5 Best Free FBX Viewer For Windows

Here are the best free FBX viewer for Windows. These 3D file viewer  software let you easily open and view FBX files for free. Various 3D viewer tools are available in these listed FBX viewer for PC. These tools let you closely examine all around a 3D model. These tools let you rotate, move, pan, zoom in, zoom out, and spin around a 3D model. Some of these software let you view models from top, bottom, left, right, etc. view. To examine the structure of loaded 3D models, these FBX viewer provide different options. You can view a model in wireframe structure, solid structure with edges, or solid structure without edges.

FBX files may come with or without animation. Most of these free FBX viewer software provide options to view animated FBX file.

You can not only view FBX files, but various other famous 3D file formats here. These formats include: STL, 3DS, OBJ, DAE, DXF, etc.

One of these software is not a 3D viewer, but is a media player. With the help of a plugin, you can use it as a software to view FBX files.

Find out more about the best free FBX file viewer software available out there in the following list. All the features, including pros and cons have been mentioned. This will help you figure out which software you should download to view FBX  and other 3D files.

My Favorite FBX Viewer for PC:

FBX Review by AUTODESK is no doubt the best FBX viewer out there. Its minimalist interface not only lets you take a good look at 3D models, but hides the unwanted cluttering on interface while not in use. You can also view animated FBX files on FBX Review.

You can also checkout the best free PRT Viewer Software For WindowsASM Viewer Software For Windows, and OBJ Viewer Software For Windows.

FBX Review

FBX Review is a free and dedicated FBX viewer software by AUTODESK. It lets you open and view FBX files simply by dragging and dropping or through its file browser. The viewing tools available here let you closely examine a 3D FBX model.

You can view a model in Perspective view, top view, front view, or left view. To examine the structure of a model, you can view it in Wireframe, Solid with edges, or solid without edges. Another option lets you view solid structure with wireframe over it. You can turn lighting on or off to view a model according to your choice.

Use your mouse to drag and rotate a model. The scroll key lets you zoom in and zoom out. If the FBX model supports playback, you can play model animation, which rotates a model automatically for viewing.

There are options in the Settings menu of this free FBX viewer. These options let you change parameters for Grid display, Object display mode, Shading, and more.

All in all, its a very simple and easy to use FBX viewer software, which can also be used to view other 3D models, such as: DAE, 3DS, OBJ, DXF, C3D, MCD, etc.

FBX Review is a cross platform FBX viewer, and is available for Windows, IOS, MAC, and on Windows App Store.

LynX 3D Viewer

LynX 3D Viewer is another free 3D viewer software that lets you view FBX files. You can easily view FBX and various other 3D files in this free FBX viewer. The interface of this software loads with a Viewer panel and a Control panel. The model is loaded on the viewer panel to view, and you can control viewing parameters from the Control panel.

The Control panel lets you view a model in Solid or Wireframe structure. You can choose model shading as Flat or Smooth. Change the field of view to view a model from far or near, and set navigation parameters as Examine or Fly. To rotate and look around a model, you can use your mouse to drag and rotate model across 3D axes. You will also find options to change lighting conditions.

While you view a 3D model on this FBX viewer, it displays number of vertices, faces, meshes, width, height, etc. of the model.

This a bit old 3D viewer software, but works perfectly well while viewing 3D files on it.

Some of the other 3D formats supported by this free FBX viewer are: 3DS, ASE, OBJ, O3MDL, and XML.

Open 3D Model Viewer

Open 3D Model Viewer is another free 3D model viewer with numerous 3D format support. It can easily open FBX models and view them with various 3D viewer tools. I tried to run and open FBX models in this FBX viewer on computers with normal specs (4GB RAM, no dedicated Graphics card), but it finally worked and opened a lightweight FBX model on a better performance PC with dedicated graphics card and 8 gigs of RAM.

Well, lets checkout the features of this free FBX viewer. Once you load a 3D model, it opens in a 4 pane viewer panel, where you can view the model in 4 different views in each tab. You can also select to view a model in 2 pane and single pane. Use our mouse to drag and rotate model. Scroll button can be used to zoom in/out.

Additionally, you can view a model in wireframe, solid structure, with/without lighting, or in bounding boxes. The structure tree of a model can be viewed on the right side of the interface.

What else this FBX viewer for Windows can do? You can use it to export FBX or other supported 3D models into DAE, OBJ, STL, PLY, 3DS, etc. formats.

I would recommend this free FBX viewer for PC only if you use high performance PC, as it may not load simple 3D designs on PCs with average performance specs.

CloneStock ViewFBX

CloneStock ViewFBX is an amazing, simple, and lightweight FBX viewer software for Windows. Before you get to know about this software, do note that this FBX viewer for PC requires latest version of DirectX to work. You can get the latest version of DirectX from here: DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer.

After loading a FBX file here, you will be able to view it in a single pane window. Use your mouse to rotate and spin around the model for a careful look. Use the scroll key to zoom in or zoom out. You will not find any viewer tool or options on the interface. All the options and tools are available in the Tool bar above Preview panel.

In the View menu, you will find options to view a model in full screen, fly-through mode, wireframe structure, solid structure, etc. You can also view FPS, object hierarchy, animation time, change background color, and do more from View menu. If  a model has integrated animation, you get options to start, pause, and stop animation.

Unlike other FBX viewer for Windows, this freeware provides options to add effects on models to view them. Some of the effects that can be added are: Bloom, Gauss blur, Funky cartoon, and Depth of field with Bokeh.

It is a very user friendly FBX viewer, and can be of great help for viewing FBX and other popular 3D models with animation. It can handle high quality 3D models very easily.

Recommendation: I would recommend you to try out the sample FBX file available on the download page. The sample file is not just amazing, but also shows the capability of this free FBX viewer for PC.

QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player is a media player provided by Apple, which can be used as a free FBX viewer. No, QuickTime does not support FBX files by default, but you can download QuickTime FBX Viewer Plugin by AUTODESK for free to view FBX.

Installing this plugin is simple. Simply run the executable file and run QuickTime. To make sure, you can restart your PC. Now go to the File menu of QuickTime and click on Open option. You will not be able to browse and locate FBX files even after installation of Plugin. So, in the file selection window, set the File type as All Files. You will be able to locate FBX files and open them in QuickTime.

You cannot do much in QuickTime with FBX files except rotating and viewing around the loaded model. Also, if the file includes animation, you can play it to view the animation. Unavailability of Zoom option is a big drawback.

During testing, only some of the FBX files were able to load. Also, without the Zoom option, it was difficult to view a model.

Although Apple has discontinued support for QuickTime for Windows, it is still available for download and use.

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