7 Best Free Church Presentation Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free church presentation software for Windows. During worships and sacred events, priests use church presentations containing Bible text, sacred music, lyrics, background, etc. If you also want to make custom church presentations, then check out these church presentation software. Through these software, users can create custom church presentations containing all the essential elements. To make presentations, most of these software come with inbuilt Bible, Bible Verses, background, songs with lyrics, etc, elements. Although, some software let users import external presentation content. A few software even let users integrate them with MS Presentation and Libre Impress software to run presentations present on them. In general, the process to make presentations is quite in all these software.

These software contains multiple sections to deal with different presentation elements like Songs Lyrics, Bible, Backgrounds, Slides, etc. Using the Song Lyrics section, users can select lyrics that will appear with the song over the main screen. Using the Bible section, users can search for specific Bible verses that they want to add over presentation slides. With the help of the Background section, users can choose colors, photos, and videos as presentation background. Through the Slides section, users can arrange the elements over the slides and specify the order of play. After finalizing the presentation, users can preview the presentation with music and then run it on the main display for devotes. These software also provide a good set of presentation control tools to hide or show all elements of the presentation on the main screen. Go through the list to know more about these software.

My Favorite Church Presentation Software For Windows:

Datasoul is my favorite software because it lets users use a variety of media elements to make a beautiful presentation. It also comes with some useful media control tools to play and control the church presentation.

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Datasoul is a free open source church presentation software for Windows. It is specially designed to display presentations consisting of lyrics and Bible text. It also comes with a collection of sacred songs with lyrics that users can use in their church presentations. Some of the songs that it offers are Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art, and It is well with my soul. Plus, a good set of display controls to control the live presentation is also present in it. To make the presentation more impressive, it lets users add custom text, list of verses, image list, etc. Let’s take a look at the primary features of this software.

Main Features:

  • Background and Templates: These sections contain many inbuilt backgrounds and templates that users can use in their presentations. Apart from static templates and background images, users can also import and use video as the presentation background.
  • Song Library: It contains multiple inbuilt sacred songs along with their lyrics that will be displayed on the presentation. This library also allows users to import more songs and edit lyrics of songs.
  • Display Controls: After specifying the background, song, and lyrics, users can run and control the presentation using three main display controls namely Black (to turn the main screen black), Hide (to hide the content of church presentation), and Show (to show all the content of the presentation).
  • Import Song From Office Presentation: It is a handy tool through which users can directly import songs from presentation files of ODP, PPT, and PPTX formats.

Additional Features:

  • Publish: Use this tool to publish the created church presentation on your website.
  • Export: Unlike most other similar software, this software also lets users export the presentation in PDF and RTF file formats.

Final Thoughts:

It is one of the best free church presentation software through which users can create church presentations using various media elements.


OpenLP is a free open source church presentation software for Windows, macOS, and Linux. This software comes with a large collection of Bible verses, Bible themes, and songs that users can play on large screens. To create and play church presentations, users integrate this app with PowerPoint, Libre Impress, etc., software. Users can also import images and bible verses directly in its Presentation section to quickly create and play church presentations. Now, check out the main features of this software.

Main Features:

  • Presentations: It is the main presentation section of this app that allows users to integrate with other presentation services such as Libre Impress, MS Presentation, etc. After the integration, users can run presentations present on connected software. It also lets users directly import images (as the presentation slides) and Bible Verses to quickly make presentation slides.
  • Custom Slides: Use this section to manually design all the presentation slides using existing presentations, images, and text.
  • Preview and Live: After making a presentation, users can preview it in the preview section and then make it Live on a big screen.
  • Theme Manager: It contains multiple inbuilt themes for presentations such as Gradient, Solid Color, Transparent, and more.
  • Bible: It is another future that lets users search for Bible verses and show them over the main screen.
  • Songs: It carries many sacred songs that users can play during the church presentation.

Additional Feature:

  • Multi-Language Support: In this software, users can also create and run church presentations in various languages like Spanish, Suomi, Deutsch, Dansk, and more.

Final Thoughts:

It is a capable church presentation software using which users can quickly create and conduct church presentations.


OpenSong is another free open source church presentation software for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Through this app, users can create and edit presentation slides for the church. It also lets users choose and play sacred songs with church presentations. Now, check out the main features of this software.

Main Features:

  • Set Mode: It contains the main Slide editor that allows users to make church presentation slides. To do that, users need to provide slide title, slide scripture, images, etc. Plus, tools to specify the slide properties like loop slides, time between each slide, transition effect, etc.
  • Song Mode: This mode is designed to help users create presentation slides consists of bible verses and sacred songs. To do that, it offers the same set of tools as Set Mode along with additional tools like add songs, select songs, etc.
  • Present: This tool is present in both Set and Song Modes. Using it, users can run slideshows and show presentations over the main screen.

Final Thoughts:

It is another good church presentation software through which users can quickly create and run presentations containing custom text and Bible verses.

