows. It provides individual sections and tabs to write lyrics of a song. For this purpose, use Song Catalog section which includes Song Info, Lyrics Editor, and Chord Sheet tabs.

  • In Song Info tab, you need to add metadata of the song i.e. title, category, genre, copyright info, publication date, etc. You can also add status of the song such as work in progress, song recorded, etc.
  • Lyrics Editor tab lets you manually insert song lyrics. While doing so, you can customize text font, size, style, etc. It also lets you import a music track to listen to while typing lyrics. You can also find Notes and Revision History panels in this tab.
  • In Chord Sheet tab, you can create chord sheets using provided chord dictionary. Here also, you can import and listen to an audio track.

Additionally, this lyrics writing software also provides Pitch Journal and Song Catalog modules to keep track of all your songs and their information, such as co-writers, musicians, cover artists, etc.

To save the song lyrics, you can use print option to directly print lyrics on paper or save the file in PDF format.

TuneSmith is a good lyrics writer software. It comes with a Rhyme Genie plugin which shows rhymes of words.


Chordastic is a nice lyrics writer software for Windows. It lets you create a sheet with lyrics and chords.

The procedure to write lyrics of a song is an intuitive task in it. Firstly, add title, artists, writer, composer, and genre information. As you add these information, a new window with Song Editor panel will open up. And, the preview of written lyrics will be available in the middle of interface. Just type lyrics and put chords to them using Chord database from left panel. You can even import lyrics from a TXT file or ChordPro file. It also provides a Transpose feature.

At last, it lets you save written lyrics as HTML, Text, and ChordPro files. You can also print the lyrics in this software.

Note: The free version of this software contains many feature restrictions. Check its download page to know more.

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