4 Best Free Coronavirus Reminder Tools For Windows

Here is a list of best free coronavirus reminder tools for Windows. These are basically the tools that show you various healthcare tips and reminders that will help you  stay safe in the times where coronavirus is so rapid and deadly. All these are web extensions for two most popular web browsers namely Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You can simply install any of these extensions in any of the supported browsers and as you add a new tab, the extension will remind you of various safety tips that you must follow to keep coronavirus away from yourself. These tools show new tips every time a new tab is added so that while browsing through internet, you don’t forget to follow the basic advices to beat coronavirus.

The good part of these extensions is that along with the tips and reminders, you also get related infographics and videos in some. The infographics and videos depict the actual way of following a displayed tip which makes it easier for you to follow the tip. Apart from coronavirus healthcare reminders, some of these tools also show you current Covid-19 statistics and coronavirus map. The coronavirus statistics include number of cases, recovered cases, deaths, new cases, new deaths, and more. One of these tools also show you graphs showing the trend of Covid-19 statistics over a time. All in all, these are some good coronavirus reminder tools in the time where all that is important is keeping yourself and others safe.

My Favorite Free Coronavirus Reminder Tools For Windows:

CoronaTab is one of my favorites because you can view safety tips as well as Covid-19 statistics and plots for coronavirus data analysis. Overall, it is a good web extension to always stay updated on coronavirus pandemic.

I also liked Coronavirus Tips as it shows videos and graphics that further help you follow safety tips correctly.

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CoronaTab is a feature rich tool that shows complete coronavirus data. Along with all data, it also reminds you some coronavirus tips that you must follow to prevent yourself and others’ from coronavirus. It is basically a free extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers. You can add it to your preferred web browser and as you open a new tab, you get a lot of advices for self care during this coronavirus time. Let’s checkout what are its main features.

Key Features:

  • It shows various coronavirus reminders and tips advised by the very reliable source namely World Health Organization (WHO).
  • It also navigates you to official WHO website which shows various health advisory and videos that will help you prevent or spread coronavirus.
  • Apart from advices, you can also view current Covid-19 statistics that show number of cases, deaths, and recovered cases.
  • You can also view linear and logarithmic graphs depicting coronavirus data for world and specific country and region.
  • It also lets you view coronavirus heatmap.
  • Some links including online services like Corona Data Scraper, COVID-19 Dataset, Coronavirus Map, and more are also provided. You can open and use any of the services as per your need.


It is a nice web extension to get some general advices on coronavirus as well as to stay updated with current statistics of Covid-19 cases.

Coronavirus Tips

Coronavirus Tips is a simple coronavirus reminder tool for Windows. It is a web extension that is available for Google Chrome browser. You can add this extension to Chrome and then view various health reminders and tips whenever you open a new tab. It shows tips that will help you stay safe in the time of coronavirus pandemic. You can follow these tips and ensure that you stay safe from coronavirus.

Main Features:

  • It displays new tips every time you open a new Chrome tab.
  • Not just simple text, it also includes info-graphics and videos depicting the correct way of following shown tips.
  • It also links you to verified sources from where the tips are shown.


It is a basic coronavirus reminder tool which help you show advices while you browse the internet and open a new Chrome tab.

Health Advisor

Health Advisor is yet another coronavirus reminder tool for Windows. It is a web extension for both major web browsers including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. As you add this extension to your Chrome or Firefox browser, it will start showing tips and advices that can help you prevent coronavirus. The reminders are shown in every newly added tab. Not just coronavirus health reminders, it also shows coronavirus statistics in your country and other countries as well.

Main Features:

  • It shows health and care tips in multiple languages including English.
  • Along with text, it also displays graphics related to tips shown.
  • It also displays live coronavirus statistics including new cases, new deaths, recovered cases, active cases, total cases, etc.
  • You can filter out coronavirus statistics by entering specific text.
  • You can sort out Covid-19 statistics by alphabetic order.
  • It also shows total world statics related to Covid-19 cases.


It is one of the best Coronavirus reminder tools which shows you health reminders as well as current coronavirus statistics.

2020 Safety Tips

Safety Tips is one more coronavirus reminder tool for Windows. Like other listed tools, it is also a web extension which is available for the users of Google Chrome. You can install and add it to your Chrome browser. It basically shows you several tips to stay safe. Whenever you open a new tab, you can view a new tip related to coronavirus which will help you keep yourself away from this virus and disease.


It is a straightforward Chrome extension that shows you coronavirus reminders and helps you stay safe.

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