PraiseBase Presenter

PraiseBase Presenter is another free open source church presentation software for Windows. Through this software, users can conduct worship sessions by easily projecting lyrics, pictures, and scriptures. In this software, users can also create and organize all the presentation elements together to make a cohesive church presentation. Let’s take a look at the main features of this software.

Main Features:

  • Foreground: In this section, users can select the foreground elements of a church presentation such as Lyrics, Custom Messages, Bible Verses, Chapters, and Web videos (it lets users add Youtube videos to the presentation).
  • Background: Use it to add custom backgrounds for presentation in the form of images.
  • Foreground and background Time Difference: This software also offers time difference tools to manually adjust the time difference between foreground and background elements during the church presentation.
  • Projection: Use it to select a bible lyric from various available ones to show over the presentation.
  • Presentation Screen Modes: To control the presentation this software offers three modes namely Disable Presentation Screen, Blackout (to hide presentation elements), and Enable Presentation Screen.
  • Import: Use it to import external lyrics and songs to this software that users can use in their presentations.

Final Thoughts:

It is another capable church presentation software that comes with a simple and intuitive interface to quickly make church presentations.


PowerSong is yet another free open source church presentation software for Windows. This software comes with a database containing various sacred songs, bible verses, presentation background, and more. Users can easily create a combination of the right songs, bible verses, and backgrounds to create a beautiful church presentation. Now, check out the primary features of this software.

Main Features:

  • Playlist: Use it to create multiple bible verses and sacred songs playlists by selecting songs and verses from the database. After creating a playlist, users can preview songs and lyrics of bible verses that will be displayed on the screen.
  • Change Background: As its name implies, it used to set and change the background of the presentation. To do that, it contains multiple solid colors along with an option to import external images to use them as the background.
  • Change Style: Use it to manually adjust the style and font of bible lyrics.
  • Projection Modes: It contains three main projection modes namely Show Nothing (it shows no projection element on the screen), Show Background (it only shows the background on the screen), and Show Everything (it shows Background, Bible lyrics, and plays selected song).

Final Thoughts:

It is a straightforward church presentation software using which users can quickly create and conduct impressive church presentations.


Holyrics is another free church presentation software for Windows. It is an advanced church presentation software that offers all the essential tools to create and play church presentations consisting of Song Lyrics, Bible Verses, Sacred Songs, Animated Backgrounds, and more. It also offers tools to download presentation content from the web. Now, take a look at the main features of this app.

Main Features:

  • Custom Presentation Elements: This software lets users import external presentation elements and make changes to all the presentation elements like songs, song lyrics, bible verse font, custom theme, animated background, and more.
  • Control by Mobile: Users can connect this software with their smartphones and control the church presentation.
  • VLC Player Integration: It allows users to listen to and preview church presentations within this software.
  • Powerpoint Presentation: It is another feature that lets users directly fetch and play PowerPoint presentations within this app.
  • Themes Collection: A large collection of presentation themes are also present in it that affects both the background and lyrics font format.
  • Display Settings: Through display settings, users can make final changes to the presentation look like transition effect, delay between transitions, display elements, and more.

Additional Features:

  • Chat: This app offers an internal chat tool to communicate with other users of this software over the internet.
  • MiDi: It allows users to connect their MiDi musical instruments with this software and record the sound of actual instruments that can be later used in church presentations.
  • Web Search: This app also lets users search for lyrics and music on various online services like holylyrics.com, vagalume, etc.
  • Schedule: Through this tool, users can schedule both the members and responsibilities of members for a given date.

Final Thoughts:

It is a feature-rich church presentation software through which users can create various types of church presentations using internal and external presentation elements.


Queleab is the next free open source church presentation software for Windows. It is a simple software that offers all the modules to import presentation elements like songs, bible verses, background images, etc. Besides this, it also lets users import the entire database (WorshipHim, Easy Slides, Easy Worship, etc, ) consisting of all the necessary presentation elements. Now, check out the main features of this software.

Main Features:

  • Add Presentation: Use it to import existing presentation files of PPT and PPTX formats that users can edit to make a new church presentation.
  • Search Bibles: Use it to search all the Bibles by names and import them to this software. After importing a Bible, users can import some of part of Bible content as the lyrics for the presentation.
  • Add Media: In this software, users can also import various types of media elements like images, videos, songs, etc., that users can include in the presentation.
  • Creation: After importing or adding all the presentation elements to this software users can quickly make a presentation by preparing one presentation slide at a time. Over each slide, users can add lyrics, background images or videos, songs, Bible verses, etc.
  • Order of Service: Use it to specify the correct order of slides in which the presentation will play.
  • Preview: Use it to preview the final church presentation before going live.
  • Live: Use it to view the presentation running on the main screen.

Additional Feature:

  • Export: Use it to expert the order of service slides with all their elements in the form of PDF file format.

Final Thoughts:

It is an easy-to-use church presentation software that anyone can use to make impressive church presentations.

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