10 Best Free Dice Roller Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free dice roller software for Windows. These software are used to play a dice game or to get random numbers by rolling the virtual dice. In some dice roller software, you can roll multiple dice at a time and also set number of rolls for each dice. In the result, you get a random number of each dice along with the sum of random numbers of all dice. There is one more parameter named modifier which is used to add or subtract a variable from the overall result. The modifier field is not compulsory, so you can leave it empty.

In these freeware, you get predefined dice of various sides such as four sides, six sides, twenty sides, hundred sides, etc. In some cases, you can also make your own custom dice of any number of sides.

Overall, these dice roller software are simple and easy to use.

My Favorite Dice Roller Software For Windows:

Dice is my favorite virtual dice roller software because it comes with various predefined dice configuration; plus, it also allows custom dice configurations. In Dice, you can make custom dice that can have up to 1000 side, which is much more than any other software.

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Dice is a free dice roller software for Windows. In this software, you get various predefined dice configurations namely, d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and d100. The numerical value in dice configuration (d4, d8, etc.) represents the number of sides of a dice. You can also make your custom dice that can have up to 1000 sides.

To roll dice, firstly, you need to enter the number of dice, sides, and modifier value. The modifier is used to add or subtract a user-defined number from the rolled dice result. If you wish, you can leave the modifier value empty. After setup, just click the roll button to get the result. If you select a single dice, then the dice result is the final result. In case of multiple dice, the final result is the sum of results of each individual dice. Results of each individual dice are available in the rolled dice section.

All the calculations which are done by this software to provide the result are available on the Rolled dice section.

Random Dice Roller

Random Dice Roller is another free and simple dice roller software for Windows. This software works as a virtual dice that provides random results just like the original dice.

In this software, you get two predefined dice configuration, namely, 6 sided and 20 sided dice. By using the predefined dice configurations, you can quickly start rolling the dice by pressing the start rolling button. You can keep on pressing the start rolling button to further perform dice rolling process. The result of each roll can be viewed in the result section. The final result can be saved as a Text or Excel file format, which also makes sharing of result easy.

In this software, you can add more variables to dice like the number of rolls and number of dice to roll per roll. It is also quite flexible in terms of the number of sides because you can add any number of dice sides as you want. Besides dice game, other games like rock paper scissors and head & tail are also included in this software.

Dice Roller

Dice Roller is yet another free and easy to use dice roller software for Windows. Using this software, you can roll up to 6 dice at a time. For each dice, you get an individual modifier to add or subtract user-defined value from the obtained result. Few global modifiers are also available; when enabled, they are applied on every dice. Before rolling the dice, you can choose dice of different sides such as four, six, eight, ten, twelve, hundred, etc. In total, you get eight different predefined dice size that you can select from. Now if you press the roll button, then you get the results of each dice, along with a combined result (roll total).

This software also has an option to save configuration values like modifiers, number of dice, number of sides, etc. as presets. But during my testing, its preset option caused unhandled exception problem.

TJ Dice

TJ Dice is another simple and easy to use dice roller software for Windows. Using this software, you can roll virtual dice of variable sides to get random results. Here, you get some predefined dice configurations such as D2, D4, D6, D20, D100, etc. Dice configurations represent the number of sides in a dice. You can also roll dice of a customized dice configuration. To make custom dice of variable sides, you need to enter the custom sides value in the number of die sides option. After that, press roll button to get random values.

If you select a dice from the predefined dice configuration, then a separate window will open up in which you can perform dice roll by pressing the roll button. The result will be available on its interface, but you cannot save or share obtained results with others.


InstaDice is a free and portable dice roller software for Windows. It is a floating game application, which you can play even while working on some other application.

Once you launch this software, a graphical interface containing various dice of different sides will appear on the bottom of the screen. If you click over any dice, then you will get a random number.

In this freeware, you also get two multi-dice configurations; one of which has two dice and the other one has three dice. When you click on a multi-dice configuration, then you get the sum of random results of each dice. But, it does not show you the results of individual dice.

Apart from dice games, some other interesting games like random card number game and head and tail are also available.

Dicey Stuff Dice Roller

Dicey Stuff Dice Roller is a free dice roller app for Windows 10. This app comes with various predefined dice of different sides. You can select any one or multiple dice to get a random number or the sum of random numbers of individual dice, respectively. Here, you also get the freedom to select multiple dices of the same number of sides as well as of the different number of sides. You can make various combinations of dices as you want. All dice combinations can be viewed on the dice to roll section.

In this dice roller software, you can also set a value or modifier that you want to add or subtract from the result. After making dice combinations, press the roll button to get the result. Remember, it does not show random results of each cube unless you are rolling a single cube.

The unique thing that I found in here is its odd numbered dice (d3 and d5) which are quite uncommon. Odd sided dice also works like a simple dice and provides a random result once rolled.

Simple Dice Roller

Simple Dice Roller is another free dice roller app for Windows 10. In this software, you can quickly roll various dice of different sides such as d4, d6, d10, d20, etc., by pressing the respective dice template. Alongside single dice template, templates of multiple dice configuration are also present, such as 2d6 (two dice with six sides), 3d4 (three dice with four sides), etc. When you press any multiple dice template, then you will get both individual dice results along with the sum of results of all dice.

In this dice roller, you can make your custom template by using different dice combinations. Option to set modifier value is also available which automatically gets added or subtracted from the final result. The only thing that is missing from this software is the feature to add a number of rolls that you want to perform at a time. Besides that, it is a very good dice roller which has a simple and easy to use interface.

Dice Shaker

Dice Shaker is yet another handy virtual dice roller app for Windows 10. In this app, you can make different dice profiles and also name each profile. Inside a profile, you can make customized dice combinations and perform dice roll to get random results. Each dice combination contains a single dice, count (number of dice roll), and bonus (add or subtract value from the result) variables. In result, you get individual random value occurred at each count plus the sum of all random values.

In a profile, you can add as many dice combinations as you want. The most impressive part about these profiles is that all combinations automatically gets saved with all the results. All previous results can be viewed from the log section. All variables (dice, count, bonus) also remain saved inside each profile for later use.


DiceRoll is a simple dice roller Windows 10 app. In this app, you get dice of various sides such as four, six, eight, twelve, twenty, etc. In total, six different dice are available. In every dice section, you get a roll and back button. Press the roll button to obtain a random number. Back button will take back to the main menu. The maximum value of a random number will depend upon the number of sides present in a dice.

Here, you cannot save results and also cannot customize the dice sides. Still, as a dice roller software, it accomplishes its main task.


TerningKast is another free and portable random dice roller software for Windows. In this software, you get a six face virtual dice that provides random results when rolled. Just like the original dice, it contains dots to represent numbers like one dot for number one, two dots for number two, etc. On its interface, you get only a single button named kast which is used to roll the dice. There is no other function present in it. So if you want a simple PC dice roller, then go with this one.

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