4 Best Free EMF to SVG Converter Software for Windows

Here is a list of Best Free EMF to SVG Converter Software for Windows. Using these free software, you can easily convert an Enhanced MetaFile image (EMF) to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file. You can also use these free software to convert images in the older version of EMF which is WMF to SVG format. Apart from SVG, these converters support a lot more other file formats to convert EMF or WMF images. The output formats supported mainly include EPS, PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, GIF, and some more.

One of these is a dedicated batch image converter, while other software are primarily image editors. With the help of the listed image editors, you can edit source EMF images before conversion by using features like drawing tools (to create 2D shapes), rotate, flip, resize, crop, apply filters, add text, etc. You can also create graphics from scratch in the EMF image format using these. Overall, all listed software are quite handy and featured that help you convert an image from EMF format to SVG format.

All these are very easy to use and you won’t face any difficulty while converting EMF to SVG. But, in case you do, you can check the respective software description to know the exact steps.

My Favorite Free EMF to SVG Converter Software for Windows:

Converseen is my favorite software on this list. You can batch convert EMF to SVG using it. Plus, it supports a wide number of import and export formats to perform bulk image conversion.

I also liked Inkscape as it produces a high quality of output SVG image.

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Converseen is a free EMF to SVG converter for Windows, FreeBSD, and Linux. It is basically a batch image converter that allows you to convert multiple images at once. You can use it to convert both metafile images which are EMF and WMF  to SVG format. Prior to conversion, you can resize or rotate/ flip the source images using respective options. It also lets you preview the added EMF/ WMF images before converting them

How to convert EMF to SVG in Converseen:

  • Firstly, import one or multiple EMF or WMF images to this software using its add functions.
  • Next, as per your requirements, you can use provided editing features to apply basic modifications to source EMF images. The editing and preview option are available in its Actions Panel.
  • After that, select output format as SVG and hit the Convert button to quickly start batch EMF to SVG conversion.


It is a great free batch EMF/ WMF to SVG converter that lets you convert various other images from one format to another. Some more supported input and output formats in this software include PNG, JPEG, EXR, GIF, DPX, TIFF, PDF, PS, EPS, AI, ICO, RAS, etc.


Inkscape is an open source EMF to SVG converter for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Using it, you can convert both EMF and WMF images to SVG images. It lets you open and view EMF images and then convert them to SVG format. The good part of this software is that it lets you convert EMF to different types of SVG images such as Inkscape SVG, Plain SVG, Optimized SVG, Compressed Inkscape SVG, Compressed Plain SVG, etc. Other than SVG, many more formats are supported in it to convert EMF files. These output formats include EPS, PS, PDF, POV, DXF, etc.

It is basically a vector graphic editing software with a lot of design tools. You can also use the provided tools to edit source EMF images prior to conversion. The tools that you get in it include draw 2D/ 3D shapes, freehand drawing, create lines, spray objects by sculpting, calligraphic, gradients, fill color, filters, and more.

How to convert EMF to SVG in Inkscape:

  • Open an EMF image in this software that you can modify as per your need.
  • Now, go to the File menu and click Save As option and while saving the file, choose SVG format.


It is a great graphics editor that you can also use to convert EMF and WMF files to SVG and other formats.

Microsoft Expression Design

Microsoft Expression Design is yet another free EMF to SVG converter for Windows. It is a nice graphic designing software that also lets you convert supported images. Using it, you can convert EMF and WMF files to SVG and various other formats including GIF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, PSD, etc. You can also modify the source EMF image using available tools, if you want. To help you edit input image, it contains tools like paintbrush, pen, rectangle, text, gradient transform, scissors, color dropper, pan, zoom, etc.

How to convert EMF to SVG in Microsoft Expression Design:

  • Launch this software and open an EMF image in it.
  • Now, edit the image as per your requirement.
  • Next, click File > Export option and set up output parameters. To convert EMF to SVG, you need to set output format as SVG and set up options like rasterize all, editable text blocks, convert to SVG effect, etc.
  • When done setting up output options, press the Export button which will convert source image to SVG format.


It is a nicely designed graphic creator which also lets you convert an EMF or WMF image to SVG format.

LibreOffice Draw

LibreOffice Draw is another free open source EMF to SVG converter for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is a part of the famous LibreOffice suite that offers many more office software, such as LibreOffice Writer, LibreOffice Calc, LibreOffice Impress, etc.

This software is primarily used for creating drawings using tools like shapes, line, arrows, symbolsflip, rotate, align, arrange, resize, etc. In it, you can simply open an EMF image, view and edit the image as required, and then save it in SVG or any other supported format such as EPS, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PDF, PSD, etc. Let’s check out a sorted procedure to perform the conversion in this drawing software.

How to convert EMF to SVG in LibreOffice Draw:

  • At first, open an EMF image and if needed, modify the input image accordingly.
  • Next, from the File menu, press the Export function and choose SVG as the output format to convert EMF to SVG.


It is another good and easy to use option for users to convert an EMF image to SVG format. You can even edit the source EMF image prior to conversion.

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