6 Free Birthday Card Maker Apps for Android

Here is a list of 6 free birthday card maker apps for Android. If you are making a digital birthday card then this list can help. It features 6 apps that you can use to make birthday greetings and invitation cards in a matter of minutes.

These apps feature a collection of card templates that you can pick and customize. Depending on the app, you can add text, photos, stickers, emojis, and greeting graphics to the card. You can also use filters and exposure to change the look of the photos. Once the design is final, you can export it in the form of an image.

Some of these apps offer a more simple approach to make birthday cards. These apps offer photo birthday greeting photo frames where you can just add a photo of the person and create a card. You can check out these apps yourself and pick the one you like.

My Favorite Birthday Card Maker App

Birthday Greeting Card Maker is my favorite birthday card maker app on this list. Out of all six, this app packs the most features. It comes with a collection of birthday greeting templates. You can pick a template of your choice and customize it with text, photos, shapes, stickers, emoji, decorative graphics, effects, etc. You can add multiple images and shapes and blend them together with a tap. In the end, you can export the card as an image.

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