5 Best Free Base64 to Hex Converter Software for Windows

Here is a list of Best Free Base64 to Hex Converter Software for Windows. These free software let you convert a Base64 code to its respective hexadecimal string. You can also use these free converters to encode and decode Base64 code to/from various other formats like text, morse code, unicode, XML, URL, and more. Many of these software even let you convert Base64 to multiple hash codes like MD4, MD5, SHA, CRC, and some more.

These are very easy to use software as the conversion requires only a few steps. You can manually type Base64 code or copy and paste it to view the respective hexadecimal string. Plus, some software also let you import a locally saved file that contains source Base64 code and then convert it to hex and other strings. You can also save the converted hexadecimal in various output file formats like RTF, TXT, etc. Additional features like Compare Files, Edit Features, Live Conversion, and more can also be found in a few of these converters. All in all, these are handy converters for users who want to encode and decode Base64 code.

Some converters are command based, so you will need to execute a specific command in the CMD to perform Base64 to hex conversion. You can checkout the software descriptions to know the exact command.

My Favorite Base64 to Hex Converter Software for Windows:

Japplis Toolbox is my favorite software as it provides multiple encoding and decoding tools which also include a Base64 to Hex converter.

HexPad is another good and dedicated converter that also provides a file comparison feature.

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Japplis Toolbox

Japplis Toolbox is a free software that provides several utility tools for developers including Base64 to Hex converter. It also contains multiple tools for encoding or decoding URL, XML, Morse code, Unicode, Volapuk, etc. Plus, you can also find functions to sort lines, reverse lines,  number lines, delete duplicates, trim spaces, filter exact words, join lines, and do much more. It provides a lot more handy functions to solve patterns, find text characteristics (word count, line count, XML validate, etc.), check system, swing, and environment properties, character mapping, and more.

Let us have a look at the steps of Base64 to Hex conversion in this toolbox.

How to convert Base64 to Hex in Japplis Toolbox:

  • Launch this software and go to its Codec tab.
  • Now, enter the Bae64 code into the Codec tab or you can also open a text file containing the source Base64 code.
  • Next, turn on the “Encode” radio button and choose Hex as the conversion type.
  • After that, press the play button to see the converted hexadecimal string. You can save the hex code in a separate local file.

Additional Features:

  • You can see real time conversion of Base64 to Hex or any other string by enabling the Live option.
  • It also lets you encode text into MD2, MD5, Hashcode, CRC32, SHA-512, etc.


It is a great suite of multiple encoding and decoding tools including a Base64 to Hex converter.


HexPad is a dedicated software to convert Base64 or any other code to hexadecimal. It can even convert photos, multimedia files, database storage files, archives, and many more files to Hex. You can simply browse and open a file and see its hexadecimal conversion on the screen. It also provides you export function that allows you to save converted strings in a number of formats including TXT, RTF, HTML, HEX, Source File, etc.

Let us checkout a sorted procedure to convert Base64 to Hex.

How to convert Base64 to Hex in HexPad:

  • Open this software and go to File menu > Open option to open your file containing the Base64 code.
  • As you open the file, you will be able to view the corresponding hexadecimal string along with the Base64 code. You can view and analyze the hex code and even export it to a local file.

Additional Features:

  • Compare Files: You can compare two code files side by side using features like sync cursor, next difference, next match, goto end, etc.
  • Edit: It allows you to edit a file with functions like find & replace, set/ insert, copy address, goto begin, goto end, etc.


It is another good Base64 to Hex converter which also lets you save the converted string in various file formats.

Fox Encoder

Fox Encoder is an encoding and decoding software that enables you to convert Base64 to hex. It can convert various codes and text strings from one format to another, e.g, Bas64 to Hex, Base64 to plain text, plain text to Hex, plain text to Base64, Text to Hash codes, and more. It lets you convert Base64 to MD5, MD4, SHA512, Keccak, and more hash codes and vice versa. Plus, you can copy the converted hexadecimal code to the clipboard. Now, check out the steps of conversion below.

How to convert Base64 to Hex in Fox Encoder:

  • Launch its ‘Encoder’ application file, you will be able to view separate code sections including Base64. Enter your Base64 code into the respective section.
  • Now, press the Decode button and all the respective conversion will be displayed in the corresponding tabs including Hex. You can copy the hex code and use it anywhere.


It is a simple yet effective Base64 to Hex converter that lets you perform conversion between plain text, hex, has codes, and Base64.


BDE64 is a command based Base64 to Hex converter software for Windows. Using it, you can convert a Base64 code to hexadecimal and vice versa. It requires you to enter a simple command in order to encode or decode Base64 code. Let’s checkout what is that command.

How to convert Base64 to Hex using a simple command:

  • Firstly, copy and paste the text file that contains the Base64 code right next to BDE64’s exe file.
  • Now, launch this software in the Command Prompt.
  • Next, enter a command with following syntax: bde64.exe <d/e> <input_file> [output_file]. Here, d is for decoding and e is for encoding. Your final command will look something like: bde64.exe e lof.txt [abc.txt]
  • At last, press Enter to view and save the output.


It is a handy software to quickly convert Base64 to hexadecimal by executing a simple command.


base642hexkey is another command based tool to convert Base64 to hex. It is extremely easy to use and you can perform conversion without much hassle. the command is also very easy. let’s see what is the command and the steps to convert Bese64 to hex.

How to convert Base64 to hex using this command based software:

  • Open the command prompt and then navigate to its download folder.
  • Now, run the python file that you get in the download folder in the CMD.
  • After that, it will ask you to enter Base64 (b64) code in the CMD. Enter the code and you will be able to view its respective hexadecimal conversion.


It is extremely easy to use Base64 to Hex converter using which you can run its python file in the CMD and perform the conversion.

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