5 Free ECG Simulator Apps for Android

Here is a list of 5 free ECG simulator apps for Android. If you are a medical student or just want to learn about ECG then these apps can be helpful. There are two types of apps in this article; ECG simulation apps and ECG interpretation apps.

ECG simulation apps simulate the ECG waveform on the screen. In these apps, you can customize the amplitude and duration of P, PR, QRS, ST, and T. Then these apps visualize the data on the oscilloscope. The ECG interpretation apps on the other hand are informative apps. These apps have theoretical information about ECG and everything around that. These apps teach you how to read ECG and what types of diagnosis you can drive from abnormal readings.

My Favorite ECG Simulator App

ECG Simulation Lite is my favorite ECG simulator app on this list. This app can simulate any ECG waveform. It has 12 different types of ECG data that you can project. On top of that, you can create a custom ECG waveform and customize the various aspects of ECG data such as P, PR, QRS, ST, T, amplitude, etc. With that, you can practice reading ECG waveforms and diagnose abnormal readings. It is a nice app for education, presentation, and experiment purposes.

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ECG Simulation Lite

ECG Simulation Lite is a free ECG simulator app for Android. This free app is designed for medical students, doctors, bioengineers for experimental and educational purposes. It simulates ECG waveform and intervals where users can customing the amplitude and duration of P, PR, QRS, ST, and T. This app can also save the waveform in a PNG file.


  • Caliper
  • Grid On-Off
  • Change Scale
  • Save waveform to PNG file

ECG Simulator

ECG Simulator is another free ECG simulator app for Android. This simulates real-time analog EGG through an Android device. It takes signals from a standard database and uses the device to convert digital signals to analog. Users can use the analog signal of variable heart rates. The app allows users to set custom lead positions in the project and visualize them in oscilloscopes.


  • Simulate analog ECG
  • Set custom position
  • Pick a BPM reading to simulate ECG
  • Visualize data on the oscilloscope

ECG Interpretation

ECG Interpretation is a free Android app for Electrocardiography. This is an informative app that offers all the basic information about ECG. The app has dozens of points explaining everything about ECG and the way it gets measured. It explains various aspects of ECG with their wave representation using pictures. With this app, users can get their questions answered about ECG.


  • Interprete ECG
  • Key ECG Information

A to Z ECG Interpretation

A to Z ECG Interpretation is another free Android app to interpret ECG. This is also an informative app about ECG. This app contains articles with charts and pictures explaining various types of information around ECG. From the side menu, users can find a topic of interest and jump into it to know everything about it. This is a nice app for medical students and anybody to learn about ECG.


  • Interpret ECG
  • Detailed articles explains ECG

ECG Interpretation Made Easy

ECG Interpretation Made Easy is yet another free Android app that makes it easy to understand ECG. This app does offer theoretical information about ECG and all the other related topics. It’s the practical understanding where this app stands out from the rest. This app teaches how to read ECG and make a full comment on any ECG. It helps in understanding the differential diagnosis of abnormalities in ECG tracings and arrhythmia.


  • Interpret ECG
  • Learn how to read ECG
  • Differentiate diagnosis of abnormalities in ECG
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